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Welcome to the Third Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Third Grade

Welcome to the Third Grade

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Welcome to the Third Grade

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  1. Welcome to the Third Grade Ms. Davis Room 8

  2. The climate in our classroom is caring,friendly and conducive to learning.

  3. Students are always expected to do their….. BEST and to be helpful!!

  4. About this year……. • Written and oral communication is stressed in third grade. The preparation for establishing and reinforcing lifetime reading, writing and math skills takes place. • Your child is developing concepts about him/herself, learning how to respect others and how to build meaningful relationships with them. It is my hope that he/she will gain a greater sense of responsibility for their work and behavior this year.


  6. Reading • In third grade students will build upon the reading skills introduced in second grade. An emphasis will be placed on comprehension, vocabulary building and fluency. • We will be working from our basil reader “Reading Street” and I have also selected leveled readers and trade books for groups to read. • We will be using phonetic and literature-based approaches, including discussion, written literature, and word games. Students will read and discuss poetry, fiction, non-fiction and other varieties of literary genres. • I highly encourage children to read for pleasure on a daily basis. There is time provided in the classroom to do so and it is my hope that each child will establish consistent reading habits this year. • Writing assignments will be linked to our reading program. Therefore, making the task of writing meaningful and connected to our lives and the literature.

  7. StandardE1 • Students must read 25 grade level books As a means of tracking your child’s progress, they will be given a Reading Folder. He/She is responsible to write a short report/response, or summary and hand it in for credit. The completed reports will be kept in the folder. Students will also hand in a weekly Reading Log.

  8. On Going Places… “The more that you read the more things you will know, The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” -I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! Dr. Suess

  9. Mathematics • The students will be reviewing and expanding their knowledge of multi-digit addition and subtraction. • They will continue to explore money, time, measurement, geometry, tables, graphs and fractions. • The students will be introduced to the concept of multiplication and division. Math facts should be memorized. • Problem solving strategies will be reinforced, along with critical thinking skills.

  10. WritingA crucial communication skill • The students will be asked to write everyday. • They will explore descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive writing, as well as poetry and formal letter writing. • We will be utilizing the program “Empowering Writers”, “Six Traits” and “ The Writing Process”: -- prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and publishing • Lessons in grammar and spelling will also be a focus in grade three. • I will work with your child to develop their D’NealianCusive handwriting.

  11. Science Life Cycles Sun, Moon and Earth Matter, Energy and Forces Roles of Living Things Earth’s Resources Social Studies Living in Communities Looking Back to the Past Building a Government Communities on the Move Working Together Other Content Areas

  12. Character Education

  13. Expectations • Respect others and their property • Be kind and considerate to everyone • Be patient and helpful • Listen and ask thoughtful questions

  14. Itinerant Schedule

  15. Family Involvement • Read with your child whenever and wherever possible!!!! Fill in Reading Log in Planner nightly. • Check your child’s planner daily and sign it. • Check to make sure your child has done their homework. (There is homework assigned Monday through Thursday and a spelling test is given every Friday.) • Pack your child’s backpack every evening to be sure all school materials are ready to go!! • A yellow folder filled with your child’s graded assignments will be sent home with him/her periodically. Please review the work with your child, sign the folder and return it to school the next day. • I will be sure to give a list of upcoming events and I will also supply you and your child with plenty of time for special projects and assignments. • Ask about what is going on at school If there is anything you do not understand, don’t hesitate to call the school. • Check out our website at Teacher Web.comri/GlenHillsElementarySchool/ • MsDavisRm8

  16. Third Grade Sight Words

  17. Internet Sites for Students • • • • • • •

  18. Internet Site for Parents • •

  19. Use these websites to practice skills with your child

  20. Last but not least…. Have fun, make new friends, learn, grow and explore the possibilities!!!!!!!!