prescription monitoring through biometric identifiers n.
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  2. Prescription monitoring programs are designed to prevent the diversion of lawful prescription medications through the unlawful practices of “doctor shopping” and prescription fraud.

  3. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. • According to the National Alliance for Medical State Drug Laws (NAMSDL) , 26 States have currently operational prescription monitoring program (PMP) for controlled substances and abused medications (As of 12/07). • They also cite evidence that prescription pain medication abuse is reduced in States with proactive monitoring systems.

  4. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. States that have been unable to pass PMP legislation have often been blocked by interests with concerns over privacy and potential abuses of database information: Fear of over regulation of physicians and pharmacies Patient fear of loss of privacy and stigmatization Public health concerns associated with abuse/theft of registry information

  5. BioScript RxTM A unique prescription monitoring database software that operates upon biometric identifiers rather than generally identifiable patient information. Biotech Medical Software, Inc.

  6. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. BioScript RxTM Uniquely based upon the well-established reliability and security of electronic fingerprinting technology.

  7. Benefits include: First system that matches patients among doctors and pharmacies with built-in identification confirmation A traceable paper trail that can be maintained for purposes of legitimate investigation without “profiling” or invasive regulation Protection of the Medical Industry and patients from the consequences for Doctor shopping without jeopardizing patient privacy Biotech Medical Software, Inc.

  8. Our proprietary technology: Allows us to reliably distinguish persons for the purpose of identification and verification. Avoids the use of identifications that are easily forged/stolen. Confirms with 100% certainty that the person presenting the prescription is not obtaining similar medications from alternative sources. Biotech Medical Software, Inc.

  9. Fingerprinting provides reliability: Each individual has a unique fingerprint. Fingerprinting has been used successfully for decades in criminal investigations No two fingerprints have ever been found to match in billions of comparisons. Biotech Medical Software, Inc.

  10. Standardization Fingerprint device 500 dpi reader. Generous platen area (1.2 in²). Meets and exceeds FBI appendix F. Bridging the Gap OpenSSL universal encryption protocol. Platform independent. Biotech Medical Software, Inc.

  11. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. FINGERPRINT DEVICE • Affordable • Universally adaptable • Easy to use

  12. Our Technology Partners: Biotech Medical Software, Inc. First to be certified by the FBI for their image quality standard. Successfully used in country borders, dozens of airports and seaports, hundreds of police stations, and many corporate offices around the world Global leader in providing high-quality interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions. Cross Match Technologies, Inc.

  13. Demonstration Biotech Medical Software, Inc. – U.S. Patent Pending

  14. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. No part of the program may be accessed without logging in by appropriately authorized individuals. Involves a two-fold login process. Note:

  15. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Log in Process: First, the program contacts our servers through a secure connection with a unique SSL certificate. The program verifies that the user is logging in from the same terminal and that they have appropriate access to the system. Once their identity has been verified, the program is allowed to continue loading. The second part of the login process is to the local database.

  16. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Each installation uses an embedded SQL database that has been encrypted with the master password. 5. Even if the computer was stolen, for example, no private data is exposed due to the AES encryption. Log-in process (cont.)

  17. Log-In Screen Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Log-in process (cont.)

  18. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process The main screen is where most of the work is done We require the patient's name, birth date and phone number. 8. Of note is that for every patient that is entered, a unique 10 digit hexadecimal ID Number is generated that uniquely identifies the patient within the local database.

  19. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.) To the right is the image area where a fingerprint scan appears. This lets the user know that a successful fingerprint was scanned. 10. At the bottom is the log of all of today's events. Previous days can also be accessed by changing the date in the bottom right hand corner.

  20. Patient Data Screen Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.)

  21. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. After looking up an existing patient or inserting the new patient's information, we are presented with a new object. 12. The Medication object allows us to add the medications to a batch list for submission. Verification Process (cont.)

  22. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Medication object includes submitting the name of the medication, the strength in milligrams, the quantity and the frequency. 14. With this combined information ,we can determine exactly how long this medication should last the patient with prescribed usage Verification Process (cont.)

  23. Submission confirmed Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.)

  24. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.) 15. A pharmacist’s submission that does not raise any flags will receive confirmation similar to the prescriber.

  25. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. 16. Popup alerts occur with certain flagged improper submissions. 17. There are two different type of popup alerts: • Critical • Normal. Verification Process (cont.)

  26. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.) • Attempting to get additional prescriptions for controlled medications from a second doctor while medication prescribed (and/or filled) from an original doctor. • Attempting to fill a script that has already been filled. • Possible drug interactions. 18. Critical alerts arise where there is evidence of problems:

  27. Critical Alert Screen Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.)

  28. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.) 19. Normal alerts can indicate mischief, but they can also indicate a mistake. Possible reasons for a normal alert: • Scanning their finger in a completely different manner than they did at the practitioner's • Filling a forged script from a person who is not in the system. • The same practitioner prescribing more medication to an existing patient whose only outstanding medication was prescribed by the same doctor.

  29. Normal Alerts: Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.)

  30. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.) 20. Normal alerts do not require a password to remove. • Because there is no clear evidence of problem, they are only issued as warnings. • However, to force submission, they do require passwords. • The database keeps track of the sending of these normal alerts. However, it does not require confirmation of receipt.

  31. 21. All alerts are filed in the Messages for later review in the form of an email box. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.)

  32. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. Verification Process (cont.) 22. Certain critical alerts have multiple recipients. • A patient who attempts to get additional medication at another doctor, for example, will have critical alerts sent to both the first and second doctors. • A recipient will receive the other's contact information with only the ID number of the patient.

  33. Core Concepts Biotech Medical Software, Inc. – U.S. Patent Pending

  34. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. The most significant aspects of this system is unseen. The database interaction and resulting alerts are what make this system unique and successful.

  35. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. • Although the interface appears the same to a medical office or a pharmacy, they are dealt with differently in the main database. • When a batch is attempted by a medical office, we check to see if the patient already has a supply of outstanding medicine (filled or unfilled). Core Concepts

  36. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. • If the batch submission comes from either a pharmacist or physician, the database checks to see if they have outstanding prescriptions matching the ones. • This electronically confirms that the prescriptions are genuine. • It ensures that the prescriptions as read by the pharmacist mirrors the physician orders. Core Concepts (cont.)

  37. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. • This chain of custody ensures that the patient is filling only prescriptions from one source (preventing “doctor shopping”) and that the prescription remains as written (preventing both transcription errors and prescription alteration). Core Concepts (cont.)

  38. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. This system also completely eliminates prescription fraud and forgery, • preventing the illegal duplication and resubmission of a single script, • preventing the forgery of new prescriptions, even by someone that does not have a fingerprint in the database. • Potentially saving millions to Medicaid and third party payers who are victimized by such fraud. Core Concepts (cont.)

  39. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. The system is flexible enough to permit law enforcement access that would allow either proactive monitoring, if desired, and the ability to run a perpetrator’s prints to identify sources of medication diversion. Core Concepts (cont.)

  40. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. – U.S. Patent Pending Elimination of fraudulent and abusive billing to Medicaid and other health insurers. Increased practitioner comfort level with the patient’s use of controlled substances. System Advantages:

  41. Biotech Medical Software, Inc. – U.S. Patent Pending Controlled substances prescription checks that are quick, convenient and do not place undue burdens or costs on pharmacies. Saving lives through prevention of the diversion of legitimate medications. Benefits (cont’d)

  42. Summary BioScriptRx is a unique prescription monitoring database software based on fingerprinting technology that is practical, affordable and provides greater assurance of patient privacy.