Mis 111 computers and the inter networked society
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MIS 111: Computers and the Inter-networked Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MIS 111: Computers and the Inter-networked Society. Class 4: E-Commerce July 14 th , 2011. Today’s Learning Objectives . List one or two current events in technology news Define e-commerce List at least 4 different ways e-commerce can make money

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Mis 111 computers and the inter networked society

MIS 111: Computers and the Inter-networked Society

Class 4: E-Commerce

July 14th, 2011

Today s learning objectives
Today’s Learning Objectives

  • List one or two current events in technology news

  • Define e-commerce

  • List at least 4 different ways e-commerce can make money

  • Explain the difference between Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business e-commerce

  • List the components of an online store

  • Discuss how the “long tail” is implemented in e-commerce and why it makes e-commerce successful

  • Discuss a few ways you can make money online


When was the last time you used a physical store to buy…





E commerce a definition
E-Commerce: A Definition

“The process of buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging products, services, or information via computer networks, including the Internet.”

Pure vs partial e commerce
Pure vs. Partial E-Commerce

  • Bricks and mortar (not e-commerce)

  • Virtual (pure e-commerce)

  • Clicks and mortar (partial e-commerce)

A word on nomenclature
A Word on Nomenclature

  • Business and technology people are fairly simple people.

  • Hence, the names they choose mean exactly what they say (for example, management information systems? The world wide web?)

Types of e commerce
Types of E-Commerce

  • Business-to-Consumer

  • Business-to-Business

  • Consumer-to-Consumer

  • Business-to-Employee

  • E-Government

  • Mobile Commerce

Business to consumer and business to business

Business-to-Consumerand Business-to-Business

More details

Business to consumer ec b2c
Business-to-Consumer EC (B2C)

  • Means of Access (E-Tailing)

    • Direct sale through Electronic Storefronts

      • Like www.officedepot.com

    • Direct sale through Electronic Malls

      • May include thousands of vendors

  • Benefits of E-Tailing:

    • Can buy from home 24/7

    • Wider variety of products at lower prices (text books?)

Business to consumer services
Business-to-Consumer Services

  • Online Service Industries (in addition to goods)

    • Cyberbanking (paying bills, applying for loans)

    • Online Securities Trading (E*Trade)

    • Online Job Market (www.monster.com)

    • Travel Services (www.hotels.com)

Business to consumer ads
Business-to-Consumer Ads

  • Online Advertising Methods

    • Banners (electronic billboards)

    • Pop-ups/Pop-unders (annoying!!)

    • Spamming vs. Permission Marketing

      • (Will you please sign up for our newsletter?)

    • Viral Marketing

      • “Word of Mouth” marketing

  • Addwords (not as good as search engine optimization)

Business to business b2b
Business-to-Business (B2B)

  • Sell-Side Marketplaces

    • Organizations sell products to others

  • Buy-Side Marketplaces

    • Organizations buy products from others

  • Electronic Exchanges

    • One buyer, many sellers

Some e commerce business models
Some E-Commerce Business Models

  • Online direct marketing

    • Manufacturers/Retailers sell directly to customers

  • Deep discounters

    • Appeals to customers who consider only price

  • Viral marketing

    • Receivers send info about product to friends

  • Group purchasing

    • Small buyers aggregate demand to get low price

  • Online auctions

    • Like regular auction, but online

Where to start
Where to start?

  • Q1. how are you going to make money

    • Adverting

    • Selling a product

    • Selling a service

    • Selling digital media

    • Affiliate program

    • Selling sort of you own program

    • Subscriptions

    • Hybrid


  • Example i m going to be selling a digital product
    Example, I’m going to be selling a digital product

    • Tomorrow, we will do an affiliate program so today we are going to be selling videos and music

    • Q2. how much work am I willing to put into Web development?

    Option 1
    Option 1

    • Online solutions

      • http://shopping-cart-review.toptenreviews.com/

      • https://www.bigcommerce.com/ecommerce-solution-features.php

    Online stores components processes
    Online Stores:Components & Processes

    • Catalogue

    • List of Products

    • Descriptions

    • Prices

    • Options, size, etc.

    • Pictures









    • Shopping Cart

    • A temporary list of item to be purchased



    • Checkout

    • Billing Info

    • Shipping Address

    • Shipping Cost

    • Record Order

    • Process Payment





    e-commerce - Michael McDonnell

    Electronic payments
    Electronic Payments

    • Electronic Checks

    • Electronic Credit Cards

    • Purchasing Cards

    • Do you know what that little lock means in the upper right hand corner of the browser?

    Electronic payments cont d
    Electronic Payments (cont’d)

    • Electronic Cash

      • Stored-Value Money Cards (calling cards)

      • Smart Cards (like the CatCard)

      • Person-to-Person Payments (PayPal)

      • Digital Wallets (stores financial info of buyer so no reentry is needed)

    Option 2
    Option 2

    • Content Management System

      • Blog

      • Google sites

      • Word press

      • Joomla

      • Drupal

    • Plugins

      • http://extensions.joomla.org/

    Option 3
    Option 3

    • Completely program it

    • Why?

      • Complete flexibility

      • Your platform doesn’t support content management systems

        • http://govollow.appspot.com/

        • Free and lots of traffic (great for facebook, iphone integration)

      • You’re a geek 

    With option 2 and 3
    With option 2 and 3

    • You usually need to find you own place to host the Web site (they are just software)

      • Install software

      • Create a database

    The long tail1
    “The Long Tail”

    • What happened to Touching the Void?

    • What does it mean that we have a “market of hits?” (anyone listen to the Top 40 station?)

    • Why aren’t obscure products in the market?

    • What is the 20/80 principle and why doesn’t it apply to the market for music and videos?

    The rules of the long tail
    The Rules of The Long Tail

    • Rule 1: Make Everything Available

      • Why can sellers sell everything online?

    • Rule 2: Cut the Price in Half; Now Lower it.

      • Is any price too low?

    • Rule 3: Help Me Find it.

      • How do recommendations work?

    You a money maker
    You: A Money Maker

    • Affiliate Programs (http://www.amazon.com/)

    • Advertising (www.google.com/adsense/)

    • Create Products (http://www.spreadshirt.com/)

    • I want to sell my own product …

      • Don’t want to handle order fulfillment

      • http://www.amazonservices.com/content/fulfillment-by-amazon.htm?id=hm2


    • No reading

    • Meet in McClelland Hall 214

    • We’re going to make a business!!!