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The Bill of Rights to the US Constitution PowerPoint Presentation
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The Bill of Rights to the US Constitution

The Bill of Rights to the US Constitution

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The Bill of Rights to the US Constitution

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  1. The Bill of Rights to the US Constitution

  2. The Bill of Rights = the first 10 Amendmentsadded in 1791 1st Amendment ~ The Freedom Amendment Freedom of Religion Assembly Press Petition Speech or ‘RAPPS”

  3. Religion means that the government can’t tell you what religion to belong to… Assembly means that the government cannot prevent people from gathering peacefully… Press means the government cannot censor the news as long as it’s true…

  4. Petition means people have the right to ask the government to change a law or to make a new law… Speech means people are allowed to state their opinions and beliefs…

  5. 2nd Amendment ~ the Right to Bear Arms Americans who meet certain qualifications can own a gun if they want to

  6. 3rd Amendment ~ No Quartering of Soldiers Private citizens cannot be required to keep soldiers in their houses without their consent

  7. 4th Amendment ~ No search and seizure without a warrant or probable cause The police (government) cannot search your house (car, shed, boat) without a warrant from a judge or probable cause (a reason that can be defended in court).

  8. There are three reasons when a warrant is unnecessary--police call them the 3 E’s: • escape • endangerment • destruction of evidence

  9. 5th Amendment ~ • Protection from self-incrimination (you cannot be required to testify against yourself in court); • Protection from Double Jeopardy (you cannot be tried twice for the same crime); • Right to Due Process (you must receive all the steps in a trial when you are arrested); • Eminent Domain ~ the government may use your property for public use as long as they pay you a fair price

  10. 6th Amendment ~ • Right to a speedy trial--your trial needs to be timely • Right to a lawyer--you may have a lawyer in court to help you understand the case against you • Right to a jury trial in a criminal case • Right to question witnesses against you

  11. 7th Amendment ~ Jury Trial in a Civil Case You may choose to have a jury hear your case if you are sued by another person in a civil case

  12. 8th Amendment ~ No cruel or unusual punishment or excessive bail The government cannot punish you in a cruel way, and bail in court must equal the crime. Some people argue that the death penalty (also called capital punishment) is cruel and unusual and violates the 8th Amendment.

  13. 9th Amendment ~ Powers of the People There are certain unlisted powers the people have (just because they’re not listed, doesn’t mean the people don’t have them…)

  14. 10th Amendment ~ Powers of the States Any powers not given to the federal government or to the people are saved (reserved) for the States.