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Creating PA Opportunities

Creating PA Opportunities Presented by Julie DeBardelaben NHQ Public Affairs Lay the Foundation for Success Create a solid PA Plan that you can grow and nurture. Eliminate the There is no right or wrong plan.

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Creating PA Opportunities

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  1. Creating PA Opportunities Presented by Julie DeBardelaben NHQ Public Affairs

  2. Lay the Foundation for Success Create a solid PA Plan that you can grow and nurture.

  3. Eliminate the • There is no right or wrong plan. • A plan is a living document that’s meant to be constantly refined throughout the year as you learn what works and does not work for you.

  4. Follow the Reg’s Planning Model • Step 1:Determine PA needs and opportunities. • Step 2:Establish goals to meet these needs. • Step 3:Identify ways to implement the goals. • Step 4:State what you hope to achieve.

  5. Your Goals are Predetermined According to 190-1: • External:Develop goals and initiatives that emphasize CAP’s importance in performing its three congressionally mandated missions. • Internal:Develop strategies that emphasize CAP’s importance, member recognition, retention and encouragement of member participation in unit/wing/region/national activities and training.

  6. Listen to Your Leaders Here’s the top goals your region PAOs recommend you target in your first year of planning: 1. Issue 2-3 releases with photos per month to local and internal media. 2. Publish an informative newsletter. 3. Develop and maintain an informative Web site. 4. Conduct a community outreach event every year.

  7. Putting It All Together Goal 1: Promote CAP to external audiences News releases Newsletter Web site Community outreach

  8. Putting It All Together Goal 2: Promote CAP to internal audiences News releases Newsletter Web site Community outreach

  9. A Basic PA Plan Goal 1: Promote CAP to external audiences A. Develop and implement media strategies designed to attract maximum publicity. 1. Promote coverage of significant newsworthy events by disseminating news releases to local media platforms on an ongoing basis. 2. Utilize the unit newsletter and Web site to publicize success stories and the latest news information. 3. Plan and implement at least one special event annually that promotes CAP in the community.

  10. A Basic Plan Goal 2: Promote CAP to internal audiences B. Identify strategies designed to recognize, motivate and retain members. 1. Identify media platforms for disseminating news releases publicizing members’ achievements. 2. Utilize the unit newsletter and Web site to publicize members’ achievements, the value and significance of CAP’s missions for America and upcoming training opportunities.

  11. The KISS Syndrome Always begin by keeping your plan simple. Then, add to it as needs and opportunities arise.

  12. Gauging Your Success 1.News releases 2.Newsletter 3.Web site 4.Community outreach

  13. Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut Be on the alert for new ideas: • CAP PAO Listserv • Learn from example and mentoring … what worked and what didn’t • Use of blogs • Use of social media • Use of video • “Out of the box” story ideas • Links to online newsletters http://www.themareks.com/pao/

  14. Steal … er “Borrow” from Your Neighbors Study well-written PA plans • PA plans on the CAP PA page • CAP Public Awareness Plan • Air Education and Training Command’s Communication Campaign Plan

  15. Keepin’ Up with the Joneses Ideas from the Arizona Wing: • Give CAP memberships as awards or thank-you gifts. • Post nationally produced posters/flyers. • Invite VIPs to meetings as guest speakers. • Make a CAP squadron presentation at one middle school and one high school annually. • Present a quarterly podcast of CAP information.

  16. Ideas from the New Jersey Wing • Distribute articles, photos and video to media outlets at McGuire AFB and Fort Dix – a rich resource for future Members. • Post video and photo coverage of wing special events on the Web site at njwgcap.org. • Organize meetings with emergency service providers to present CAPabilities to the public.

  17. Ideas from CAP’s Public Awareness Plan • Secure local TV coverageat least once per year. • Speak at local civic clubs, schools and community-based gatherings at least three times a year. • Develop relationships with local groups that have a natural affinity for patriotism, civic duty, aerospace education, leadership development and service to community. • Developa welcome system when active members move to another city or state.

  18. Ideas from Air Educationand Training Command Media Engagements: TV, radio, print, roundtables, editorial boards, op eds Internal Engagements: Commander’s calls, conferences, briefings, podcasts, letters Civic Engagements: Academic institutions, civic clubs/organizations, chambers of commerce, industry/business organizations, public events

  19. More from AETC … • Identify opportunities to highlight the unit’s training mission and the quality of Airmen undergoing training. • Identify and plan opportunities to highlight Airmen’s deployment experiences. • Package “Portraits of Courage” stories; make available online. • Identify and plan opportunities to highlight Airmen’s deployment experiences. • Equip and inspire internal audiences to serve as ambassadors. • Develop and implement annual “Day in the Life” of AETC communications campaign.

