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BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. Famous Doris Sanford Quote: We are going to be talking about techniques for dealing with behavior issues, but remember that “ love is more important than technique! ”. “ Love is more important than technique! ”. 10 - 10 - 80.

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Behavior management techniques

Famous Doris Sanford Quote:

We are going to be talking about techniques for dealing with behavior issues, but remember that “love is more important than technique!”

“Love is more important than technique!”

10 10 80
10 - 10 - 80

  • About 10% of the kids will be compliant, wonderful angels.

  • About 10% of the kids will have issues with behavior, anger, bitterness or rejection and will be a lot of work.

  • The other 80% will have some issues but will get along and go along.

Behavior management techniques

Behavior Management is nurturing rather than controlling.

At RFKC we give A’s

Activities Attention

Affirmation Applause

Affection and

Appropriate guidelines.

Kids need structure!

The 3 t s of esteem building
The 3 T’s of Esteem Building

  • Touch

  • Take In

  • Talk

    Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are indistinguishable.

How to listen
How to Listen

When another person is speaking

-Eye contact – side by side or their level

-Silent Listening

-Don’t fix it

-Be present

-Accept what is being said

-Restate using content/feeling


  • What is it?

    Behavior management tool.

  • When to Praise.

    Immediately – Instant gratification

    How to praise.

    Specifically? General - could be high five

  • How should you NOT praise.

    Hug, slap, sarcasm…

Behaviors about food
Behaviors about Food

  • Food should be:

    • Eaten for nourishment

    • A time for promoting personal choice

  • Food Should NOT be:

    • With held as punishment

    • Used for motivation

    • Used as a treat

Behavior management techniques

Campers will test you.

  • Do you mean what you say?

  • To get what he/she wants.

  • To force you to punish him/her.

Steps for setting limits
Steps for Setting Limits

  • Stay calm and firm

  • Have the child’s attention

  • Give clear directions and guide lines

  • Tell, don’t ask, unless there is a choice

  • Set up situations to succeed

101 Manual VI-6

What works


Prevention & Early Intervention


Reward Positive Behavior

Ignore (petty issues)

Natural Consequences

What Works


These are techniques but remember,

Love prevails over “technique”

Ask Staff for HELP!


What doesn t work
What Doesn’t Work

  • Is it better to operate “under the law?” or “under Grace?”

  • How do you want people to treat you?

    Under the law or under grace?

  • Biggest problems?

    - No love or empathy

    - Impatient

    - Favoritism

    - Rewarding misbehavior (i.e. roughhousing with hyperactive child; labeling a child as shy, etc.)

    - Ignoring - harmful, disruptive behavior or ignoring the person)

Behavior management techniques

What is allowed for discipline by your local Social Services?

What’s NOT allowed by your local Social Services?

Time outs
Time Outs Services?

  • Consistency is KEY

  • Limit your battles

  • Focus on only 2-3 specific behaviors

  • Time out- one minute per year

Positive things that can help
Positive things that can help Services?

  • Charts

  • Mini –passports

  • Time-trials

  • Humor

  • Appropriate channels for feeling

  • Schedule and rules posted in the cabin

  • Other – give lots of grace

Key success factors
Key Success Factors Services?





Deal with it

Get help


You Can Do It!

3 for 3
3 FOR 3 Services?

Before we move on…

Let’s have three questions

about this section.


three Take-a-ways