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SIG State of the Union Briefing

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SIG State of the Union Briefing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SIG State of the Union Briefing. October 28, 2013. Learn, Lead, Innovate. Collaborative Government and Industry Community Driven by Government Agenda Forums for Education and Training Government Defined and Championed Projects Thought Pieces and White papers

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SIG State of the Union Briefing

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learn lead innovate
Learn, Lead, Innovate
  • Collaborative Government and Industry Community Driven by Government Agenda
  • Forums for Education and Training
  • Government Defined and Championed Projects
  • Thought Pieces and White papers
  • Actionable Solutions for Government
  • Opportunities to Make a Difference and Grow
community of shared interest groups where government industry come together to learn innovate
Community of Shared Interest GroupsWhere Government & Industry Come Together to Learn & Innovate
  • Acquisition Management
  • Collaboration & Transformation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emerging Technology
  • Human Capital
  • Networks & Telecommunications
  • Planning & Architecture
  • Small Business
  • Advanced Mobility Working Group
  • Cloud Computing Working Group
networks telecommunications sig

Networks & Telecommunications SIG

Wray Varley, Chair

Tom Cuneo, Vice Chair

Deirdre Murray, Programs

Marcus Buckley, Communications

Mike Brennan, Knowledge Capture

Brian Bonacci, Projects

sig overview
SIG Overview
  • The N&T SIG was the first Shared Interest Group
  • Our mission is to provide clarity, impartial feedback, and points for consideration on networks and telecom issues identified in collaboration with the Government Advisory Panel (GAP) and industry
  • 2013 N&T SIG GAP

Pete Tseronis, Energy* HamidOuyachi, Labor

Dennis Reimer, DHS Horace Blackman, VA*

Tim Quinn, Interior Frank Tiller, GSA

Sylvia Hernandez, GSA Dave Cheplick, VA

Stan Kaczmarczyk, GSA* Kevin Trowbridge, Coast Guard

Gary Wall, GSA

*Officially accepted invite

current sig activities
Current SIG Activities
  • Network Services 2020 Working Group
    • Four committees focused on supporting GSA’s NS2020 initiative
  • Coordinating meetings to focus on best practices and trends of interest to government/industry:
    • Passive Optical Networks (PON) / Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON)
    • Wireless Strategies
    • Cellular Reinforcement Systems (Digital Antenna Systems)
    • Customer Contact Centers
    • Broadband Services
    • Role of Cable Companies
    • Unified Communications
    • Acquisition Strategies
    • Future of Teleworking
  • Coordinating GAP meeting

Network Services 2020 Working Group


Brian Bonacci, Level 3 Gary Wall, GSA


Co-Chairs for each Committee

opportunities for engagement
Opportunities for Engagement
  • Vote for topics you would like the SIG to address!
  • Work on the NS2020 Advisory Panel
  • Help coordinate a meeting
how to get involved
How to Get Involved

Contact any of the N&T SIG Officers:

  • Wray
  • Tom Cuneo:
  • Deirdre Murray:
  • Marcus
  • Mike Brennan:
  • Brian Bonacci:
cybersecurity sig


Mike Agrillo, Communications Chair

sig overview1
SIG Overview

What we do: The Cybersecurity SIG provides opportunities for industry and federal government to identify, focus on, raise awareness of, and provide solutions to cybersecurity challenges critical to protecting our national interests.

How we do it: Members tackle these challenges by creating informative programs, participating in focused working groups, and developing whitepapers to foster adoption of standards, best practices and solutions. 

