Chapter 6 geography
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Chapter 6 GEOGRAPHY. Elementary Social Studies A Practical Guide. What is Geography? 1. Geography defined: the study of the Earth’s surface, atmosphere and people. Table 6.1 What does the geographically informed person know? National Geographic Society scope and sequence

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Chapter 6 geography


Elementary Social Studies

A Practical Guide

What is geography 1
What is Geography? 1

  • Geography defined: the study of the Earth’s surface, atmosphere and people.

  • Table 6.1

    • What does the geographically informed person know?

  • National Geographic Society scope and sequence

    • K-1: personal/local

    • 2-3: local/state; show student sample

    • 3-5: state/U.S.

  • Look at the textbook samples: find geography related skills (p. 200 – On Your Own Activity 6.2)

Geography websites 2
Geography Websites 2







Online geography quizzes
Online Geography Quizzes






Making geography engaging
Making Geography Engaging

  • You tell me. (P. 193-196)

  • How did they make the following lessons engaging?

    • Where Born: Human Migration

    • School’s Location: Land Usage and Place

    • Neighborhood Services

    • Candy Bars to Pizza Toppings

Trade books
Trade Books

  • Think of books that you know that can take your class to faraway places!

  • Share with a partner

  • Varied genres: RF, BIO., NF, Poetry

  • Literature Circle Role: Travel Tracer

  • Masai and I , Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, Roberto Clemente, Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile, The True Story of Pocahontas, GOT Geography!

Chapter 6 geography

Roberto Clemente story wheel

Mexican Mariachi Band

Geography software
Geography Software

  • Page 200- look in your media center!

  • What flipcharts did you

    find on Promethean

    Planet related to


Map skills
Map Skills

  • Systematic, explicit instruction; Page 203

  • Various resources: Home Depot, Cracker Barrel, online, etc.

  • Mapmaking; Page 206

  • 13 colonies ziploc map

    sample; peanut butter

    dough map of Florida; My

    Education Lab video- Salt Maps

    13 Colonies Song:

    Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

    Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, and North Carolina

    Massachusetts, Maryland and South Carolina

    Pennsylvania, New York!

    New Hampshire and New Jersey

    Rhode Island and Connecticut

    These were the thirteen colonies!

Systematic and explicit teaching of map s kills p 203 use your text list the steps here
Systematic and Explicit Teaching of Map Skills (p. 203)?Use your text. List the Steps here….

Geography standards 1 st grade
Geography Standards1st Grade

  • SS.1.G.1.1: Use physical and political/cultural maps to locate places in Florida.

  • SS.1.G.1.2: Identify key elements (compass rose, cardinal directions, title, key/legend with symbols) of maps and globes .

  • SS.1.G.1.3: Construct a basic map using key elements including cardinal directions and map symbols. SS.1.G.1.4: Identify a variety of physical features using a map and globe. SS.1.G.1.5: Locate on maps and globes the student's local community, Florida, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

  • SS.1.G.1.6: Describe how location, weather, and physical environment affect the way people live in our community.

Geography standards 2 nd grade
Geography Standards2nd Grade

  • SS.2.G.1.1: Use different types of maps (political, physical, and thematic) to identify map elements.

  • SS.2.G.1.2: Using maps and globes, locate the student's hometown, Florida, and North America, and locate the state capital and the national capital.

  • SS.2.G.1.3: Label on a map or globe the continents, oceans, Equator, Prime Meridian, North and South Pole. SS.2.G.1.4: Use a map to locate the countries in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands).

Geography standards 4 th grade
Geography Standards4th grade

  • SS.4.G.1.1: Identify physical features of Florida.

  • SS.4.G.1.2: Locate and label cultural features on a Florida map.

  • SS.4.G.1.3: Explain how weather impacts Florida.

  • SS.4.G.1.4: Interpret political and physical maps using map elements (title, compass rose, cardinal directions, intermediate directions, symbols, legend, scale, longitude, latitude).