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Welcome to Third Grade

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Welcome to Third Grade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Third Grade. We Believe Our Job Is To…. Inspire Excite Challenge Appreciate. WRITING. Writing - Most of their work is in the journal. We will publish one writing piece each nine weeks so do not expect lots of graded pieces to go home each week.

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We Believe Our Job Is To…

  • Inspire
  • Excite
  • Challenge
  • Appreciate


Writing- Most of their work is in

the journal. We will publish one

writing piece each nine weeks so do

not expect lots of graded pieces to

go home each week.

Journal- Our journals are

“our playground for our pencils” in

which we use to explore creative


Cursive- We will focus on two

letters a week. Practice worksheet

will come home each week.



  • Weekly Skill
  • Each week we will explore
  • an instructional spelling skill
  • that follows a pattern. The student
  • will have opportunities to make
  • new words and apply these words
  • In their writing.
  • Assessment

We do not test the skill through

traditional spelling tests that

encourage memorization; instead

through authentic writing. We

will assess every three weeks.

  • Reading in Class
    • Build stamina
    • Expand vocabulary
    • Increase fluency/speed
    • Improve comprehension
    • Develop love of reading
  • Reading at Home
    • Every night
    • Complete reading response


  • Skills
  • Using metacognition to think

about their reading



  • Manipulatives/Hands-on learning
  • AISD 90 minute math model
    • Drill and Practice
    • Problem Solving- critical thinking
    • Content Instruction –modeling
    • and guided practice
    • Learning Groups- assessments,
  • work stations , reinforcement of
  • skills
  • Math Journals- concepts, examples,
  • strategies on solving problems
  • What does it look like
  • in our daily lives?

Science Fair (optional,

  • highly encouraged)
  • Observation Journals
  • Safety in the Lab
  • Scientific Tools
  • Matter
  • Ecosystems
  • Life cycles
  • Recycling
  • Sun, Earth, and Moon
  • Changes to the Earth
  • Force and Friction
  • Simple Systems
social studies
  • Local Communities
  • Maps
  • Local Government
  • Citizenship
  • Economics
  • Inventors
  • Regions
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Recycle Sale in December


State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness

  • Benchmarks
    • Nov. 8 Math
    • Nov.9 Reading
    • Nov.15 Science
  • Simulation
    • Feb.7 Math
    • Feb. 8 Reading
  • STAAR Math******April 24
  • STAAR Reading******April 25
  • Math Lab
  • SSI – Student Support Initiative


  • 30 Minute block from 11:15-11:45
  • Time for Intervention and/or Enrichment
  • Access to 10 Teachers
  • Students can move from group to group as needed.


Mrs. Latimer

CASTLE began on September 19.



  • Given most nights each week
  • Homework should take 30 minutes excluding reading time
  • Homework will be written daily in their agenda.
  • Read nightly, at least 20-30 minutes, and stay accountable through daily response logs. Bring to school daily.
  • Word Work skills will be practiced through a word hunt and writing each week.
  • Cursive- two letters each week
  • Projects/assignments will be given throughout the year
classroom management
Classroom Management
  • Positive Incentives vary by class
  • Study Hall (Use time wisely)
  • “Think Track” (ZAP PAD)
  • Code of Conduct (in agenda)
help wanted
-Help Wanted-
  • Minimizing tardies and absences
  • Submit Volunteer Background Check
  • Send anti-bacterial wipes
  • Send a dry erase board eraser

Notes of Interest

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences will be conducted the month of October. Sign-up sheets are available tonight.
  • Scholastic Weekly Reader - Please contribute to this wonderful non-fiction weekly magazine that contains current events. $5.00/yearly subscription.
  • Scholastic Book Order monthly – Great Deals!
  • Communication: e-mail, notes, agenda, folder, newsletter, teacher websites- Feel free to call or e-mail anytime, you are a key component to your child’s education.
  • Field Trips: Plays at Dallas Children’s Theatre, Meet the Mayor/Target (ACO families) $15
  • Can pay $20 for Scholastic News and field trips online or bring a check made out to Norton by October 18.