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Traveling Abroad: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea PowerPoint Presentation
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Traveling Abroad: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Traveling Abroad: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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Traveling Abroad: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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  1. Traveling Abroad: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

  2. Video Links Seoul Train

  3. Socialist Society Their means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy Closed borders and communication Low standard of living

  4. Civil Unrest & Political Tension • Korean War 1953, ongoing • Many North Koreans who flee to China for a better life are returned, fate is unknown

  5. Organizing A Costly Visit • You need a North Korean Visa, which can only be obtained through a third party such as China, thus you also need a Chinese Visa • A visa is also required to leave • Without a visa you may be subject to arrest, be detained, fined, or denied entry • Business trips and journalists require different permission and there are consequences for miss-use of a tourist visa • Independent tourism is not allowed, must have guide at all times • May be required to show identification and visas at any time

  6. Forbidden Items Any of which and beyond are subject to confiscation, search, and monitoring • Alcohol of any kind • Mobile Phones-Absolutely PROHIBITED in the country • GPS Devices-Absolutely PROHIBITED in the country • Computers • Television • Radios • Internet • Sports Equipment • Books/Literature- Regardless of language • Religious Items • Political Items • Any other item they feel is unsuited to socialism

  7. Obey Laws • You are to abide to local laws and limitations including penalties up to and including imprisonment • American citizens are covered by the Australian Embassy • “If you are arrested or jailed, the Australian Government will do what it can to help you but we can’t get you out of trouble or out of jail.”

  8. Foreigners Laws • You MUST…. • Ask your guide about photography • Only photograph public monuments • Obey these laws, or it may result in conviction of espionage • Take caution if you aren’t of Korean descent and speak Korean, as this can be seen as espionage • Only enter stores, places, etc deemed okay for foreigners • You CAN’T…. • Interact, without permission, with local citizens • Take photographs or videos of places at will • Photograph poverty or any negativity associated with the countries state of affairs • Use public transportation

  9. Your Money & Transportation Empty Airports Beautiful Beaches Closed Forbidden Train Rides

  10. In Conclusion • Crime statistics are unknown • The true reality of life there is unknown • It is unfit for tourists, although they make most of their income from Chinese group tours • Even though the high poverty the slums are clean • Total government control leads to inadequate supply of electricity, food, leisure, individuality • It wouldn’t be a good idea to travel here