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Created by Mr. Steve Hauprich for acceleration and remediation of US History students

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Created by Mr. Steve Hauprich for acceleration and remediation of US History students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Muckrakers, philanthropists, reformers, and zealots… …how progressive reformers shined a light on America’s social ills …and set US on a course for a healthier society. Created by Mr. Steve Hauprich for acceleration and remediation of US History students.

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Muckrakers, philanthropists, reformers, and zealots……how progressive reformers shined a light on America’s social ills …and set US on a course for ahealthier society.

Created by Mr. Steve Hauprich for acceleration and remediation of US History students

power tends to corrupt absolute power corrupts absolutely lord acton british historian
“Power tends to corrupt;absolute power corrupts absolutely.”-Lord Acton…British Historian
Journalists use 1st

Amendment rights

to show how power

is at times abused…











Reformers were most concerned withthe problems of oppressive poverty and political corruption…seeing root causes of greedand ignorance
…Solutions for society’s problemswould require massive campaignsfor democratic reforms,government intervention,and civic duty.
Jacob Riis

was a great




scenes of

abject poverty

…NY City…

How The Other

Half Lives…

Will the US Congress go forward with

massive cuts to food assistance programs

for the US poor in time for Christmas?

Jane Addams may

have been America’s

greatest reformer of

The Progressive Era…

as she led a crusade

to help the poor via

her settlement houses

and worked for justice

helping establish the


Settlement Houses were charitable places

where people were taught important basic

life skills for economic and social improvement.

Thesemen andwomen would join the NAACP

to encourage civic duty and greater social

equality in aprogressive Era that largely

ignored the injustices for minorities.

W.E.B. DuBois was an important leader in the NAACP.

Although from an earlier

time in US History…

Dorothea Dix

was a role model

for future reformers

in the Progressive Era

…her campaign in

Massachusetts won

reforms to help the

physically and mentally


Likewise… Elizabeth Cady Stanton,

Susan B. Anthony, and Lucretia Mott would

campaign for justice throughout their lives.

“We hold these truths to be self evident:

that all men and women were created equal”

-1848Women’s Rights Convention

Carrie Chapman Catt & Alice Paul led the Women’s Suffrage Movement to their

Great Victory …

the 19th Amendment


President Theodore

Roosevelt would

gain a reputation

for standing up

against the power

of greedy


Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller

didnotwanttobe remembered as robber barons

…they instead became great Philanthropists

Carnegiebuilt numerous libraries in all size

cities across the USA…creating learning

opportunities for greater social mobility.

The Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller

Center were

established tofoster greater

creativity and promote enterprise.

Bill and Melinda Gates have already

given $23.5 Billion to charity…

the philanthropy example is followed…

In a later time other reformers would build

on the progress initiated by these earlier

reformers…appealing to America’s great conscience.

___1. The works of Jacob Riis and Upton Sinclair exposed the problems

associated with

1 poverty among Native American peoples2 rapid industrialization and urbanization3 segregation of public facilities in the South4 colonial expansion in Asia

___2. Jacob Riis, in How the Other Half Lives, and Lincoln Steffens, in The Shame of the Cities, contributed to reform movements in the United States by

(1) exposing poverty and corruption(2) opposing westward expansion(3) criticizing racial injustice(4) supporting organized labor

“Jane Addams Opens Hull House”“Jacob Riis Photographs Tenement Residents”“Ida Tarbell Exposes Standard Oil Company”___3. These headlines represent efforts by individuals to

(1) support business monopolies(2) improve depressed urban areas(3) solve problems of American farmers(4) correct abuses of the Industrial Revolution

___4. Dorothea Dix, Jane Addams, and Jacob Riis were all known as

(1) muckrakers     (3) political leaders(2) suffragettes     (4) social reformers

Speaker A:“When demand ran high, and markets were scarce, he showed little mercy, broke his contracts for delivery and raised prices.”Speaker B:“The man of wealth must hold his fortune ‘in trust’ for thecommunity and use it for philanthropic and charitable purposes.”Speaker C: “It is cruel to slander the rich because they have been successful. They have gone into great enterprises that have enriched the nation and the nation has enriched them.”Speaker D:“The fruits of the toil of millions are boldly stolen to build up colossal fortunes for the few, unprecedented in the history of mankind.”___5. Which two speakers would most likely label late 19th-century industrialistsas robber barons?
  • A and B (2) A and D (3) B and C (4) C and D
  • ___6. The most valid conclusion that can be drawn from the different viewpoints of these speakers is that industrialists of the late 19th century
  • (1) benefited and harmed society(2) treated their workers fairly(3) used illegal means to gain wealth(4) generally opposed the free-enterprise economic system
___7. Passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Actillustrated the federal government’s commitment to

(1) environmental conservation(2) workers’ rights(3) business competition(4) consumer protection

___8. What was a significant impact of the Progressive movement on American life?

(1) increased government regulation of business(2) increased restrictions on presidential powers(3) decreased influence of the media on public policy(4) reduced government spending for social programs

___9. What is the main idea of this cartoon?

(1) Big business greatly influenced the actions of the Senate.(2) The Senate had to continue to pass legislation to support conservation efforts.(3) The Senate needed more financial support from monopolies.(4) Relations between industry and the Senate benefited the general public.

___10. The reforms advocated by the Progressive movement were intended mainly to

1 expand the civil rights of African America and Native American Indians2 reduce restrictions on immigration3 increase the spirit of patriotism throughout the nation4 promote political and economic change through government intervention

___11. The initiative, referendum, and recall election were supported by theProgressives as ways to

(1) limit government regulation of the press(2) limit the role of the Supreme Court in constitutional issues(3) increase citizen participation in the political process(4) increase the influence of major political parties

___12. Which heading best completes the partial outline below?I.________________A. Secret ballotB. Direct election of senatorsC. RecallD. Referendum

(1) Checks and Balances(2) Unwritten Constitution(3) Progressive Reforms(4) Universal Suffrage

Speaker A: The [African American] demands equality,  political equality, industrial equality, and social equality; and he is never going to be satisfied with anything less.Speaker B: Equal but separate accommodations for the white and coloredraces is for the preservation of the public peace and good order.
  • Speaker C: Vocational training will provide the means for African Americansto gain the civil liberties they deserve.Speaker D: The best answer for the equality of the [African American] lies in a return to his homeland in Africa.___13. Which speaker most strongly agrees with the beliefs of W. E. B. Du Bois?
  • A       (3) C(2) B       (4) D
  • ___14. Which speaker would most likely support the Jim Crow laws that  emerged in the 1890s?
  • (1) A       (3) C(2)B       (4) D.
“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all menare created equal.“’-Martin Luther King, Jr. Washington, D.C., 1963___15. Which step was taken following this speech to advance the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

(1) desegregation of the Armed Forces(2) ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson(3) elimination of the Ku Klux Klan(4) passage of new civil rights acts

“Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring Warns of Environmental Dangers”
  • “Ralph Nader Sounds Warnings for Consumer Safety”

___16. Rachel Carson and Ralph Nader are similar to the muckrakers of theProgressive Era because they have

(1) advocated a total change in the structure of government(2) attempted to expose societal problems(3) failed to influence public opinion(4) supported anti-American activities