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Competition Behavior

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Competition Behavior - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Competition Behavior. Be a good child. with swag . If you sign up for an event…. You MUST come to the days you have signed up for

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Competition Behavior

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competition behavior

Competition Behavior

Be a good child. with swag

if you sign up for an event
If you sign up for an event…
  • You MUST come to the days you have signed up for
  • If you find that you can not make it to the competition day that you have signed up for, you MUST have a written note with a parent/guardian signature that says you are unable to attend
  • Try not to sign up and not are taking seats from other team members that want to go
team uniform
Team Uniform
  • Team Shirt (Polo, T-Shirt, or Hoodie)
  • Khaki Pants or Shorts
  • Safety Glasses if in Pit
in the stands
In the Stands
  • You MUST Scout
    • Refer to Scouting Captains to determine when you have to scout during the competition
  • Saving seats
    • Whoever gets to the stands first after getting off the bus must try to reserve seats for the team
    • When leaving the stands to get food and refreshments, make sure you have someone who will save your seat
  • No cell phone/gaming devices
leaving the stands
Leaving the Stands
  • If you leave the stands, ensure that there is someone saving your seat
  • Take turns leaving the stands...don't leave the rest of your team to scout/starve
  • DO NOT LEAVE if you are scouting and have no replacement
      • If you need to leave, ask the scouting leaders first
team spirit
Team Spirit
  • When our robot is on the field to compete:
    • Stand
    • Cheer for both our team and the teams on our alliance
    • Sit down during the period between the end of the match and when the judges put up the score
in the pits
In the pits
  • Only if you are required there
  • We will establish visiting rotations during the competition--only come to the pit during your designated rotation (eliminates crowding)
  • If you are truly curious as to what happened during a match, kindly ask a pit crew member and then leave
be friendly
Be Friendly

Be likable - we want other teams to like us

  • When you have the time, go visit the pits of other teams
    • Ask their pit crews questions--the objective is to show the other teams that The MidKnight Inventors are chill
  • If someone approaches you from another team asking you for your help, tell them that you will consult one of us first and then if you have permission, go ahead and help

1. What do you do if you signed up for an event, but later find that you will not be able to make it?

2. What is this year’s uniform?

3. You are scouting, but you would like to leave the stands to get some chow. What do you do?

4.True or False: Do we only cheer for our robot, or for erry ‘bot?

5. Someone from Team 869 blows by you and says that they are in need of a wheel. What do you do?

6. Are you ready to be a good child?

7. Swaggity swag what in the bag?