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What does a POEM really say??? PowerPoint Presentation
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What does a POEM really say???

What does a POEM really say???

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What does a POEM really say???

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  1. What does a POEM really say???

  2. 1st Grade In Topeka, Kansas the her makes me sit in the corner in the last row far away from the other kids. She rolls her eyes and sucks her teeth with heavy heavy sighs and lies and lies she tells one kid not to eat licorice or he'll turn black like me. When mama finds out she takes me out of school she rolls her eyes and sucks her teeth with heavy heavy sighs and why why why.

  3. 1st Grade • The first grade boy into Kansas has to sit in the back row because he ate licorice and he turned black thats why he cant be by the other kids.

  4. By: Taj'Reana Makaela Nikki

  5. Yes,we cooked that fat ol' goose. You say we were insane Because she laid those golden eggs, But you don't know the pain Of trying to boil a golden egg While you just starve away. If she'd laid ordinary eggs She'd be with us today. Golden Goose

  6. Golden goose • This poem is about a dead goose that has been killed right after she laid some golden eggs.

  7. By: Valerie Aracely Berenice

  8. Somebody said, “Let's all hold hands,” So Lee held hands with Jean. And Jean also held Helen's hand While she held hands with Dean. Dean's other hand held Sharma Joy's While she held hands with Lee. So tell me just how did I wind up Holdin' hands with me? Hand Holding

  9. Hand Holding • This poem is about group of kids deciding to hold hands and so everyone holds 2 hands but this one person was confused because he/she was holding his/her own hand

  10. By: Tracynea Mekel Aleia

  11. Human balloon • Hi-ho for the human balloon. He guzzles up Pepsis and Cokes, • Then gassy and bloat • And burpy and floaty • He lifts off the ground, while his folks • Hang on to the Human Balloon • As he scoops them right up off the grass, • And as they sail away • They all cheer Hip-Hooray- • And pray he don't run out of gas.

  12. Human balloon • A kid that drinks Pepsi and cokes Then the kid burps and he lifted off the ground and hung onto the human balloon because if you drink a lot of soda you get a lot of gas and if you get a lot of gas then u will left up in the sky which is not true olo

  13. By: Kedar Damian Danny

  14. Milk • I only had known it in cartons • my parents picked up at the store. • I recently saw where it comes from- • I do not drink milk anymore!

  15. Milk • This poem is about a young boy who thought he new where milk came from. Then he found out where it really came from and never drank milk any more. Because he was grossed out because milk came from cows.

  16. By: Maria Elena Yosebeth

  17. Pancakes? • Who wants a pancake, • Sweet and piping hot? • Good little Grace looks up and says, • “I'll take the one on top.” • Who else wants a pancake, • Fresh off the griddle? • Terrible Theresa smiles and says, • “I'll take the one in the middle.”

  18. Pancake? • Grace wants a pancake for breakfast, and she saids that she wanted she as the one on the top. Then she asks who else wants a pancake fresh off the griddle. Theresa similed and she says that she wants the middle pancake.

  19. By: Amy Tatiana Desirae

  20. Quality Time • My father is a golfer- • He lets me be his tee. • He puts the ball upon my nose • And hits it right off me. • He says that I can share the joy • Of every ball he hits. • Oh, ain't it grand to have a dad • Who spends time with his kids.

  21. Quality Time • His father plays with his kids the father plays with golf team he don't have time to play with his kids he plays with his golf team.

  22. By: Zayra Valeria Mykayla

  23. No Grown- ups

  24. No Grown ups No grown-ups allowed. We're playin' a game, And we don't need “Be-Carefuls”or”don'ts \No Grown-ups allowed. We're formin' a club, And the secret oath Must not be showen . Now growen -ups allowed . We're goin ' out for pizza now, Now one but me and my crowed . So just stay away . Oh, now it's time to pay ? Grown-ups allo

  25. By: Carlos Braulio Edgar

  26. BAND-AIDS • I have a Band-aid on my finger, • One on my knee, and one on my nose, • One on my heel, and two on my shoulder, • Three on my elbow, and nine on my toes. • Two on my wrist, and one on my ankle, • One on my chin, and one on my thigh, • Four on my belly, and five on my bottom, • One on my forehead, and one on my eye. • One on my neck, and in case I might need'em • I have a box full of thirty-five more. • But oh! I do think it's sort of a pity • I don't have a cut or a sore!

  27. Band Aid Boy • A kid has many band aids on him. One on his knees, nose, heel two on shoulder three on elbow...ect. • The kid doesn't have any cuts or sores!

  28. By: Luke H. Pablo Luke J.