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Terry Harris (Environmental Manager)

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Terry Harris (Environmental Manager). SunCoke Energy Middletown Operations (MTO): Its First 2 years of Operation. WHO IS SUNCOKE ENERGY MTO?. Originally named the “Middletown Coke Company” in its 2008 PTI application

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terry harris environmental manager

Terry Harris (Environmental Manager)

SunCoke Energy Middletown Operations (MTO): Its First 2 years of Operation

who is suncoke energy mto
  • Originally named the “Middletown Coke Company” in its 2008 PTI application
  • Plant was constructed on a greenfield site in the southern section of Middletown (on Yankee Road adjacent to Monroe)
  • Construction commenced in February 2010 and the plant started-up on October 29,2011.
  • Plant consists of 100 non-recovery metallurgical coke ovens, organized into 3 batteries along with coal/coke material handling equipment.
suncoke manufacturing process
SunCoke Manufacturing Process
  • MTO’s coke ovens have a proprietary design that enables them to produce coke with minimal HAP emissions (defined as MACT)
  • Flue gases from the ovens are routed to Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) to recover waste heat and produce superheated steam
  • The superheated steam is sent to a steam turbine to generate electricity (up to 67 MW)
  • The cooled flue gas is routed to a Flue Gas Desulfurization system for SO2, PM, Hg, and acid gas emissions control
suncoke video
SunCoke Video

“Coke Manufacturing”

major mto challenges during its first 2 years of operation
Major MTO challenges during its first 2 years of Operation
  • Community Relations
  • Operational
  • Regulatory
community relations challenges
Community Relations Challenges
  • “NIMBY” syndrome with certain Monroe residents who live adjacent to MTO resulted in the formation of the “SunCoke Watch” organization. Plant construction was delayed to address various community concerns. MTO formed a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) which meets bi-monthly to maintain an active dialogue with its stakeholders.
  • SunCoke Watch, Monroe, and the NRDC appealed OEPA’s issuance of MTO’s PTI. The appeal was eventually settled in July 2012.
  • During its first year of operation, MTO was typically blamed for all odor and PM deposition nuisances that occurred in the area. MTO responded by implementing a progressive complaint investigation program to address all nuisance complaints it receives.
operational challenges
Operational Challenges
  • Startup of Flue Gas Desulfurization System – 12/1/11 dusting event
  • Process control system malfunctions
    • 1/4/12 UPS trip: 6 days of intermittent bypass venting
    • 3/2/12 Steam Turbine trip – 2 days of bypass venting
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization system malfunctions
    • 10/5/12 Spray Dryer Adsorber malfunction – 7 days of bypass venting
  • HRSG malfunctions – most frequent type of malfunction MTO experience (HRSGs don’t have backups)
  • Dust issues – MTO installed additional dust control equipment on its coke conveying system to reduce the potential for generating visible emissions
  • Hg emission control issue - new system currently being installed to meet Hg emission control requirements
regulatory challenges
Regulatory Challenges
  • High level of scrutiny from SWOAQA and OEPA
    • Frequent agency visits & contacts
    • Any deviation MTO experiences usually results in the issuance of a Notice of Violation by the agency
  • Unsatisfactory environmental performance at other SunCoke locations
    • SunCoke plants in Franklin Furnace, OH and Granite City, IL are subject to a consent decree with USEPA, OEPA, and IEPA which requires them to install redundant HRSGs to reduce their bypass venting
    • MTO is on USEPA’s radar as a result of their performance
the future
The Future
  • MTO’s new Hg emission control system will be on-line in October
  • MTO continues to make improvements in the reliability of its HRSGs
  • MTO will continue to be a good neighbor that is responsive to community and regulatory issues.