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APUSh Prep

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APUSh Prep. August 30, 2013. Bell Ringer 3 minutes. How does an individual’s point of view affect the way they interpret history * Remember all homework should be in the bin before the bell ringer period is over!. Word Study 3 Minutes. Aztecs- Mesoamerica. Aim.

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apush prep

APUSh Prep

August 30, 2013

bell ringer 3 minutes
Bell Ringer 3 minutes
  • How does an individual’s point of view affect the way they interpret history
  • * Remember all homework should be in the bin before the bell ringer period is over!
word study 3 minutes
Word Study 3 Minutes
  • Aztecs-
  • Mesoamerica
  • CCS R9-10.9: Compare and Contrast treatments of the same topic in several primary and secondary sources
instruction 10 minutes
Instruction 10 minutes
  • We will practice using primary sources as a way to interpret history, using the historical events.
  • Before we read will share out our prior knowledge of the topic after skimming the text, you can record these ideas on the paper that you are setting up your OPVL charts.
  • We will set up an OPVL chart that we will start together, read silently(interact with the text, highlight, ask questions), complete chart and then share out with a partner, then whole group for document 1.
  • We will repeat this process for document 2.
  • II. Sample “OPVL” Paragraph
  • The origin of this source is a journal that was written by _________ in ________ in _______. Its
  • purpose was to _________________ so ___________________. A value of this is that it gives
  • the perspective of __________________________. However, a limitation is that
  • ______________________, making ___________________________.
  • C=conversation, only when instructed. Please raise your hand to insure equity
  • H=raise your hand OR you may ask the student that is next to you.
  • A=OPVL and primary resources
  • M=movement we are not moving for this activity
  • P=participation, means that you are reading, highlighting, asking questions and recording your responses in your chart.
work period 29 minutes
Work Period 29 minutes
  • We are working on OPVL charts and comparing and contrasting historical accounts of the conquest of Mexico.
homework reminder
Homework Reminder
  • Finish reading and taking Cornell Notes on chapter one for Tuesday September 3, 2013
  • *Remember Cornell Notes must conclude with a one paragraph summary
homework review 2 minutes
Homework Review 2 Minutes
  • Questions and or concerns about homework from last night?
exit ticket 3 minutes
Exit Ticket 3 Minutes
  • Based on today’s lesson who were the Aztecs and how were they perceived differently in the two texts that we read?