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Raz - kids.com http://www.raz-kids.com. Traci Fitzgerald.

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Welcome to Raz Kids. This website provides students with hundreds of e-books. Students can read and listen to books on Raz-Kids and can record there progress themselves. After they are done reading a story, they take a quiz on comprehension

The next step would be to click on the students name and this screen comes up. This is the students home page.
When You click your assignment, It provides the student with the level of books he has achieved and gives him choices.

I chose the book changes. The book is read to the student and the words are highlighted in red as they are said. This helps students follow along. If students need help while reading on their own, students can click on the Word and it will be said to them.


After the story has been read by the student. They can go to any page they want, have it read to them again, take a quiz, or go to the home page.

When the student clicks the home page after reading the story, it shows that the student earned 10 stars for listening.

If parents want to see the progress of their students and how they are doing on their quizzes. This provides an account theycan set-up to access this information.

raz kids


  • Raz-Kids is offered through the Chatham School district . They pay to subscribe to it and all students and teachers in the district have access to it.
  • A.J.’s teacher provided us with the teacher username and password. She then set –up the students on the levels they are currently at based on reading tests conducted at school. The students are to read 30 minutes a night and this is a good way to check that progress.

I love that my son can go and pick out books that are at his level. This site is wonderful because there are a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. The quizzes help the students learn how to pay attention to details in the story in order to get those questions right.

raz kids1

Raz-Kids could be used across the curriculum. There are lots of different books that cover all kinds of subjects.

  • Students can read at their level.
  • As they progress at their own pace, the level of difficulty can be increased.
  • This program is a good supplement to individual reading while other students may be doing small reading groups.
  • It provides some technology usage for students.
  • Students can read the story or have it read to them.

Students really like this online reading program and like the rewards they get from it.

They are able to see their progress too.