Focus Areas 

  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  • NIST 800-53 Rev 4 and Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework
  • Cloud Computing / Virtualization / Data Center Optimization
  • Mobility and Security
  • Continuous Monitoring and Risk Management
  • Malware Detection and Prevention
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cybersecurity Workforce Development
activities opportunities for engagement
Activities & Opportunities for Engagement

The next Cybersecurity SIG Meeting is November 12th, 3:30-5:00 PM at the ACT-IAC office. Registration is open at

to get involved contact
To Get Involved Contact
  • Bob Post, Chair
    • 703-346-7848
  • Cheryl Soderstrom, Vice Chair
    • 703.742.1312
  • Mike Agrillo, Communications Chair
    • 703-608-5829
acquisition management sig

Acquisition Management SIG

Jeremy Arensdorf, Chair

Steve Krauss, Vice Chair

Jim Hiles, Program Chair

Jen Glazer, Knowledge Capture Chair

Dan Taylor, Communications Chair

sig overview2
SIG Overview

The Acquisition Management (AM) SIG focuses on increasing engagement and facilitating the sharing of best practices between the government and industry to improve the federal acquisition process.

Focusing on:

  • Initiatives and program outcomes that directly improve acquisition for both government and industry.
  • Increased participation by SIG membership in initiatives and programs.
gap members
GAP Members
  • Jeff Birch, FAI
  • Paul Brubaker, DOD
  • Anne Rung, GSA
  • Janice Uthe, Federal Housing Finance Agency
  • Ann Van Houten, DHS
  • Joanne Woytek, NASA
how to get involved1
How to Get Involved

To get involved, contact the SIG leadership team:

  • Jeremy Arensdorf –
  • Steve Krauss –
  • Jim Hiles –
  • Jennifer Glazer –
  • Dan Taylor –

Visit the AM SIG page at

Email ACT-IAC SIG Director John Shaw at to be added to the distribution list

cloud computing working group

Cloud ComputingWorking Group

Stacy Cleveland, Chair


Cloud Computing Working Group Background:

The ACT-IAC Cloud Computing Working Group was formed to leverage the expertise of the SIGs to support the Government’s cloud computing initiatives.


  • Coordinate ACT-IAC related activities on Cloud Computing
  • Eliminate redundant efforts across ACT-IAC program areas and to promote cross pollination of ideas and activities
  • Align the efforts of ACT-IAC on cloud computing with the needs and requirements of the Federal Government
  • Provide a mechanism and platform for members to collaborate and communicate effectively on the topic of cloud computing
current activities for engagement
Current Activities for Engagement

Current Project: Cloud Acquisition Support Project

The Acquisition Management SIG and Cloud Computing Working Group are engaged by GSA and a working group was formed to develop a actionable recommendations around procurement policies and practices that assure availability of Cloud products and services for Government. Mark Day of GSA-Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and Stacy Cleveland of Hewlett Packard (HP) are leading this working group.

  • Activities conducted to date: Government and Industry survey and interviews
  • Activities upcoming: Government and Industry roundtable session on November 14th at GSA offices

The Roundtable will focus on the following areas:

-Procurement processes and practices that may create barriers to cloud adoption

-Security requirements and barriers to FedRAMP authorization

-Challenges to accepting standard, commercial cloud services without major customization

-Review and provide feedback on a draft cloud adoption checklist created by the Acquisition Management SIG to help Government vet and prioritize cloud adoption candidates

POC – Stacy Cleveland:

past projects
Past Projects
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) Use Case development assistance for GSA
  • Cloud Computing Security Considerations and Recommendations: Usage Scenario: Software as a Service (SaaS) Electronic Mail
  • Identity Management & Access Control in Cloud Computing: Recommendations and Best Practices for using Cloud Services while Maintaining Compliance and Access Controls
  • Briefings, Panels, Collaboration – GSA, NIST, DHS, etc.
how to get involved2
How to Get Involved

To get involved please contact:

Chair:Stacy Cleveland, HP Enterprise ServicesTel:

ACT-IAC SIG Director:

John Shaw

Tel. 703-208-4800 x222

emerging technology sig

Emerging Technology SIG

Victor Koo, Chair

sig overview3
SIG Overview

Constituency Served: Federal CXOs (CIOs/CTOs) and other Government executives (e.g., S&T Directors) responsible for identifying, assessing and deploying emerging technology and maturing it to become a major component of the IT & business strategy.

Who is on this SIG: Industry, Government, academia and others within ACT-IAC that are involved with emerging technology and provide products, services, processes, and business models enabling innovative approaches to solving Government issues and challenges.

