good morning n.
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Good Morning ..  PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Morning .. 

Good Morning .. 

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Good Morning .. 

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  1. Good Morning.. SUMIT U. YADAV WRO 0275250 VADODARA

  2. Group 1 The Routine life…….

  3. Morning Blues “The sorrowful awakening”, he is woken up forcefully after an awful day of work & study. He is preparing looking at himself in the mirror for the ordeals he has to face at the work place.

  4. The Battlefield He equips himself with excuses for coming in late for the 4th time in the week. Now enters the Boss's room, just to receive his due of blastings, which he coolly ignores.

  5. The Client’s Place E vents unfolding are all against his expectations, E ven after working hours, he stays back & slogs out till the report is done. H is audit + venture = Adventure frequently intervened & questions fired in from all directions.

  6. He murmurs to Himself..

  7. Torture revisited After going through a looooong day of abusings, embarrassments, orders & advices, he has to clear the last hurdle of the day – “TUITIONS”.

  8. His Vision Fight Fight never surrender Clear in May or wait for Nov Where there is a will there is a way After Nov again there is a May

  9. Study for the last attempt! 80GB Syllabus 80KB he Remembers 80bytes he Answers Sweating it out at the exam hall still he gets binary marks As a result,.he gives up his vision

  10. HIS CAREER GRAPH • At this Stage---- CA impossible..

  11. Seems Like this is not his Cup ofTEA..!!

  12. Final Destination – Heaven / Hell He goes to a medical shop & asks for poison.chemist : I can't sell you that He shows his CA syllabus book.chemist :Oh! Sorry . I didn't know you had a prescription. After being amused by the chemist, he returns home brokenhearted.........

  13. His take on CA!!! 4 years22 papers5000 laws50000 sections500000 rulesA normal human being cant bear itthe remaining abnormals are calledChartered Accountants

  14. Back Home After the disgusting day, he goes to bed pondering over the U-Turn taken by his life. Desperate to seek answers he calls for Mr.Brahma,Mr.Ganesha, Mrs.Saraswathi. And there……Mr.Ganesha shows up

  15. The Conversation Ganesha: Yes, my child, what is your misery? Him: Firstly, where are Mr.Brahma & Mrs.Saraswathi? Ganesha: I am sorry, Mr.Brahma is busy generating new talent….

  16. The Conversation continued Him: What about Saraswathi?? Ganesha: She is busy helping students pass CA…. Him: What abt me?? Why isn't she considering me ?

  17. Hmmm…. Ganesha: You are not in the list my Child,May be in the exclusion summary, better luck next time. Him: What?? Then tell me why you made me take up CA...

  18. Ganesha gave the top reasons… In your Last Birth….. 1-U hated Sleep.2-U had enjoyed ur life enough.3-U Cud live without tension.4-U wasted precious time5-U never wanted to challenge anything…….

  19. The Aftermath.. Thus… finally.. All need to pay for their Karma’s , its ur turn now…. Face the challenge ... Else in your next incarnation will have to appear as a contestant in the show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar Season –’ N’ and will be declared the winner as well…

  20. After thinking a lot… Phew….. CA--- Very much possible…

  21. So, Who is this sorry soul? He, the one in YOU & ME Presenting The Life of an Articled Assistant!

  22. INTERVAL 6 Months Later

  23. Self Realization After All, Life is to do Something BIG…!! Why should I run away from CA…..

  24. Enlightenment Every Person Born in this World has a Purpose & am goin to fulfill mine… Yes,, I Will try once again with all dedication & Hardwork !!!

  25. Is articleship a boon or a bane? • It gives practical knowledge. • Chance to meet the BIG’s of corporate world and also an efficient way to prove your potential • Helps to Horne an individual’s potential and also assists to standout from the other professionals. The list goes on…….

  26. Where Can CA Get Me • My Dream achieved. • My Family’s pride • My Status QUO. • Increase in my societal stature • Soaring Bank accounts • Finally effective contributor towards society, by living upto the ICAI values.

  27. And Therefore, Articleship is a boon!


  29. “ ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING “ It Can Make or Break your Life… Have the Right Attitude & everything Else will Fall in place!!

  30. SO….. AAL IZZZ WELLL….