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Mrs. Janice Moumne PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Janice Moumne

Mrs. Janice Moumne

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Mrs. Janice Moumne

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  1. Mrs. Janice Moumne + M moom-neigh

  2. Westchase Resident for 20+ years My daughters were Westchase Wizards too! 2014-2015: College Freshman and High School Junior

  3. Education and Experience Bachelor of Science in Marketing Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education Eight years teaching 4th Grade at Westchase Elementary Two years teaching 5th Grade at Westchase Elementary

  4. Communication • Agenda-Required Signature each night • Email: • Website: • Conferences by appointment anytime • Please do not leave a phone message on the school system. I am happy to call you if you email or write a note that you want to speak to me. • Phone call from Mrs. Moumne

  5. Absences • You are asked to call the attendance line to advise the school if your child is absent. 631-4600 • Please let me know via email EARLY IN THE DAY if you want make-up work sent home. Don’t forget about the website as a resource for the homework assignments. • Not all learning experiences can be re-created at home • Students should come directly to me the day he/she returns from an absence to ask about make-up work.

  6. School Policies about Visitation • All visitors must show photo ID, sign in at the front office, receive and wear a sticker between 8 am and 2:15pm • Forgotten lunches- drop the lunch in the front office • No student sign-outs allowed after 1:45 pm (12:45 on Mondays) • The campus will be closed to ALL visitors during all standardized testing in the Spring

  7. Required Written Permissions • For ANY change in dismissal- I must have written notification that I can send to the front office. You cannot call the school. We cannot count on email to fulfill that requirement. Send a note in the agenda or preferably a separate note stapled in the agenda. Sign and date it please. • To have a student other than your own eat outside with you, I must have written permission from the parent/guardian. • BUS BEHAVIOR FORM in first day packet from ALL parents for field trips, even if your child doesn’t normally ride a bus. • Internet Access DENIED form-only if you do NOT give permission • SERVE form from all volunteers

  8. Behavior- After a warning, in most cases-The number will be written in the agenda when there is an infraction. Three infractions in any one category leads to an N in behavior on the report card. • 1• Follows School and Classroom Rules • 2• Follows Directions • 3• Is Prepared for Class • 4• Listens Attentively • 5• Participates in Class Activities • 6• Works Without Disturbing Others • 7• Completes Work in Assigned Time • 8• Completes Homework Assignments • 9• Shows Effort to do Best Work • 10• Works Cooperatively with Others • 11• Takes Care of Personal and School Property • 12• Respects Others and is Courteous • 13• Practices Self Control • 14• Respects Authority

  9. Volunteers • Homeroom Parent –Mrs. Kobel-Sign up if you would like to assist her • For all others, I like to send out an email request for volunteers closer to the time of need. (Schedules change.) Fall Festival, Jr. Achievement, Field Trips, etc. 5th Grade End of the Year committee works independently of the class. They will have a meeting early this fall for anyone who wants to help.

  10. Academics-Departmentalized Structure • Math/Science/Social Studies-Mrs. Moumne • Language Arts/Social Studies- Mr. Peart

  11. Science • Combination of hands-on investigations, textbook reading (available online), Robotics, LDCs, and projects. (LDC explained in a minute)

  12. Science • Standardized Testing in the Spring- FCAT 2.0- is cumulative for 3rd,4th,and 5th grade standards (NGSSS)

  13. What is an LDC? Literary Design Collaborative- • Integrates Language Arts with the Content Areas of Science and Social Studies • Each is approximately two-weeks long • Reading/Writing done during both LA time and Science (or SS) • Each culminating project requires a product (done in class) and writing about the topic.

  14. Math • New Standards this year include both Content Standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) are based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) being adopted across the US and almost identical

  15. How MAFS compare to CCSS in 5th Grade Math-(3 changes)

  16. Math Homework • Homework will be assigned every night (M-R) • Practicing multiplication facts (5-10 minutes) is assigned every night until proficiency is demonstrated in class • Homework is practice and will not be graded for accuracy-only completion/attempt at completion • PLEASE guide students, but let them do the work • Students must show their work in order to receive credit • Some assignments can be viewed and printed online at Think Central

  17. Math • Unit Tests are considered “secure” and are not allowed to be sent home. You will receive a grade report itemizing the question number missed and the MAFS it pertains to. • Parents may schedule a time to come in to the classroom to view tests and they will be available at all conferences.

  18. I will answers questions in a minute, but there is one final piece of information I need to communicate to you…

  19. I want everyone to know that I am a dedicated, professional teacher. I have high expectations for my students and for myself. I am rarely away from school. If I have to be off campus this year it is for a very good reason.

  20. Before you leave… Homeroom: Please make sure I have talked to you and have your dismissal information for the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL. Thank you for coming! See you soon!