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Objectives of the Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Objectives of the Workshop

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Objectives of the Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation on the Workshop on the Chemical Weapons Convention for African States By Mr Saïd Moussi Alternate Representative of Algeria Facilitator on Universality The Hague, 14 April 2008. Objectives of the Workshop.

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Presentation on the Workshop on the Chemical Weapons Convention for African StatesBy Mr Saïd MoussiAlternate Representative of AlgeriaFacilitator on UniversalityThe Hague, 14 April 2008

objectives of the workshop
Objectives of the Workshop
  • Implement the Action Plans on Universality and Article VII as well as relevant decisions of the States Parties
  • Raise awareness and promote universality of the CWC;
  • Encourage the full and effective implementation of the Convention in Africa;
  • Promote awareness on the activities and programmes of the OPCW and the benefits of the CWC to States Parties.
  • It was also an opportunity to celebrate the 10th Anniversary in Africa.
organisation of the workshop
Organisation of the Workshop
  • Workshop conducted at la Residence Djennane El-mithak, in Algiers, on 18 and 19 June 2007.
  • Programme was designed to address issues related to universality and implementation including Article VII related issues.
  • Workshop was the result of the generous support of and cooperation among the Technical Secretariat, the EU under its 2006 Joint Action, and the Host country.
  • Main events included the 10th Anniversary ceremony and exhibition, bilateral meetings between the DG and the Prime Minister and with the MFA, as well as with representatives of States not Party.
  • All States not Party in the region attended (at official level), except Somalia, which could not participate for logistical reasons.
  • Representatives of 25 States Parties attended.
  • Of the 25 SPs, 13 were from Africa.
  • 4 international and regional organisations (AU, EU, League of Arab States, and UN).
  • Good participation of representatives of States Parties in The Hague indicated strong support for universality.
  • Workshop was opened by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Algeria, the Director-General of the OPCW and the Ambassador of Germany to Algeria (on behalf of the EU).
main achievements of the workshop
Main Achievements of the Workshop
  • The main outcome of the workshop was the renewed political commitment of States Parties toward achieving the goals of the Convention in Africa.
  • Enhanced synergies between Member States and the Secretariat;
  • Enabled new States Parties from Africa to share experiences on measures for joining and implementing the CWC;
  • Strengthened the role of African States Parties in promoting universality in the region;
  • Increased cooperation between the EU and African States Parties and the Technical Secretariat;
  • Increased contacts and bilateral demarches with States not Party.
impact on universality
Impact on Universality
  • States not Party informed about measures planned or being taken to join.
  • States not Party recognised the importance of joining and committed to expediting measures to this end.
  • Republic of Congo deposited its instrument of ratification in December 2007.
  • Guinea-Bissau has taken significant steps toward joining—government approved in October, Parliament also approved in December and President has signed.
  • Angola informed that the government was considering concrete measures toward joining the Convention.
  • Workshop provided a framework for further contacts and follow-up with States not Party.
  • Positive feedback on the workshop—efficient combination of universality and implementation.
  • Important role played by representatives of States Parties from The Hague.
  • Timing of workshop also helped raised awareness on 10th anniversary of the CWC in Africa.
  • Workshop also highlighted Algeria’s commitment to the CWC and its implementation in Africa.
  • Appreciation for the EU support.