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Connectivity & creating value

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Connectivity & creating value - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connectivity & creating value. CSO & Partner Date goes here. Content. Why connect?. How to get value from Connectivity. Detail overview of tools. Resources. Launch plan. Customer value.

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Connectivity & creating value

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    1. Connectivity & creating value CSO & Partner Date goes here

    2. Content Why connect? How to get value from Connectivity Detail overview of tools Resources Launch plan

    3. Customer value • “Eliminating the burden of providing meter reads or maintaining stocks of toner means my personnel no longer need to perform these tasks.” Customer feedback on XRPS

    4. Why Connect?When devices are connected it enables many options for remote services which can increase your efficiency and productivity by reducing manual work and human error Captures and communicates basic device information (meters, supply levels) Allows for remote monitoring of device fleets and enables use of tools to manage print environments (MPS) Enables remote service of devices to reducecost and improve uptime • Generates valuable information for improved efficiency of supply chain and predictive or proactive supplies delivery • Reduces manual work and less chance for a human error as the processes become automated

    5. Xerox strategy Cost effective delivery Integration for value Automation for productivity Connectivity for visibility • Devices connected to the network and to Xerox tools provide information that allows them to be more effectively managed • There is a direct customer benefit around security as data is delivered through one secure channel • Automated processes deliver bettercost and productivity • Reduced opportunity for error, immediate access to information / ability to report • Ability to remotely and proactively manage accounts for minimal customer disruption • Passing device, usage and incident data across systems • Partners & customers see service data in their systems • Leveraging shared services • Improved business intelligence Automation for productivity

    6. Unlocking value from Connectivity Xerox Internal Use Only

    7. Automated vs. Manual Process modernizationfor cost effective service delivery Billing accuracyBill off automatically captured, time stamped meters Just the right effortReview meters on time & bill accurately to your customers MetersBe able to review the meters remotely Guaranteeing annuityMonitor & provide supplies Break / fix recommendations Monitors when service is required Cash / inventory management Quick billing and parts optimization

    8. Xerox Remote Print Services (XRPS) Entry point to the MPS continuum • meter reads automatically provided; eliminates dedicated staff collecting reads manual meters • billing becomes accurate, on time and reflects real customer usage • added value services can be provided to the customer • reduces chances of a human error XRPS meanscost effective service delivery,unlocking productivity through connectivity, automation and integration XRPS is not a substitute to Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS), as feature sets are different and XPPS is a more advanced offer. Xerox Internal Use Only

    9. Managed Print Services (MPS) Connected MPS environments enable effective and resource independent delivery models. • enables deployment of the entire MPS tool-suite • reduces dependency on onsite labor for delivery • allows for preventative maintenance and service to improve uptime • reduces overall cost and capital investment through improved management of onsite inventory and just-in-time supplies delivery • enables use of shared service centers (GDCs) for world-class service delivery • improved billing accuracy and asset management generates fewer errors and improves customer experience Unconnected environments require manual, resource intensive processes for basic delivery elements like meter collection, maintenance, break-fix and supplies management. Limited opportunities to deploy value-add solutions (like mobile print) and accurately manage onsite inventory, parts usage, etc. Often requires onsite delivery personnel even in small sites. Xerox Internal Use Only

    10. XRPS overview Without XRPS With XRPS Meters ManualDepends on accurate meters AutomatedMonitor remotely & error free meter reads (improved accuracy) On requestWait until customer request PredictiveMonitor supply levels & anticipate your customer requests Supplies ManualCapture of meters during service calls with a % error Exact & Error FreeMonitor remotely & error free all your meter reads in one place Billing Reactive Requirements on the go that need continuous data analysis Predictive / Enables PlanningBuild an accurate stock of parts & supplies based on equipment volumes StandardCustomer is used to call for supplies, service and review invoicing and charges PredictiveCustomer perceives the different attention, predictive supplies calls and exact billing. World class service Inventory Xerox Internal Use Only Customer Experience

