Nationalism and the emergence of the modern state
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Nationalism and the Emergence of the Modern State - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nationalism and the Emergence of the Modern State. From Hegel to Hamas. What are the fundamental features of nationalism?. Individual lives depend on the fate of the national body!!. Loyalty to the nation-state. Attachment to local traditions. ANYTHING ELSE??. Living and active

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Nationalism and the emergence of the modern state

Nationalism and the Emergence of the Modern State

From hegel to hamas
From Hegel to Hamas

What are the fundamental features of nationalism?

Individual lives

depend on the fate of

the national body!!

Loyalty to the


Attachment to

local traditions


Living and active

corporate will

A state of mind

Justifies authority

of the state

From hegel to hamas1
From Hegel to Hamas

How has the definition of nationalism changed over time?

“Hamas responds to all questions related to the life of the citizens -- not only in case of confrontation but also in the political, economic, social, health, and internal-relations fields. This movement has proved that it is one organic unit.”

“Substantial unity is an absolute unmoved end in itself, in which freedom comes into its supreme right. On the other hand this final end has supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the state.”




GWF Hegel

Mahmud al-Zahar

I’ve tasted freedom,

and I want more!

Why did a growing sense of nationalism develop among European peoples in the 19th century?



The Congress of Vienna

re-establishes monarchies

The Enlightenment

introduces free thinking

The French Revolution & Napoleonic Wars

ravage Europe

The Industrial Revolution

aids in the rise of the middle class

I’ve tasted freedom,

and I want more!

How did nationalism influence the development of new nations in 19th century Europe?

Europe - 1815

Europe - 1914

1871 – Germany!

1831 – Belgium!

1878 – Serbia??

1821 – Greece!

1861 – Italy!

Why would it benefit an area to unify?

What potential problems might a territory encounter during unification?

Il risorgimento
Il Risorgimento

What are the major events and who are the key leaders associated with Italian unification?

Camillo di Cavour

“The Brain”

Giuseppe Garibaldi

“The Sword”

Giuseppe Mazzini

“The Heart”

Il Risorgimento





But was it really that simple??

Giuseppe mazzini duties of man 1840
Giuseppe Mazzini:Duties of Man (1840)

“In laboring according to true principles for our country we are laboring for humanity; our country is the fulcrum of the lever which we have to wield for the common good. If we give up this fulcrum, we run the risk of becoming useless to our country and to humanity. Before associating ourselves with the Nations which compose humanity, we must exist as a Nation.”

  • How does Mazzini’s writing embody

  • socialism?

  • utilitarianism?

  • Enlightenment thinking?

  • nationalism?

Volksgeist german unification
Volksgeist:German Unification

What are the major events and who are the key leaders associated with German unification?

Franco-Prussian War

Battle of Mars-la-Tour



Otto von Bismarck


Wilhelm I

Volksgeist:German Unification

How did nationalism affect the creation of new social and political groups in 19th-century Germany?


“The King”

How were each of these groups related to one another?


Volksgeist:German Unification

1871 Proclamation of the German Empire

Click here to view the text.

The Hall of Mirrors, Palace of Versailles

January 18, 1871

Volksgeist:German Unification

King Wilhelm I & Otto von Bismarck:

Who wears the pants?

I’m King of the World!

Wait, uh, chancellor? Now I’m really confused…

Volksgeist german unification1
Volksgeist:German Unification

The less people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they’ll sleep at night.

What is militarism?

How did Bismarck embody militarism?

What does Bismarck’s militarism suggest about his political beliefs?

What do these quotations suggest Bismarck thought about the German people?

Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided, but by blood and iron.

Volksgeist:German Unification

Why would George W. Bush fail Realpolitik 101?

Now it’s your turn!

Otto von Bismarck’s Report Card

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