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Top 5 E-Commerce Web Design Trends – 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 E-Commerce Web Design Trends – 2015

Top 5 E-Commerce Web Design Trends – 2015

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Top 5 E-Commerce Web Design Trends – 2015

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  1. Top 5 E-Commerce Web Design Trends – 2015

  2. Introduction There are lots of new trends that the year 2015 has brought in, to the E-Commerce industry. These trends have benefited e-commerce businesses in a big way, adding to the engagement and interest level of the websites, for the users.

  3. Full Screen Images The latest trend in e-Commerce Web design is the full screen image. Catching the user’s attention is the biggest challenge in e-Commerce web design. It is actually the home page where full screen images are being, used more often. The full screen image has a strong visual impact and creates a very good first impression for the user. Using large and high resolution images while putting them up on the full screen is very important. Once a fullscreen background image has been chosen, one should ensure that the other elements on the website are clearly visible. The placement of these elements should also be such, that the overall look is appealing to the user. Creating the right sort of balance in the design and the elements of the full screen background is crucial too.

  4. Flat and Material Design Material design replicates real world situations in web design. This sort of technique enhances the visual appeal and engagement aspect of a website. The imagery of elements is created in such a way, so as to replicate real life elements. Flat design on the other hand involves the use of typography and simplified icons for web communication. The benefit of flat design is that it really simplifies the experience and usability for the user.

  5. Cards Cards are interesting individual pieces of content and visual elements put together on a web page. So, cards do away with the need to have pages or destinations. The singular experience that a card kind of design provides to the user is both, engaging and simplified. Cards are one of the most interesting ways to communicate stories to the user in a short format. Pinterest was one of the first platforms on the web, to introduce cards and this has now become a huge trend. Cards are an interesting way to showcase coupons, products, places and much more.

  6. Parallax Effect The parallax scrolling effect for websites, has started gaining a lot of attention in recent times. This technique is used for websites to look very attractive to the user. Different scrolling speeds of background and foreground images on a web page can make some elements to move slower than others. For eg., product images on a page can be made to move slower, so their visibility is higher and the overall look of the page becomes really interesting. The movement of certain visual elements on the website can be used to attract user’s attention on the site and specially for a certain set of products.

  7. Ghost Buttons Ghost buttons are a part of the minimalist design trends, observed off-late in the ecommerce industry. These buttons are basically hollow buttons, showing just the outline. Ghost buttons provide a cleaner look to the website, making it look really modern. These buttons can be easily created by designers because of their simple design. Minimalist, hollow buttons go very well with large, full screen web page designs, providing a much needed contrast on these designs.

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