north korea violators of human rights n.
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North Korea: Violators of Human Rights PowerPoint Presentation
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North Korea: Violators of Human Rights

North Korea: Violators of Human Rights

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North Korea: Violators of Human Rights

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  1. North Korea: Violators of Human Rights Jake Silver Mrs. Cline English 12 2nd

  2. Background of North Korea • North Korea is formed in 1953 • Technologically has stayed virtually the same for the past 60 years • North Korea is a communist country • Still at war with the US and S. Korea

  3. Economy • The North Korean Economy is a total joke, the GDP of the country is $40,000,000,000 which in comparable terms to America, its just over the $37,500,000,000 Sheldon Adelson is worth, Kim Jong Un is worth 5,000,000,000 • Mark Z.- 29.7B • Sheldon Adelson-37.5B • Hosni Mubarak- 40-70B • Warren Buffet- 68B • Bill Gates- 72B • Carlos Slims- 76B • Andrew Carnegie-310B • John D. Rockefeller-340B

  4. Demographics • Has a population of 24,851,627 million • A literacy rate of 100%! • traditionally Buddhist and Confucianist, some Christian and syncretic Chondogyo (Religion of the Heavenly Way) • 17.62 billion kWh consumption rate a year

  5. Military • Can mobilize around 4.8 million troops that are fit for fighting • Has the Mig-15,21,23,29 these are entirely obsolete • Great Battle tank called the Storm Tiger, which is made up of old Russian T model variants

  6. What Right To Life? • North Korea has violated the most basic of Human Rights: The Right To Life. • The North Korean government does this through prison camps, which are known as gulags.

  7. What Occurs in The Gulags? Torture and executions of prisoners happen on a daily basis

  8. How Do They Torture? The North Koreans torture in some of the vilest ways possible. One ex-inmate whom had escaped from the gulag camp 22 had said that a rape victim had “showed me her body, and it was all burned by fire.” note they burned her after they gang raped her

  9. Do You Know What This Is?

  10. No Breaks! • Prisoners are forced to work without pay, on 12 or more hour work days, to which they work 7 days a week with the exception of the ‘Great Leaders’ birthdays they get a day off. • If they stop working the workers are beaten.

  11. What Else Do The Workers Do? • One woman told of being forced to assist injection-induced labors and then watching as a “baby was suffocated with a wet towel in front of its mother.”

  12. Food And Shelter- Denied! • In North Korea, there are people who are starving so badly that the revert to cannibalism, due to the government withholding food to keep the majority of the population weak and hungry.

  13. What about the children? • The children are likely to be eaten if the need arises, such as if a farmers harvest is bad • One refugee said, “poor harvests had resulted in children being killed and [their] corpses cut up for food.”

  14. Fun Fact No Democracy Sucks! • North Korea’s government is totalitarian government with a cult of personality based upon the Kim family. • This means there is no democracy despite being the Democratic Republic of Korea.

  15. Solution To The Problem • Many organizations have come together to form a coalition against the North Koreans • Some are :Advocates International Global Council • The Association for the Rescue of North Korea Abductees • Chiangmai Japanese Lawyers Association for Abduction and Other Human Rights Issues in North Korea • Asian Human Rights & Humanity • Association of Japan

  16. Diplomacy? • One solution is for Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin to tell Kim Jong Un to stop what he is doing through their influence over North Korea’s government.

  17. WAR? • The other solution is war; not a war of aggression but, a war of liberation. • The United States War Department estimates that the hypothetical conflict would take 56 days!