Mda watchkeeper solution overview benefits
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MDA WatchKeeper Solution Overview & Benefits. The Maritime Domain Awareness Problem. The Problem Size : The oceans are the largest ungoverned space on the planet

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Mda watchkeeper solution overview benefits
MDA WatchKeeperSolution Overview & Benefits

The maritime domain awareness problem
The Maritime Domain Awareness Problem

The Problem

  • Size: The oceans are the largest ungoverned space on the planet

  • Diversity: MDA fuses the different sub-sets of illicit, environmental, and normal maritime activities to provide a clearer understanding of the activity

  • Collaboration: Interagency and international collaboration have been limited historically

    The Solution

  • Information Sharing Environment: Increase exchange of information across agencies and countries

  • Technology: Leverage technology to apply limited resources to multiple missions simultaneously

    The Outcome

  • Increasing collaboration and adding leading edge technology provides a more efficient use of resources in maintaining maritime situational awareness

Mda watchkeeper solution
MDA WatchKeeper Solution

  • Organizations face multiple challenges in the deployment and use of technology to support MDA

  • The MDA WatchKeeper solution addresses these challenges

Information sharing environment
Information Sharing Environment

Sharing and collaboration are needed for agencies to achieve their missions

  • Stove-piped solutions can make sharing information difficult

  • Missions often overlap; agencies benefit from cooperation

    The MDA WatchKeeper solution supports an Information Sharing Environment

  • System runs at the unclassified level

  • Analysis results can be shared with local, national and international partners

  • Reports and communications can be distributed directly from MDA WatchKeeper

    • Tasks can quickly be assigned to an operator

    • Email alerts can be sent to one or more recipients

Flexible customizable solution
Flexible & Customizable Solution

A diverse set of requirements exist

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Anti-Piracy

  • Counter Proliferation

  • Illicit Trafficking

  • Humanitarian Assistance

    Adversaries frequently change tactics

    MDA WatchKeeper can easily be customized to support multiple missions and adapt to varying tactics

  • Areas of Responsibility (AORs) enable a user to focus on a specific region

  • Views enable a user to create and modify custom queries

  • Rules and scoring can be updated as tactics change

Rapid implementation ease of use
Rapid Implementation & Ease of Use

Current solutions are not optimized for the MDA mission

  • Solutions use limited data sets

  • Analysts frequently have to access multiple systems to support operations

  • Proprietary and stove-piped solutions require extensive end user training

  • Difficult to incorporate new technology into existing operations

    MDA WatchKeeper is user friendly

  • User interface is simple and intuitive

  • Minimal training required for end users

  • A single view provides information on vessel history, ownership, managers, movements and much more

Low cost of ownership
Low Cost of Ownership

Enterprise solutions often require a large financial investment

  • Time and resources required for planning, development and implementation

  • New hardware

  • New software and/or software development

  • On-going maintenance and support

    MDA WatchKeeper a low cost, hosted solution

  • No hardware costs

  • No software to purchase

  • No maintenance requirements

  • End users can access MDA WatchKeeper from their web browser

  • 24/7 web-based Technical Support