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Ming dynasty

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Ming dynasty. By: Cousteau Reinig , Eric Eronimous , Anya Michael, Juliana Pook , and Lily Freeman. Facts about the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty came after the Yuan dynasty The Ming Dynasty fell in 1644 to a rebellion led by Li Zicheng

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ming dynasty

Ming dynasty

By: Cousteau Reinig, Eric Eronimous, Anya Michael, Juliana Pook, and Lily Freeman

facts about the ming dynasty
Facts about the Ming Dynasty
  • The Ming Dynasty came after the Yuan dynasty
  • The Ming Dynasty fell in 1644 to a rebellion led by Li Zicheng
  • The Ming Dynasty lasted from1368 to 1644 C.E. (276 years)
  • Zhu Yuanzhang established the Ming dynasty
  • The Ming Dynasty was established in January 23 1368
  • The Ming dynasty ruled southern China until 1662. This period was called the southern Ming.
emperors of the ming dynasty
Emperors of the Ming Dynasty

Gāodì高帝 Huìdì惠帝 Wéndì文帝Zhāodì昭帝

Zhāngdì章帝 Ruìdì睿帝Jingdì景帝Chúndì純帝Jìngdì敬帝

Yìdì毅帝 Sùdì肅帝 Zhuāngdì莊帝 Xiǎndì顯帝

Zhēndì貞帝 Zhédì悊帝 Zhuānglièmin莊烈愍

what did the m ing dynasty accomplish
What did the Ming dynasty accomplish?
  • The great wall of china was accomplished during the Ming dynasty
  • XuGuangqi was a bureaucrat in the Ming dynasty. He wrote a book about farming techniques
  • Li Shizhen wrote the book “Compendium of Oriental Medicine. ” which included over 10,000 prescriptions that were used in China.
  • During the Ming dynasty the feudal system was declined and capitalism was established.
artifacts from the dynasty
Artifacts from the dynasty

Painting and sculpting was popular in the Ming Dynasty

how did the government work
How did the Government work?

In the Ming Dynasty, 6 main department was set up at the central government

  • li in charge of the civil officer's promotion.
  • Hu administering the household registration.
  • li for sacrificing ceremonies.
  • Gong for public construction.
  • Xing for legal affairs.
  • Bing for military affairs.
the effect of the dynasty on town p eople
The Effect of the dynasty on Town People
  • They changed the policies around the town.
  • They were the first to promote trade in the outside world
  • They had to resettle tons of people to build the empire.
bonus slide
Bonus Slide
  • Emperor Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China
  • He was the one who was in power when they finished the Great Wall of China
  • He created the Terracotta Warriors who are statues that protect the afterlife
  • He was 13 years old when he started to rule