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  1. Russia By: Christian Persichetti

  2. Geography • The total area of Russia is 6,592,772sqare miles. • It is the largest country in the world. • Russia has every climate at some point in the year except tropical. • The main urban cities are saint Petersburg, Novosibirk, Yekaterinburg, and NihniyNoygorod. • The capital of Russia is Moscow city. Novosibirk Saint Petersburg Yekaterinburg Moscow City Russia map

  3. Geography: 2 • Russia borders the following (countries counter-clockwise around Russia - length of border in km): • 1.Norway - 196 • 2.Finland - 1,313 • 3.Estonia - 290 • 4.Latvia - 292 • 5.Lithuania (Kaliningrad) - 227 • 6.Poland (Kaliningrad) - 432 • 7.Belarus - 959 • 8.Ukraine - 1,576 • 9.Georgia - 723 • 10.Azerbaijan - 284 • 11.Kazakhstan - 6,846 • 12.China (S) - 40 • 13.Mongolia - 3,441 • 14.China (SE) - 3,605 • 15.North Korea - 175

  4. Economy • GDP-growth 4.3% • Exports-$520.9 billion • Export goods-petroleum and petroleum products, natural gas, metals, wood and wood products, chemicals, and a lot of civilian and military manufactures • Import goods-machinery, vehicles, pharmaceutical products, plastic, semi-finished metal products, meat, fruits and nuts, optical and medical instruments, iron, and steel • Public debt-$36 billion • Russian Currency- ruble • Economy- Developing economy

  5. Government • Type: Federation. • Independence: August 24, 1991. • Constitution: December 12, 1993. • President: Vladimir Putin • Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev • Headquarters-Russian White House, Moscow • The 2012 Russian government is made up of the prime minister, a first deputy prime minister, six deputy prime ministers and 21 other ministers. There are a total of 29 members of the cabinet. Vladimir Putin Dmitry Medvedev Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

  6. Sports • Among the most played sports in Russia are football, ice hockey and basketball. Other sports widely played in Russia include bandy, team handball, weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, volleyball, rugby, and skiing. • Bandy is a popular sport in Russia, it is a team winter sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to hit a ball into the opposing team's goal. Bandy Russian rugby team Russia Gymnastics Russian wrestler

  7. TOURIST attractions • The BolshiTheater –This is one of the historic theaters in the country. • Red Square – it is a historical landmark ,The Red Square is also popular marketplace, and used for public ceremonies and concerts. • . St. Basil’s Cathedral -This cathedral is unique, colorful and a huge tourist attraction. There is probably no other cathedral in the world like it. • The Russian Museum- It was established by Emperor Nicholas in 1895 and was the first museum for Russian fine arts. Some of the buildings that the museum includes are the Saint Michael’s Castle and RastrelliesqueStroganov Palace. • St. Isaac’s Cathedral – Located in St. Petersburg, this is the tallest church in Russia and it stands 101.5 meters tall. The tourists can see the Bronze Horseman sculpture outside the cathedral while they see paintings by Carlo Brullo inside.

  8. Interesting Facts • Russia is a transcontinental country, extending halfway around the northern hemisphere and covering much of eastern and north-eastern Europe and the whole of northern Asia • In terms of population, Russia is the ninth largest country in the world, even though it's the world's biggest country. • Russians never shake hands over a door way, they believe it leads to arguments • Russian language does not include a word for 'the' or 'a' which is good because these often lead to confusion in other languages • Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet instead of the Latin and is one of the 5 most spoken languages in the world • The Urals are the oldest mountains in the world and lake Baikal is the world's deepest lake and the largest reservoir of fresh water on earth • Russia covers 1/7th of the total land of our planet and neighbors more countries than any other country on earth. • Some Russians will celebrate two Christmases ,one on December 25th and one on January 7.

  9. Holidays • New Year- Russia celebrates the new year on January 1st, and this holiday celebrates the new year. • Christmas Day-Christmas is like are Christmas, but it is celebrated on January 7. • Protector of the Motherland Day- This holiday celebrates Russia's men, especially military veterans, active servicemen, and fallen soldiers. • International Women's Day- It is kind of like mothers day, but the difference is all women can take part in this celebration. • Cosmonaut's Day-Cosmonaut's Day celebrates Russia's achievement of sending human beings into space. • Russia Day-It is the day on which Russia declared sovereignty, and Is a lot like are Fourth of July or Independence Day. • Unity Day- Itisa new national holiday that resembles a holiday celebrated for centuries until the Bolsheviks came to power, which recognized Moscow's successful defense from Polish invaders.

  10. Language • Russia's official language is Russian. • Some other languages spoken in Russia are: English, Armenian, German, Avar, Azerbaijani , Mordovianlanguages , Moksha, and Erzya.

  11. Popular Wildlife in Russia Wild Boar Eastern Roe Deer Seed Eater Birds Badger Reindeer Martens

  12. Major Bodies of Water • 1.Lake Baikal (the world's largest lake by volume) • 2.The Caspian Sea (largest lake by area, the water comes from the Volga River) • 3.The Yenisey river (flows out of Lake Baikal; frozen from November to May) • 4.The Ob river (drains West Siberian Plain; frozen from November to April) • 5.The Lena River (frozen most of year) • 6.The Volga River (frozen December to March) • 7.The Pechora River (frozen November to April; largest river outside New Guinea with not a single dam in it) • 8.The Kolyma River (frozen except in high summer)

  13. Religions

  14. Mountains in Russia •Ural •Caucasus •Sayan •Stanovoy •Altai

  15. Russian flag • Russia's flag was adopted on August 21, 1991. It consists of three equal horizontal bands of white on the top, blue in the middle, and red on the bottom. • The design of the flag is over 300 years old and was first used by Peter the Great. It was the official flag of Russia from May 7, 1883, until November 1917, when the communist Bolshevik revolution took place. When the communist regime fell, the old tri-color flag was back again. • Since 1994, Russia celebrates national "Day of State Flag" on the 21st of August each year.

  16. Russia Foods OkroshkashchiPelmeni Russian Syrniki Shashlyk Russian pirozhkiRussian Syrniki

  17. The End!