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Welding Technology Education

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Welding Technology Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welding Technology Education. The Welding Program. The Academic Program. The Vo-Tech Environment. What is Welding?. For students who enjoy a challenge, our welding program provides tremendous opportunities to learn new welding developments and exotic metal types.

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Welding Technology Education

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    1. Welding Technology Education

    2. The Welding Program The Academic Program The Vo-Tech Environment

    3. What is Welding? • For students who enjoy a challenge, our welding program provides tremendous opportunities to learn new welding developments and exotic metal types.

    4. Welding Holds Our World Together • Welding is the most common method for permanently bonding metal parts. Due to its strength, welding is used to construct and repair cars, bridges, buildings, aircraft, piping, appliances, and many other products.

    5. Welding Technology Graduation Can Lead to Many Careers • Welding Engineer • Welding Inspector • Quality Assurance • Robotics • Welding Sales, Equipment and Supplies • Welding Business Owner

    6. There is a Great Futurein Welding! Welders are needed NOW in the OKC area! These are some of the attributes and abilities required to succeed: • Enjoy Hands On Work • Have Good Coordination • Have Good Eyesight • Be Able to Work in Hot Conditions • Be Able to Work With Others

    7. The Welding Program

    8. Students Need Many Skills to Succeed in the Job Market • Welding Skills • Good Work Habits • Math, Science, and Electricity • Interpersonal-Teamwork Skills • Social and Professional Skills • Job Acquisition Skills

    9. Welding Processes Learned • SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding • GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding • GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding • FCAW - Flux Cored Arc Welding • Spray Transferred Arc Welding

    10. ...And More Skills Learned • Welding Alloys (Metal Types) • Metal Shearing And Bending • Cutting Torch (Hand & Automatic) • Plasma Cutting • Blueprint Reading • Metal Fabrication • Weld Symbols

    11. Good Habits Developed • Good Safety Practices • Consideration for Others • Prompt and Consistent Attendance • Active Participation in All Phases of Program • Continuous Progress Toward Program Completion

    12. Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills Developed • Work as a Team on... • Welding Projects • AWS Student Chapter Activities • Written Correspondence • Published News Articles (Worldwide) • Community Service Projects

    13. Social and Professional Skills Enhanced • Christmas In April, MWC Holiday Lights - Community Service Projects • AWS Student Chapter - Officers • Students Arrange for Guest Speakers, Agenda for Technical Meetings • At AWS Meetings - Interact With Future Employers in Social/Professional Setting • Job Application - Resume - Interview Techniques

    14. Job Acquisition Skills Learned • Preparing Job Application and Resume • Surveying Job Market • Interviewing Tips and Techniques • Evaluating Potential Employers and Jobs • Locating and Maintaining Industry Contacts

    15. AWS Welder Certification Welding Program Benefits • Scholarship Opportunities • AWS Welding Certification (Portable) • On The Job Training • Job Placement • Job Skills for College Funds

    16. Learning Environment • Classroom Time - Theory • Shop Time - Lots of Hands On! • Industry Specific Projects • Industry Tours (Four per Year Minimum) • Professional and Student Association Meetings and Activities (AWS&VICA) • Individual Attention and Counseling

    17. Weld Shop Organized and Equipped to Meet Local Industry Standards • Equipped for Local Industry Needs and Constantly Being Upgraded • Looks More Like a Weld Shop Than Classroom • Students Actively Involved in Shop Construction and Maintenance • Shop, Curriculum and Equipment Heavily Influenced by Advisory Committee

    18. Industry Specific Projects Tailored to Local Needs • Written Entry Level Requirements From Local Industry • Industry Consortium For Specific Training • Specific Training and Demonstrations by Local Professionals in Class • Annual Student Chapter Job Fair Sponsored by Local AWS

    19. AWS American Welding Society(AWS) • ...is the International Organization for the Welding Profession • ...Stated Goal "To advance the science, technology and application of welding." • ...provides scholarships, learning materials and personal assistance • ...is an integral and pervasive part of the Mid-Del welding program

    20. Adult Students in the Program Selected working welders are integrated into the program throughout the year • Industry Sends Employees for Skill Upgrading in Specific Techniques and Processes • Companies Send Promising Applicants for Training and Testing

    21. Benefits From Adult Student Involvement • Adult Welding Students: • Receive training to pass ‘code welding’ tests • Obtain better jobs and higher pay • Industry Quickly Obtains Skilled Workers • High School Students Are Exposed to the Example of Working Welders Upgrading Their Own Skills