What We Do:

  • Actively monitor the emerging technology landscapeand promote game-changing technologies.
  • Share lessons learned from the adopted Emerging Technologies across the federal space
  • Form committees around and provide insight on high-potential technologies to accelerate awareness and adoption.
activities opportunities for engagement2
Activities & Opportunities for Engagement

Focus for 2013/2014: Supporting the Fed CXO

  • Deeper Government Engagement – Be Responsive to Upcoming Issues / Challenges
    • Prioritize GAP input and project sponsorship
    • Explore Analytics/Big Data Potential
    • Continue promoting use of Agile Development and Technology across the government
    • ET Global IT Standards and Adoption Rates
  • Continue Defining the ET Landscape – Process-Driven
    • Technology Infusion – Examples & Lessons Learned
    • Strategic Foresight” & the Impact of Social Change
  • Technical Investigation Focus Areas
    • ET Watch List / ET Wiki /
    • What’s the next technology wave? (Product/Process/Service/Model)
how to get involved3
How to Get Involved

Chair: Victor Koo (, K3 Solutions LLCVice-Chair: Sandi Van Valkenburg (, DeloitteCommunications:Marcus Fedeli (, Unisys

Michelle Conner (, NT Concepts

Program Chair:Kimberly Gianni (, Pragmatics

Justin Fleshman (


Analytics Big Data Co-Chairs: Johan Bos-Beijer, GSA, & Jim Hoover (, Accenture

Agile Development Chair: Jared Townshend (, Deloitte

ET Technology Research: OPEN

collaboration transformation sig

Collaboration & Transformation SIG

Linda Garcia, ChairRachana Kulkarni, Vice Chair

c t sig overview
C&T SIG Overview
  • Support all ACT/IAC priority areas:
    • Planning, management, & delivery processes to improve the strategic value of IT
    • Secure sharing & safeguarding information
    • Innovation & digital government
    • Evolving the government workforce
  • Focused on business processes and business flows
  • Very active GAP & other government participation, resulting in direct alignment with government priorities
  • Very active committees, project teams, and programs (see current activities)
gap membership
GAP Membership

C&T SIG Community Focus

  • Open Data
    • Bethany Letalien, OPM
    • Kim Taylor, USDA
  • Financial Management
    • Kathleen Turco, VA
    • Adam Goldberg, Treasury
  • Information Sharing
    • Michael Howell, DNI
    • Paul Grant, DOD
    • William Barlow, DOD
  • IV&V
    • Melissa Ash, NRC
  • General
    • Sonny Hashmi, GSA

New GAP members:

  • Donna Roy, DHS NIEM PMO
  • Adrian Gardner, DHS FEMA CIO
  • Jon Johnson, GSA
current activities
Current Activities
  • Financial Management Committee
    • Center of Excellence Government Survey focused on definitions and uses
      • Need Government Participants
    • Second Grants Workshop
    • Upcoming Project with Treasury FIT Office
  • IV&V Committee
    • IV&V Case Studies
    • Next Focus will be on IV&V for Agile and Mobile Development
      • Need Volunteers
  • Governance Working Group
    • Will look at how Governance Can Actually Enable Innovation
    • Need Volunteers


Planning, management, & delivery processes to improve the strategic value of IT

Innovation & digital government

current c t activities
Current C&T Activities
  • Open Government Best Practices Committee
    • Government Survey re Open API Usage, Best Practices
    • Need additional interviewers, especially for DoD Contacts
  • Shared Services Committee
    • Shared Services: Beyond Lines of Business” briefing, Sonny Hashmi, rescheduling because of govt shutdown
  • Information Sharing Committee
    • November 7 SIG meeting will include a discussion focused on the Information Sharing Environment, to be followed by planning session.
  • Knowledge Management Committee
    • Planning a panel discussion with DHS, DoJ, DoD and GSA to discuss the state of KM in the Govt
  • Advanced Mobility Working Group Liason