    11. Detailed overview of tools Tools available How XRPS Works? XDA Lite at a glance

    12. Tools available • The right tool for each level of service within the MPS Continuum What does my business require? Starting at entry level with XRPS up to robust solutions * Note: No longer available for new installations

    13. Introducing XDA Lite XDA Lite collects device statistics not document content (job data) or user information (queue management data). Device Direct can be used to retrieve information for Xerox devices, It is alternative solution to XDA Lite and can be employed when facing objections or difficulties in installing in a client network. XDA Lite software collecting meter and toner information from Networked Xerox devices Device Direct automated way get straight from the device meter reads and supplies consumption • Works with products already registered via Device Direct method • Enables multi-brand reporting for upsell • Provides powerful & easy to use printer management interface: • asset inventory for connected devices • pop up & email alerts for printer and supplies status • simple reports providing print device usage • dashboard: device status, meters, supplies levels • Automated way to get straight from the device meter reads and supplies consumption • Built-in functionality within most Xerox A3 and some A4 & PSG products • Useful solution when dealing with major objections to software on customer network (equipment still needs to be network connected) • Only device data is sent, no private information Xerox Internal Use Only

    14. How do Xerox Remote Services work? Key takeaways • XDA Lite or Xerox Device Direct connect devices with Xerox Communication Server • Software is configured to connect and send your device usage data to the Xerox Communication Server in an encrypted secured transmission • The data is de-coded and used to provide meter reads for an accurate billing and supplies levels Xerox Internal Use Only

    15. The XDA Lite customer dashboard All information in one place

    16. Typical concerns Cost & commitment Resources to install & support Network load • There is no chargeable license for XDA Lite • There is no commitment with the installation of XDA Lite, and it can easily uninstalled • Easy to install and configure • Xerox resources available to support on PartnerNet Portal or technical escalation • The amount of network traffic generated by XDA Lite activity is small and can be easily minimized if required Xerox XDA Lite agents have been Interoperability Verification Tested and certified “Cisco Compatible” by Cisco. IVT Certification of XDA agent with Cisco ISR routers helps you reduce your integration costs, accelerates deployments and minimizes risk of failure. Xerox Device Agent, version 3.8 has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Computing System Express Cisco 2900 Series Routers - SRE-V 1.0.1 and Cisco Unified Computing System Express Cisco 3900 Series Routers. Go to for complete disclaimer

    17. What is collected by XDA Lite? Device data Out of scope • Device statistics:Name eg WorkCentre 7120Type eg printerSerial numberFeatures eg print, copy • Counters • Printer alerts • Supplies levels • XDA can not collect, transmit or store any information on: • Users • Print jobs (document content) • Contents of device hard disk / internal memory

    18. Overview of tools Xerox Remote Print Services ─ XRPS XDA Installationon a server or PC within your accounts PartnerNet Portalget meter reads and monitor supplies levels Claim your Serial Numbersof the accounts you bill & service PartnerNet Portal XDA Software Architecture Xerox Third Party Confidential

    19. Next steps… Get connected! Review which of your MIF is eligible to be connected 1 Get the complete list of XDA Lite supported devices from :  PartnerNet Portal CSO -MPS 2 Connect. Install XDA Lite. License agreement with no annual fee 3 That’s it! Take your and customer business to the next level 4

    20. Get connected.Benefit from reliable and predictable device administration • Cost effective service delivery unlocking productivity through connectivity, automation and integration through: • Increased visibility of device data • Reliability of information sources • Actionable data for informed decisions

    21. Support provided • Partners have the following support options: • PartnerNetPortal • Links to learning courses • Dedicated library of installation support hints and tips (coming soon) • Xerox Webpage • Self support in key languages

    22. Benefits from service support modernization • Remote solve and diagnostics using device communications & device data • Customer replaceable units (CRU) being identified and high frequency service items (HFSI) performance – monitor cost base & identify poor customer behaviour • Device data integration into call centre operations to support remote solve performance and lower service call outs • Predictive & consolidated toner orders into a single bundle to lower logistic costs & efficiency of inventory management • Maximised yields and monitored leakage for toner using days remaining calculation • No meter reading required to approve toner orders - customer experience