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Global E-Commerce

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Global E-Commerce Cultural Marketing: Issues, Concerns, and Solutions What is Global E-commerce? Allowing businesses and customers to buy, sell, finance, pay, and settle in on an online environment that incorporates trust, identity validation, and risk management

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Global E-Commerce

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global e commerce

Global E-Commerce

Cultural Marketing: Issues, Concerns, and Solutions

what is global e commerce
What is Global E-commerce?
  • Allowing businesses and customers to buy, sell, finance, pay, and settle in on an online environment that incorporates trust, identity validation, and risk management
  • Expanding market potential worldwide for products and services.
who is participating in global e commerce
Who is Participating in global e-commerce?
  • Business to Business
  • Business to Customer
  • Customer to Customer
  • Government to Business
  • Government to Public
  • Government to Both Suppliers and Consumer
global e commerce hype
Global e-commerce hype
  • Estimates have indicated that approx 60,000-70,000 end users per day join the Internet
  • Estimates claim that 1.2 servers are connected to the Internet each minute
  • 60% of all global companies access the Internet with continual growth
  • Over 90% of the world’s population is outside the United States
  • More than 50% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) is generated from emerging markets.
  • Economic growth rates in the emerging markets are 3-10 times that of the United States
global e commerce benefits
Global e-commerce benefits
  • Expanded Sales Universe
  • Additional Sales Channel
  • More Targeted Marketing
  • Reduced Cost of Sales
  • Shorter Purchasing Cycles
  • Communities of Interest
  • Pricing Alternatives
global e commerce issues
Cultural Preferences

International Telecommunications


Security Transactions

Privacy Issues

Bookkeeping Problems


Lack of Standards


Network Quality Issues

Technological Issues

Governmental Restrictions and Laws

Taxes and Duties

Global e-commerce issues
3 key issues to focus upon
3 Key Issues to focus upon
  • Financial Issues
    • Currency
    • taxation
  • Legal Issues
    • Government and Law
  • Market Access Issues
    • Language
    • Culture
    • distribution
internationalization localization

restructuring software used by your ebusiness to process foreign languages, currencies, date formats, other variations


translation and cultural adaptation of your content and presentation

adapting icons

understandable currency

research culture

Internationalization & Localization
language concerns
Language Concerns
  • All languages should have an Internet presence.
  • A company should provide for content translation.
  • A technological solution should be 100% accurate.
language issues
The Babel Site – Joint project to internationalize the Internet.

HTML – Internationalization

ISO 10646 & Unicoding

30,000 character sets

Windows 2000 Multilingual Capabilities

23 localized languages

Demographic Tables

Language Issues
possible language solutions
Possible Language Solutions
  • Software translators - Language Force
  • Computer Aided Translations –Systran
  • Localization tools - Language partners International
financial issues
Financial Issues
  • Taxation
    • -Taxes and/or duties should not hinder commerce
    • -Tax laws should be capable of capturing revenues, be easy to implement, and minimize record keeping and costs for all parties
    • -Tax system developed that will be used by everyone (the United States and all international partners)
    • value added tax – European Union
    • -Electronic payment systems via the Internet
currency concerns
Currency Concerns
  • To get paid in a convertible currency.
  • Protection from fluctuating rates.
  • To simplify the payment of the customer.
  • To speed the payment process.
currency solutions
Currency Solutions
  • Pacific Exchange Rate Service lists 222 countries with convertible currencies.
  • Electronic Payment Systems lists 134 sites for payment mechanisms designed for the internet.
  • LETSystems money is information.
  • The Universal Currency Converter(tm) –

Place on web site to assist in currency conversion.

legal issues
Legal Issues
  • The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)

- contractual relationships between both parties

- rules regarding technology (existing and future)

- modification of rules as changes occur

  • Taxation and Legal issues
      • international legal issues introduced by the Internet and global e-commerce
legal issues continued
Legal Issues continued…
  • Intellectual Property Protection

- Copyrights

- Patents

- Trademarks

- Domain Names

  • Privacy
  • Security
market access issues
Market Access Issues
  • Telecommunications infrastructure and information technology
  • Content of transmissions
  • Technical Standards
developing marketing strategies
Developing Marketing Strategies
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Customization of Products and Services
  • Maximized Buying Convenience
  • Giveaway Programs
  • Free Trial Periods
  • Interactivity
global e commerce solutions
Global E-commerce Solutions
  • Connectivity (developing international telecommunication access)
  • Data Centers (reliable infrastructure)
  • Applications (utility applications)
  • Professional Services (customer service support)
successful business solutions
Successful business solutions
  • Businesses must customize information for the international user. Customized forms, tax, date and time structures, contact information, payment methods, text entry, pertinent information, and a host of culturally sensitive details must be implemented appropriately for different countries even if the language does not change. The human touch in the sales process must be present at all times.
global suggestions solutions
Global Suggestions (Solutions)
  • Local partner or strategic alliance.
  • Local marketing research.Made For China
  • Product localization and indegenisination.

Fiat India.

  • Create Mirror Web Sites Amazon in Germany
  • before you begin processing sales in another country, investigate international tax laws in that country as they apply to Internet sales and the specific products you wish to market
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sources continued
Sources continued…
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sources continued28
Sources continued…
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