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Reaction of Germany to Versailles. Was it justified?

Reaction of Germany to Versailles. Was it justified?. A. German reaction: Humiliation, Outrage & Anger. Read p 35. Fredrich Ebert.

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Reaction of Germany to Versailles. Was it justified?

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  1. Reaction of Germany to Versailles. Was it justified?

  2. A. German reaction: Humiliation, Outrage & Anger Read p 35

  3. Fredrich Ebert We want a fair treaty and got nothing of that sort. The Germany population feels angry and in part humiliated by the terms. This treaty does not stand for right. It is a dictated peace that will provoke fresh hatred between the nations. This peace will not be a peace that will last.

  4. B. Allied View: Justified & Best Possible Compromise

  5. C. Best Possible Compromise

  6. Russian Surrender - Treaty of Brest Litovsk

  7. Overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II Russia Becomes a Communist State after the October Revolution. The USSR is created

  8. Brest-Litovsk - 25% territory - 34% population - 50% industries - 80% coalmines - 300 million gold roubles Versailles - 13% territory - 12.5% population - nearly 50% industries - 16% coalmines - 6.6 billion pounds

  9. French Intentions: Revenge - Not Harsh enough - Pressure from Britain and France - French disappointed with him for not exacting a harsher treaty - Voted him out in 1920 French Presidential elections

  10. British Intentions: Justice - Versailles was too harsh - “a great pity” - predicted another world war would occur because of the deep resentment among the Germans - Generally glad about the treaty

  11. USA: Wilsonian Internationalism and Idealism - treaty was too harsh - pressure from Britain and France - Stroke in October 1919 that totally incapicitated him and it was kept from the public till his death. - Golden opportunity for US involvement in the Leage mised. - US senate rejected TOV and League 1856-1924

  12. C. Dissatisfaction of Italy Vittorio Orlando

  13. Treaty of London - negotiated secretly by France, Russia, and Britain with Italy a. loan of £50 million b. promise to support Italy's extensive territorial demands after the war -Trent, Southern Tyrol, Istria, Gorizia and Dalmatia

  14. Italy was granted Trentino, Trieste, (the German-speaking), South Tyrol, and Istria. But Dalmatia was excluded, as was Fiume; A postcard from that period.

  15. E. Japan’s Reaction Japanese Possessions

  16. German rights to Jiaozhou Bay or Kiaochow in Shandong

  17. Japan’s proposed Racial Equality Clause is rejected

  18. Reactions & Demands of China Hua Shilou building Qingdao Zhanqiao pier, Qingdao Qufu, Shandong. Birthplace of Confucius

  19. - Feb 20 1917, Russo-Japanese agreement. Russia recognized 21 Demands and Russian gains in Outehr Mongolio recognized. - Feb 21 1917 Anglo-Japanese agreement. Shantung for British claims to German islands in pacific south of the Equator - Similar treaties with Italy and France - Nov 1917, Lansing-Ishii Agreement of Nov - Sept 1918, Secret Pact between Beijing and Tokyo. Loan of 20 million Yen to China & Japanese rights to build 2 railways in Shantung and station troops

  20. May 4th Movement

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