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Adventures in e-resources: .. a workshop for Learning & Teaching Day 16 th January 2008 Library & Learning Resources: Jess Crilly, Paul Mellinger, Mary Burslem and Andrew Gray Workshop objectives To raise awareness of the range of e-resources made available by LLR

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Adventures in e-resources: ..a workshop for Learning & Teaching Day 16th January 2008Library & Learning Resources: Jess Crilly, Paul Mellinger, Mary Burslem and Andrew Gray

Workshop objectives l.jpg
Workshop objectives

  • To raise awareness of the range of e-resources made available by LLR

  • To engage in discussion with you on how we can work together to maximise the value of these resources in teaching and learning.

  • Handouts

Adventures in e-resources.

Workshop outline l.jpg
Workshop outline

  • Context setting

  • Group discussion and feedback

  • Potential solutions presentation

Adventures in e-resources.

In a nutshell the e library l.jpg
In a nutshell, the e-library

  • Is found on the LLR web gateway, the i page

  • Is a gateway to a range of subscription e-resources

  • Includes databases and e-journals,video and images collections…

Adventures in e-resources.

In a nutshell intute l.jpg
In a nutshell, Intute

  • Is a quality assured collection of the “best of the web”

  • Employs a dedicated team of reviewers and cataloguers to assess and add content

  • Is multi-disciplinary, and highly relevant to the curricula here at UAL.

Adventures in e-resources.

In a nutshell kultur institutional repository l.jpg
In a nutshell, Kultur: Institutional Repository

  • Will result in a IR for UAL

  • An IR both showcases and preserves the intellectual outputs of an institution

  • The IR will contain multimedia outputs as well as text: both teaching & learning objects and research

Adventures in e-resources.

Over to you l.jpg
Over to you

  • Groups

  • Go to the nearest flipchart, and discuss the question posed

  • Please write answers onto the flip charts

  • 20 minutes….…

Adventures in e-resources.

Workshop feedback l.jpg
Workshop feedback

  • Feedback from one group

  • Others – to be written up and made available via event web-site

Adventures in e-resources.

The e library l.jpg

The e-Library

LLR gateway to e-resources

Intute l.jpg


The best of the web

Kultur l.jpg


An Institutional Repository for UAL

Institutional repository l.jpg
Institutional Repository

  • University of the Arts London

  • University College of the Creative Arts

  • Southampton University

  • Visual Arts Data Service (VADS)

Adventures in e-resources.

What is it l.jpg
What Is It?

“A university-based institutional repository is a set of services that a university offers to the members of its community for the management and dissemination of digital materials created by the institution and its community members. It is most essentially an organisational commitment to the stewardship of these digital materials, including long-term preservation where appropriate, as well as organisation and access or distribution”

- Clifford Lynch

Adventures in e-resources.

Why have one l.jpg
Why Have One?

  • Storing and recording of institution’s output

  • Preserve institution’s scholarship

  • Increase visibility of institutions scholarship

  • Sharing of Teaching & Learning objects

  • Increase visibility/citation of individuals output

  • Exporting data to other platforms

  • Unified access to institution’s scholarship

Adventures in e-resources.

Picture slide l.jpg
Picture slide

Adventures in e-resources.

Thank you and contacts l.jpg
Thank you and contacts

  • Contribute to the vision: LLR MTS

  • New! Finding and using online resources: CLTAD March and June.

  • Please keep in touch, request demos, workshops etc from your College library, course librarian, or:

  • [email protected] Paul Mellinger, Jess Crilly

  • [email protected] Andrew Gray: Kultur project Officer

  • [email protected] Mary Burslem: Intute: Arts & Humanities


  • Questions?

Adventures in e-resources.