laptops and portable devices n.
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Laptops and Portable Devices PowerPoint Presentation
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Laptops and Portable Devices

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Laptops and Portable Devices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Laptops and Portable Devices
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  1. Laptops and Portable Devices Vocabulary Terms PROFITT Curriculum Basic Computer Skills Module 1 Hardware Concepts Adapted from “Cooling Systems” – CTAE Information Technology Essentials

  2. PDA’s • PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. • PDA’s have been in use for many years and they are generally used to synchronize a person’s computer with an ultra portable device. • PDA’s provide people with access to many functions of a computer, such as email, Internet access, and their personal calendar.

  3. Notebooks The term “notebook” can be used interchangeably with the term “laptop”. Notebooks are similar to desktop computers in function, but they are far more portable.

  4. Tablets • Have been on the market for several years, but they have not been nearly as popular as notebooks. • Function like notebook computers with the addition of displays (screens) that swivel into a position similar to writing tablets. • Also have touch screen capability and a stylus. Android and Apple OS most popular.

  5. Netbooks Netbooks are much smaller than standard notebook computers and normally, far less powerful.

  6. Smart Phone • A small hand held device that users can enter data and instructions using a variety of techniques. • Ways to Input Using a Smart Phone: • Draw or write on special paper with a digital pen • Enter text-based messages via a wireless keyboard • Speak into the microphone that wirelessly communicates with the phone • Take a picture using the built in digital camera

  7. MP3 Player • Allows you to take your music with you • Lets you transfer digital audio files from your computer to the player using programs like Windows Media Player and iTunes • Connects to computer using USB port