georgian cuisine n.
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Georgian Cuisine

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Georgian Cuisine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Georgian Cuisine.

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Georgian Cuisine

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    1. Georgian Cuisine

    2. In Georgia, the food is quite appropriately an expression of the culture. Warm, gooey comfort food like khachapuri (cheese-stuffed bread) finds balance with matsoni (sour yogurt). Herbs like tarragon, parsley, dill and coriander combine with walnuts and garlic for rich fillings and sauces. If you do visit Georgia, just ask people where you can find a specific dish and people will be more than happy to help you discover their cuisine.

    3. Khachapuri No visit to Georgia would be complete (or possible) without a few tastes of khachapuri, the warm, gooey cheese-stuffed bread that oozes and drips with heart-stopping goodness. In addition to the standard round pie stuffed with cheese, other variations include egg-topped (Adjariankhachapuri), the four-fold filo dough pocket, and tarragon, mushroom and rice-stuffed pies.

    4. Khinkali Beautifully twisted knobs of dough, usually stuffed with meat and spices (served boiled or steamed). The trick: to eat without making a mess of yourself with the hot broth inside. Sprinkle with black pepper and grab the dumpling by the handle and turn upside down. Take small bites from the side, slurping broth as you go. The traditional khinkali includes meat, but vegetarian fillings of mushroom, and cheese/curd are sometimes available.

    5. Lobio A cross between bean soup and refried beans. Its consistency and taste varies widely, bears a resemblance to Mexican bean dishes and is almost always satisfying. Eat with mchadi (Georgian corn bread) for full effect.

    6. Georgian brandy – surprisingly smooth and easy to drink. Though Armenian brandy gets a lot of press, Georgian brand is worth a taste. Cha cha– the drink of sadists and masochists throughout the Georgian countryside. Oddly enough, it’s common practice to have a small drink of the stuff in the morning, apparently to ease the effects of a heavy morning meal. Drinks

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