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Steve Poole Operations Supervisor & IT Mgr PowerPoint Presentation
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Steve Poole Operations Supervisor & IT Mgr

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Steve Poole Operations Supervisor & IT Mgr - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steve Poole Operations Supervisor & IT Mgr The STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation. STRATUS Organizational Chart. Extending the classroom . Using the AVS you can live stream your recording’s anywhere on your LAN

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Presentation Transcript

Steve Poole

Operations Supervisor & IT Mgr

extending the classroom
Extending the classroom

Using the AVS you can live stream your recording’s anywhere on your LAN

This gives you the ability to broadcast your HPS room to any pc or LCD projector in your facility via the network.

Larger audiences, expand a small space to any or multiple locations.

Broadcast mock codes from anywhere to anywhere.

the cables and connections for us
The cables and connections for US

Connect your male S-Video cable output

Into the back of the US machine

And connect the female connector of the BNC adapter to any VID input on your AVS A/V adapter cable

simman 3g wifi
SimMan 3G Wifi

Increase both the distance and reliability of your SimMan 3G by adding a WiFi range Extender in between the 2 connecting devices simman laptop and manikin



extending the range and placement of your elo patient monitor
Extending the range and placement of your Elo patient Monitor

Solution: Extend the signal of your patient monitor up to 150ft.

USB CAT5 Extender

vga dvi over ethernet
VGA & DVI over Ethernet


Extend up to 330ft over CAT5 Ethernet cabling for flexible installations

file saving and universal naming conventions
File saving and Universal Naming Conventions

Filing and Archiving : Universal Naming Convention for all simulators debrief files

Networking: These files are centralized and accessible anywhere on your LAN

Can be accessed by PC, or MAC

Have a complete backup as redundancy in the event of a disaster

network attached storage nas
Network Attached Storage (NAS)


UNC = Course name > Director > Date > file extension

Example: CTT-Pozner-9-1-2011.sbr

NAS location: \\storage1\Debrief _files

5TB Space

simple networking
Simple Networking
  • Playback from anywhere
  • File are easily found
  • Files are identified by the UNC
  • Files are backup up from NAS1 to NAS2
  • Expandable storage space
  • Plug and play to your LAN






upgrading audio
Upgrading Audio
  • Mixing board to control multiple inputs and outputs
  • Merge multiple microphones for large rooms
  • Control volume levels and control feedback issues
  • Audio processor for consistency and simplicity
  • Echo cancelling and feedback
  • Lapel mic’s to participants and key players & event leaders
  • Distribute Walkie talkie’s and headsets to confederates

Communicate freely without detection

videoconferencing uses
Videoconferencing Uses
  • USB web cameras $30 - $100 (HD resolution)
  • SKYPE, goto meeting (free or low cost)
  • Archive your sessions
  • Recordable HDD with DVD RW capabilities
  • Display your simulations anywhere in the world
  • Beyond your LAN infrastructure
  • Collaborate internationally with point to point


  • Offer courses and instruction via teleconferencing
video conferencing cont
Video conferencing cont
  • Polls and surveys
  • Audience response system
  • Before during and after session tests or quizzes
  • Reminder emails and follow-ups
  • Invite and registration features
  • Online course catalogs
  • Charge for training now available
  • 0 to 1,000 attendees
technical challenges
Technical Challenges

* To Provide Full service to our Curriculum experts

  • Ease of use
  • No setup or breakdown for instructors
  • Remove the technology as a barrier
  • Consistently reliable
  • Scheduling: including off-hours courses
  • Sim techs whom know the equipment
  • Having All the equipment for the course
checklists checklists checklists
Checklists√ Checklists√ Checklists√
  • Manikin specific checklist
  • All features and Functions
  • All attached monitors or parts
  • Cabling, hoses, compressors
  • Accessories: probes, cuffs, IV’s
  • Receptacle bags
learning management system
Learning Management System

The LMS allows us to account for whom attended what course , when and which Department they are from.

We are able to report utilization of our center to BWH and it's reported based on departmental usage

Also the participants have a profile that tracks all courses they have taken at STRATUS they can review course materials pre, post course also sometimes we might associate post course quizzes, survey and evaluations to a particular course

The system also has a library are that we can post videos, reading materials etc for the users

So I take an anticipated attendance list

Email the expected participants have them create an account (one time thing) then I will assign them to there upcoming scheduled course

Then the day of the system generates a roster in which we also take attendance from and gives us attendance reports

Monthly yearly and so on

lms initial contact
LMS initial contact


You are receiving this email because you are scheduled at an upcoming “Code Team Training” being held at The STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation on 9-01-2011 Please take a moment and register within our LMS system at and create a profile. This should take no more than 5 minutes of your time and will allow you access to pre-course, post-course materials, and surveys. Please remember your password for future use.

We appreciate your cooperation and participation and look forward to seeing you at STRATUS.



contacting the course director
Contacting the Course Director


Thank you for choosing to have the “(NAME OF COURSE)” at the STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation. To facilitate the implementation of your course, we ask that you to fill out the information attached so we can create your course in our Learning Management System. (LMS). We have scheduled your course on (DATE AND TIME) AS TENTATIVE. As soon as we have received the completed attachment we will formally schedule and confirm the date and time requested for your program.

If you have further question or concerns please contact us at (617) 732-8577.

  Thank you, 


administrative tools
Administrative Tools
  • Course creation
  • +/- Edit users & permissions and rights
  • Create participant groups
  • Create custom course specific evaluations
  • View Evaluations responses
  • Manage file library Upload archive files
  • Manage Simulators and equipment
  • Manage rooms
  • Email blasts
  • Generate reports
  • Reset users passwords
course summary reporting
Course summary Reporting
  • By Department
  • Total # of courses
  • Course length
  • # of students in attendance per course
  • Total user hours
  • # of instructors & facilitators per course
  • Easily track valuable organizational assets with Wasp MobileAsset. MobileAsset allows you to capture important information about each asset, including location, check-in and check-out, maintenance schedules and cost, warranty contracts, and depreciation. Generate business management reports quickly and effectively.
  • MobileAsset takes asset management to a higher level, giving you the ability to save time and money, end asset loss, improve equipment maintenance, and more accurately compute taxes based on depreciation schedules.
asset management and service record keeping
Asset Management and Service record keeping
  • WASP barcode
  • MobileAsset is for managing assets within your center Commonly tracked assets include:
  • Company property, furniture and fixed assets
  • IT Assets, including laptops, PDAs and servers
  • Medical equipment, simulators, trainers,
  • Tools and Biomedical devices
  • Scopes, instruments, etc…
  •  on-site or loaned out equipment from your center

Print barcode labels

  • Track asset specific locations
  • Check asset in or out of your center
  • Track regular maintenance
  • Picture of the asset
  • Depreciation schedule
  • Associate all documents/manuals to an asset

Portable scanner

Quick ROI

Easy setup

Needed for asset reporting

Item location

Excellent for insurance

center usage report
Center Usage Report
  • Department > User type > PGY year
  • Course Name > Rooms > Staff > attendance
  • Participants total > vs courses > invited, assigned, attended
  • Rooms > participants > Hours > Facilitators
  • Faculty > # of Course > Hours > # of participants
  • New Registrations
  • Number of users who logged in
  • Page views
  • Registered users (total)

*All reports are generated for a range of dates

Registered User Report