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Course Selection 2014-2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Course Selection 2014-2015

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Course Selection 2014-2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Course Selection 2014-2015
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  1. Course Selection2014-2015 Guidance Counselors Mrs. Parker: 10th-12th, A-G Ms. Czajkowski: 10th-12th H-P Mrs. McCall: 10th-12th, Q-Z Mrs. Statham: 9th Grade

  2. The Scheduling Process • Distribute Course Selection Sheet, Transcript & 4 Year Planning Guide • Course catalogs will be distributed as soon as we receive them (the 2013-2014 catalog is on our website under Bulletin Board) • Please review course selection information with your parents/guardians • Counselors will meet with each student through English & Social Studies classes starting February 12th

  3. Scheduling Dates • Please review the scheduling dates • Have students write the date his/her English or Social Studies class will meet for scheduling

  4. Scheduling Dates • February 12th & 13th- Mrs. Oakes, Mr. Rush, & Mr. Fulton • February 19th & 20th- Mr. Faella & Ms. Merkle • February 21st & 24th- Ms. Chasteen & Mr. Baker • February 25th & 26th- Mr. Kendle & Mr. Greenstine • February 27th & 28th- Mr. Keller & Mr. Tanner • March 3rd & 4th- Mrs. Harvie & Mr. Tanner • March 6th & 7th- Mr. Timpson • March 10th & 11th- Ms. Clevenstine • March 12th & 17th- Ms. Wynn • March 18th & 19th- Mr. Bear & Mrs. Conti • March 20th & 21st- Mr. Hoffman • March 24th- Students without English or Social Studies

  5. The Scheduling Process • Parents/Guardians and students will begin to view their course selections in the Home Access Center • Please review course selections in HAC to make sure all courses were entered correctly • Students will have until March 31st to make changes to their course selections

  6. Course Selection Process~Determining Courses Example 1 • If 146 students request the course Food Prep and Production I it may be determined that 6 sections will be offered with a maximum of 25 students per section. • Once students are scheduled, there is little flexibility for other students to change their mind and request that course. Since the maximum number of students is set to 25 per class, only 4 students should be granted a schedule change if it fit their current schedule.

  7. Course Selection Process~Determining Courses Example 2 • 219 students select English 10 CP and 120 select English 10 Honors. It is determined that there will be 9 sections of CP and 5 sections of Honors with a maximum of 25 students in each class. • Once students are scheduled, there is little flexibility for other students to change their mind and request that course. Since the maximum number of students is set to 25 per class, then only 6 students who request to move from Honors to CP should be granted a schedule change if it fits their current schedule.

  8. Course Selection • Choose your courses wisely • Talk to your current teachers • What level do they recommend for you? • Talk to your parents/guardians • What do they recommend and support? • Talk to your counselors • What do they advise for you? • Remember: course request changes will not be made after March 31st

  9. Graduation Requirements CourseUnits of Credit English 4 Social Studies 4 Mathematics 4 Science 3 World Languages 2 Career Pathway 3 Electives 3.5 Physical Education 1 Health 0.5 Senior Project 0.5 Student Success Plan 0.5

  10. Promotion/Retention Requirements • In order to be promoted to next grade: • Students must take a full schedule (8 credits) • Students must earn 5 credits: 4 of which must be English, math, science and social studies • Students who do not meet these criteria will be scheduled into appropriate courses the next year/semester

  11. Career Pathway • A planned program of sequenced or specialized courses designed to develop knowledge and skills in a particular career area • 3 credits in a Career Pathway are required for graduation • The Career Pathway is not a life- long career choice and may not necessarily be something a student would like to pursue following graduation from high school

  12. Academic Humanities Math/Science Technology AgriScience Animal Science Plant & Horticultural Science Natural Resources & Environmental Science Allied Health Business, Finance & Marketing Education Accounting Banking Services Marketing Management The Career Pathways

  13. Computer Science Family & Consumer Sciences Clothing & Textiles Early Childhood Education Nutrition & Culinary Arts Foreign Languages American Sign Language Chinese French Japanese Spanish JDG- Jobs for Delaware Graduates The Career Pathways

  14. JROTC- Military Science Performing Arts Instrumental Music Theatre Arts Vocal Music Technology Education Drafting & Design Graphic Design & Production Visual Arts Ceramics & Sculpture Drawing & Painting Photography The Career Pathways

  15. Course Level Offerings • College Preparatory Courses (CP) • 9th - 12th grade • Honors Courses • 9th – 12th grade • Advanced Placement (AP) • 10th-12th grade • Dual Enrollment • 12th grade

  16. Advanced Placement • Designed to challenge students who demonstrate a consistent record of outstanding achievement • Students may earn advanced standing and/or college credit as determined by the institution for which you are seeking admission • AP course offerings are listed on the 11th & 12th grade course selection sheets

  17. AP Information Night • There will be a presentation on February 12th at 7:00 pm to learn more about the AP program at AHS. • All students & families are welcome to attend • Based on PSAT Performance, letters were mailed home to some students about AP Potential. • Students can view their AP Potential in My College Quick Start

  18. Dual Enrollment • Seniors may elect to take approved college level courses for both high school and college credit • Courses are offered through the University of Delaware and Delaware Technical & Community College • Dual Enrollment course offerings are listed on the 12th grade course selection sheet

  19. Considerations • Students are able to take 8 credits (seniors must take at least 6 credits) • Make sure that you have selected the next level of English, Social St., Math & Science • If you fail a core subject, your schedule will be adjusted to the correct course • Make sure you select 2 alternate elective courses

  20. Preparing for your Meeting • Please review your course selections with your parents and teachers before your meeting • You and your parents should sign the course selection form when complete • Please bring your completed course selection sheet to your meeting

  21. Questions & Concerns • Make a list of any questions and/or concerns you have • Specific questions will be answered during your meeting • Remember to choose your courses wisely- we build our master schedule based on the courses you request!!