Planning, Management, & Delivery processes to improve the strategic value of IT

Secure Sharing & Safeguarding Info

Innovation & Digital Government


emerging c t activities
Emerging C&T Activities

We have started up two exciting working groups and are looking for those of you who are passionate about helping government in innovative ways:

  • Governance Working Group - Roger Baker once asked Is IT relevant? Mission needs are changing. IT needs to change. Governance is still important. How can governance support innovation?
  • Analytic Tradecraft Working Group - US adversaries are not only increasing in number, but also in complexity, ability to mask themselves, flexibility, and ability to threaten the US. Technology is very important in the investigatory lifecycle, but exquisite tradecraft (processes, methodologies) are what makes the technology work. This committee will explore different types of tradecraft and how they can be used to support investigation and law enforcement.


Planning, Management, & Delivery processes to improve the strategic value of IT

Secure Sharing & Safeguarding Info

Innovation & Digital Government

Evolving the Government Workforce

we need you
We Need YOU!!!

We need volunteers to support our charter to enable mission

  • Need Government Chair and Government Vice Chair for the SIG to provide direction and coach the team
  • Need Program and Recruitment Chairs
  • Looking for Government Co-Chairs for most committees, project teams, & working groups
  • Looking for Industry Co-Chairs for some committees, project teams & working groups
  • Always looking for SMEs, writers, panelists, volunteers, and participants!
how to get involved4
How to Get Involved
  • For any committee, project team, working group or general position contact Linda Garcia,, 571-423-6233 ORRachana Kulkarni,, 703-462-3062
  • For Information Sharing Committee: Jonathan D. Addelston, UpStart Systems, LLC, 703-217-3378,
  • For Financial Management Committee: George Strader, Deloitte, 703-464-8728, OR Stephanie Mango, CGI Federal, 703-227-6750,
  • For IV&V Committee: Michael Callihan, AEGIS, 703-893-6020 x310, OR Matthew Adamowicz, Vistronix, 571-499-1595,
  • Open Government Best Practices Committee: Kim Ellison, The Mercator Group,
  • Advanced Mobility Committee: Melissa Adamson, Agilex, 703-889-3892,
p a sig overview
P&A SIG Overview
  • Explore the integration of planning disciplines
  • Develop and share insights
    • Implement the Digital Government and Shared Services strategies
    • Apply effective practices to manage portfolios
    • Develop, implement and measure digital roadmaps
current sig activities opportunities for engagement
Current SIG Activities & Opportunities for Engagement

Smart Lean Government is coming!

  • Using Life Events, Communities of Services, and a Service Integration Model to deliver 21st Century solutions
  • Tightly aligned with the ACT-IAC priority areas

Our projects:

  • The Life Events Standard Specification: how to use life events as a focal point for sharing, integration, and service reuse (registration is open at
  • The Service Integration Model: develop patterns and practices to deliver secure, efficient shared services
how to get involved5
How to Get Involved
  • Sponsor projects, lead projects, or just participate!
  • Contact any one of our leaders:
    • Peter Wilson
    • Tom McCullough
    • Phil Cooke
    • Shelton Lee
small business sig

Small Business SIG

Kimberly Purlia, Chair

Purlia Parris, LLC

Michael Townsend, Vice Chair


sig overview4
SIG Overview
  • Small Business SIG is designed to engage the smaller businesses in their areas of strength and help solve challenges SB’s face in doing business with the Government
    • We act as a liaison, mentor, trainer, advisor, and a library of knowledge and experience
  • We are in the year of change and have a new path forward:
    • Aligning to ACT-IAC Strategic Plan
    • Aligning to membership needs
    • Moving to a “event & program” driven SIG model
sig overview5
SIG Overview
  • New Government Advisory Panel
    • Point of View Approach similar to the SBC Workshops
    • IT Lead; Program Lead; Acquisition Lead; and

