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Political Parties Organization

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Political Parties Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Political Parties Organization. Membership and Organization. Parties during election time are maintained by a small _________ and a mostly volunteer “army” Both Democrats and Republicans have a party in each _____ and maintain thousands of local parties to assist them Membership-

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membership and organization
Membership and Organization
  • Parties during election time are maintained by a small _________ and a mostly volunteer “army”
  • Both Democrats and Republicans have a party in each _____ and maintain thousands of local parties to assist them
  • Membership-
    • Membership is voluntary
    • Level of participation is voluntary
    • You choose to belong to a particular party because you believe or support the majority of ideas and candidates
local party organization
Local Party Organization
  • Precinct-
    • Each precinct has a volunteer ___________who organizes party workers
      • Distribute information
      • Organize
    • Several precincts together form a ______
      • Each ward has a party chairperson that can be a very powerful individual and reports to the state or national level
state party organization
State Party Organization
  • State Central Committee-
    • Chooses the party _____________
      • Committee chooses this person on recommendation of the candidate
      • Function of state chairperson and committee is to get the candidate elected
        • Organize
        • Raise money
        • events
national party organization
National Party Organization
  • National Convention
    • .
  • National Committee
    • Meet between conventions
    • Composed of the _______ party organizations
    • .
    • Party national chairperson is elected by the ……
      • Raises money
      • Touts achievements
      • Promotes national-state-local party cooperation
  • Each Party also has congressional committees that assist congressman and senators in their elections
nominating candidates
Nominating Candidates
  • How are candidates selected
    • Although election laws vary from state to state each acceptable candidate that makes the ballot makes it thorough one of these four ways
      • Caucus
      • Nominating conventions
      • Primary elections
      • Petition
nominating candidates1
Nominating Candidates
  • Caucuses
    • .
    • Was criticized for being undemocratic because the people do not have a say in who gets selected
    • _______ use caucuses today
      • Party rules require openness in the selection process
      • Starts at the local level
  • Nominating Conventions
    • An ______________ of a party to choose candidates for office
    • Local party organizations send rep’s to a county nominating convention that selects candidates for county offices and chooses delegates who will go to a state nominating convention
    • The state convention in turn selects _______ for statewide office and chooses delegates who will go to the national convention
    • Party bosses __________ this system and which came under public attack
nominating candidates2
Nominating Candidates
  • Primary Elections
    • Moat commonly used today is the direct primary
      • Party members select people to run in the general election
        • Closed primaries-
        • Open primaries-
      • Primaries run according to state specific _______
      • Majority of votes not needed just a _________or more votes than the other candidate
      • If no one receives a majority a ___________ is held
        • Election between the two candidates that received the most votes
  • Petition
    • …..
      • Party backed candidate has advantage as no petition is required
presidential nominations
Presidential Nominations
  • Occur every four years
  • Conventions convene from all 50 states and territories to select a ticket or candidates for president and vice president
    • Has _________coverage
    • First convention was held in 1831 (with support from criticisms of ___________ –lost the election) by the anti-masons in repudiation of caucus bosses and their secret meetings
    • Major parties copied the practice which has held until today
    • Presidential primaries are held in _____states today
the national convention
The National Convention
  • Pre-convention Planning
    • .
  • Assembling the Convention
    • Delegates assemble
    • Media assembles
    • Protesters assemble
    • Speeches are made
    • Committees are set
    • Candidate is picked
  • Committees
    • Rules—
    • Credentials—
    • Permanent Organization–
the national convention1
The National Convention
  • Platform Committee—
  • Nominating Candidates—
    • Speeches are made
    • Role is called
    • Votes take place and counted
    • Winner is declared
vice presidential nomination
Vice Presidential Nomination
  • Vice Presidential Nomination
    • Occurs on the _______ of the convention
    • President nominates his/her running mate
    • Needs to be voted and ok’d by the convention delegates
    • Running mates are picked to _______ the ticket
  • Adjournment
    • Acceptant speeches are made
      • Bring the party ___________
      • Sound upcoming __________
      • Attack the ___________
      • Appeal to their _______voters