    22. Special Learning Opportunities • Students are AWS Members and Attend Monthly Professional Meetings • Specific Skills Demonstrated by Industry Representatives • Students Participate in Annual Welding Show - Industry Trade Show • Forklift Training With Certificate

    23. Results on The Job • 93-94, 7 Program Completers (100% Placement) • 94-95, 9 Program Completers Working In Welding Careers With Starting Salaries averaging $8.70 per hr (100% placement) • 95-96, 7 Completers in Welding Careers With Starting Salaries averaging $9.45 per hr (100% placement) • 96-97, All Projected Program Completers have Jobs or Scholarships Waiting

    24. Students in Industry • Heavy - Bartco • Underwater - U.S. Navy • Sales - Sooner Air-Gas • Machinery - CMI Corp • Structural - W&W Steel & H&M Steel • Pipe - Cooper Energy Services • Aerospace - Gulfstream Aerospace

    25. The Academic Program

    26. Welding Is Much More Than Sparks and Sweat !! Welders need to know more than how to lay a good weld bead. They need to know some math, chemistry, physics and electricity, so our curriculum includes a healthy dose of math and science…

    27. GENERAL MATH FRACTIONS 1' 6 5/8" of 2" SCH 40 pipe + 7' 9 3/4" of 2" SCH 40 pipe WORD PROBLEMS There is an eight-foot length of pipe. How many 1' 3" sections...

    28. a b r B GEOMETRY Shapes Angles and Degrees Trisect Angles Displacement

    29. ALGEBRA The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle SOLVING FOR AN UNKNOWN 6x = 96" x = HYPOTENUSE RULE a2 + b2 = c2 PARABOLA

    30. TRIGONOMETRY sine 0 = opposite/hypotenuse cosine 0 = adjacent/hypotenuse tangent 0 = opposite/adjacent

    31. ELECTRICITY OHMS LAW QUANTITYUNIT Voltage Volt Resistance Ohm Current Ampere Power Watt E I R E = voltage I = current R = resistance TYPES OF POLARITY DC + DC - AC Reverse Straight

    32. Other Curriculum • Metallurgy -Characteristics and Types • Physics - (Static Loads - Tensile Strength -Heat Transfer - Shear Stresses)

    33. The Vo-Tech Environment

    34. Vo-Tech Environment • Class size of 15-18 students • Half day sessions for up to two years • Hands-On environment appeals to a wide variety of student learning styles

    35. Close, Long-Term Relationship With Other Students • Students learn to work as a team • Students learn to co-exist and collaborate successfully with others • Time is adequate for major projects, from planning to completion

    36. Close, Long-Term Relationship With Instructor • Long-term exposure allows instructor to know each student and parent personally • Instructor can give personalized attention, advice and guidance • Allows time for students to build confidence and trust in instructor • Getting to know students allows instructor to 'fit' the student in industry where their skills and temperament are best suited

    37. Students Learn Academic Skills • Students learn applied academic skills in a non-threatening environment • Students see how academic skills are relevant and even essential outside the classroom • Students apply academic skills to projects immediately • Students take these skills into home school classrooms with renewed interest

    38. Students Learn Marketable Skills • Students learn a marketable skill, and expect starting salaries over $20,000 on successful completion of welding program. • to begin a career with a firm foundation • to earn money for College expenses • as the foundation for a career in another field

    39. Students Gain Life-Long Skills • Learning a skill builds self-esteem and confidence • Competence in one skill leads to bigger goals and higher skills • Skills provide hobbies, utility, and entertainment for a lifetime (similar to Sports and P.E., Art, Music, Literature, Foreign Language, etc.)

    40. Who IS a Good Candidate for Vo-Tech Welding? • Students who do not plan to attend college • Students who might attend college -- later • Students who plan to attend college part-time • Students who want to attend College but cannot afford it • College-bound students who have chosen a field (Welding Engineering?) and want a head start

    41. Who Might NOT Be a Good Candidate for Vo-Tech? • College-bound with financial resources for further education • College-bound, but a late bloomer (they need the entrance requirements quickly) • Students looking for an easy place to kill time (Vo-Tech Welding is not easy; they need to look elsewhere)

    42. Vo-TechDoes Not Limit Opportunities... It Creates New Choices!

    43. Our Welding Program & Our Students are Successful ! • Jobs are waiting for students willing to learn and wanting to work. Our program is demanding and we expect much from our students, but the future is bright for those who succeed. Our program is also exciting. Students learn, grow, and meet employers who need the skills they will have. See you in the weld shop!

    44. End of Presentation