SB Rep or Advocate

activities opportunities for engagement3
Activities & Opportunities for Engagement
  • 4 Major Program Events – Looking for a challenge?
    • Small Business Forum: virtual 3-part series
    • Government & Industry Small Business Matchmaking
    • One topic-based, panel program session
    • Support Small Business Conference planning
  • New Quarterly Events
    • “OSDBU or Agency in the Spotlight” series
    • Coincide with the IAC Membership Meetings
  • Joint SIG Event with the Acquisition Management SIG
    • Help drive preparation for the Acquisition Excellence Conference
  • Liaison for Small Business Members to Engage with the Priority Area Leads and Other SIGs & Working Groups
how to get involved6
How to Get Involved
  • Volunteers Anyone?
  • Consider Chairing an event for the SB SIG
  • Immediate need for:
    • New forum, virtual 3-part series
human capital sig

Human Capital SIG

Bill Fischer, Chair

Lisa Taylor, Vice Chair

Debbie Brown, Program Chair

Bob Clarke, Communications Chair

sig overview6
SIG Overview
  • Human capital issues – leadership, development, strategic workforce planning, and innovation – cut across all technology areas
  • 2013 HC Government Advisory Panel:

Kimberly Hancher, EEOC Peter Shelby, NRO

Thomas Mulhern, DOIKarlease Kelly, USDA

Randy Bergquist, Justice Jeri Buchholz, NASA

Miriam Cohen, NRC

  • Coordination with:
    • Cross-SIG collaboration
    • Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council
    • Chief Learning Officers (CLO) Council
activities opportunities for engagement4
Activities & Opportunities for Engagement
  • Monthly meetings/panel discussions focus on best practices and trends of interest to our community
    • Workforce planning
    • The inter-generational workforce
    • HRIT consolidation
    • Emerging learning technologies
    • IT enablement as a core competency for federal executives
  • Quarterly GAP Meetings
    • Late Nov/Early December targeted
how to get involved7
How to Get Involved

Contact any of the SIG Officers:

Bill Fischer

Lisa Taylor

Debbie Brown

Bob Clarke

advanced mobility working group amwg

Advanced Mobility Working Group(AMWG)

Brad Nix, Government Vice Co-Chair

David Yang, Industry Co-Chair

amwg overview
AMWG Overview


To foster collaboration and communication on issues regarding mobile computing in the Federal Government, including citizen services, remote connectivity, employee services, workforce productivity, digital publishing, and enterprise mobility.

For more information:

what we ve d one
What We’ve Done

AMWG deliverables in support of Digital Government Strategy

  • Commercial Services Report
    • Document on private sector use of apps supported DGS 5.4
  • 2013 Mobile Security Forum
    • Mobile Security event held on April 17, 2013 supported DGS 9.1
  • Delivery of Commercial Mobile Apps White Paper
    • Delivery of Commercial Apps into Federal Environment supported DGS 5.4
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Repository
    • AMWG portal for BYOD case studies & best practices supported DGS 3.3
  • 2012 Industry Survey on the Federal Digital Government Strategy White Paper
  • 2012 Mobility Forum & Executive Report
activities opportunities for engagement5
Activities & Opportunities for Engagement

Focus Areas and Tasks

  • Strategy and Planning
    • Acquisition
    • Policies & procedures
    • Mobile EA
  • Implementation
    • APIs
    • Mobile apps
    • Security
    • Connectivity
  • Adoption and Training
    • User experience
    • Outreach and collaboration
  • Sectors
    • Health
    • Defense
    • Intel
    • Citizen services
how to get involved8
How to Get Involved


  • DJ Kachman,
  • Bryan Coapstick,

Vice Co-chairs:

  • Brad Nix,
  • David Yang,

Communications Chair:

  • Tim Harvey,

ACT-IAC SIG Director:

  • John Shaw,
sig impact
SIG Impact
  • Guided and championed by government, SIGs offer government & industry participants:
  • Impact across the association & beyond the boundaries of our day jobs,
  • Access to a wide network of colleagues,
  • Education about critical, emerging topics,
  • Deepened understanding of issues,
  • Collaboration with Government and industry to address some of the toughest challenges facing Government.

If your company is already an ACT-IAC member or if you work for the Government, participation in the SIG community is free.