  20. NHQ’s Online Resources CAP PAO Toolkit Anniversary planning Annual report BiographiesCAP NHQ PA staff contact sheetCivil Air Patrol VolunteerFact sheetsGrant writing, fundraising guidesGraphicsInstructional videosMedia relationsNews writing tipsPA planning guidelinesPAO checklistPress releasesRegulationsSubmission guidelines

  21. NHQ’s Online Resources Internal Communications • PA Essentials-- the blog of National Headquarters Public Affairs • CAP News Online-- the latest news about Civil Air Patrol • Final Salutes • Awards and Decorations • Submission guidelines • Submit news

  22. Volunteer Now

  23. NHQ’s Online Resources Multimedia • CAPChannel.com--CAP's multimedia resource • What Makes a Good Photo and Video • National Cadet Special Activities Photo Gallery

  24. Ideas from the PAO Checklist Community activities to consider include: (1) Operate information booths at community events. (2) Support and assist Children’s Hospital programs. (3) Support and assist community’s senior citizens programs. • 3. Media Relations Program c. E-mail news articles and photos of unit activities to local, state, regional and national media as appropriate; include niche publications targeting pilots, aviation enthusiasts, teachers, etc.

  25. A Surefire Strategy for Securing Publicity Hometown News Release Program September 2-5 2009 Annual Conference and National Board Meeting, San Antonio, Tex. Information October 17-24 National Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Ala. 17-25 Red Ribbon Week, nationwide   December 1 CAP's 68th anniversary, nationwide  Updated anniversary guide 12 Wreaths Across America, nationwide Information 2010 February 25-27 Winter National Board, Washington, D.C.                   

  26. Newsletter Links • Great Lakes Region Newsletters • Great Lakes Region News • Illinois Wing News Blog • Indiana Wing • Wisconsin Wing • Ohio Wing • Middle East Region Newsletters • Maryland Wing • NC Wing's Asheville Composite Squadron • National Capital Wing • North Carolina Wing • South Carolina Wing • SC Wing's Spartanburg Composite Squadron • West Virginia Wing • Delaware Wing

  27. CAP Websites Great Lakes Region Illinois WingBlog IL Wing, Palwaukee Composite SquadronBlog Indiana WingNewsletter Kentucky Wing Michigan WingTwitterFacebook Michigan Wing, Van Dyke Cadet Squadron Ohio Wing News Ohio Wing, Xenia Cadet Squadron Wisconsin WingNews WI Wing, Fox Cities Composite Squadron WI Wing, Timmerman Composite Squadron Middle East Region Delaware WingNewsletter Maryland WingTwitterNews MD Wing, Group 3Twitter National Capitol WingBlog NatCap Wing's Fairfax Composite Squadron NatCap Wing's Mount Vernon Composite Squadron North Carolina Wing

  28. Social Media

  29. Learning from Other Sites Website in a Box Link http://www.ncrpao.org/resources/wsb/index.htm • This site is a series of templates that you can modify using any HTML editor such as FrontPage. • For the photo gallery we suggest using a free online album such as Picasa or other services. • The banner graphics were created using PowerPoint. and the template is part of the WSB Zip File.

  30. NCR PAO Academy <http://www.ncrpao.org/academy.htm> 2009 NCR Public Affairs Academy HandoutsNew PAO's Orientation - 2009_06_pa/0.0  new_pao_orientation_20090226.pdfBrand Ambassador by Julie DeBardelaben - 2009_06_pa/1.2 brand ambassador.pdfPlanning - 2009_06_pa/1.3 pa_planning_handout_20090611.pdfPress Release Basics - 2009_06_pa/2.2 releases.pdfNewsletter Basics - 2009_06_pa/3.2 News_letter_basics.pdfWebsite Best Practices - 2009_06_pa/4.0 web sites.pdfPA on the Cheap (PA Resources) - 2009_06_pa/4.2 pabon_on_the_cheap.pdfCommunity Outreach - 2009_06_pa/5.1 Community Outreach.pdfProfessional Development for the PAO - 2009_06_pa/17.1 pd.pdfPreparing for the IG - 2009_06_pa/19.1 ig.pdfCrisis Communications for PAO's - 2009_06_pa/19.3 crisis comm.pdf

  31. NHQ’s Resource Store A new soon-to-be-introduced online resource featuring our own PAOs’ best resources

  32. Don’t Forget the Need for Training! CAP PAO Academies sponsored nationwide Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Society of Professional Journalists National Information Officers Association (NIOA) National Press Club Florida Public Relations Association FEMA IS-250 and IS-702

  33. Always Keep Up Your Antenna Great ideas unfold before you every day On TV What you read Who you socialize with Work-related projects Advertising

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