netvuze precision network meter
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NetVuze Precision Network Meter

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NetVuze Precision Network Meter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NetVuze Precision Network Meter. standalone, easy to use, networked with data logging. Challenges with Stand-Alone Pumping Systems. Are Warranty Repairs Justified? Has the customer run the pump out of spec? When to do Preventative Maintenance?

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netvuze precision network meter

NetVuze Precision Network Meter

standalone, easy to use, networked with data logging

challenges with stand alone pumping systems
Challenges with Stand-Alone Pumping Systems
  • Are Warranty Repairs Justified?
    • Has the customer run the pump out of spec?
  • When to do Preventative Maintenance?
    • Currently its done to a time schedule, but might be too late and who was notified?
  • How to get Process information from the pump?
    • If only I could see the flow rate of this pump…
today s solutions
Today’s Solutions
  • Is a Repair under Warranty?
    • Use the condition of the pump
    • Ask customer how they’re using the pump
    • Guess?
  • When to do Preventative Maintenance?
    • Keep track of running hours manually
    • Guess?
  • How to get Process information from pump?
    • Get Maintenance to add a PLC to the pump and do custom programming
    • Guess?
preferred solution
Preferred Solution
  • A Precision Meter Solution that has been designed from the beginning to be easy setup and use.
  • Standalone and always connected with the ability to send emails when abnormal conditions occur
  • Able to keep track of running pump hours and email when it reaches an hourly maintenance schedule
  • Able to be viewed from a smart phone or web browser from anywhere in the world.
  • Does not require any changes to your PLC control process which might introduce risk or downtime
standalone sanitary pump system
Standalone Sanitary Pump System

Running Hours ?

Material Flow Rate ?

Seal Wear ?

networked sanitary pump system
Networked Sanitary Pump System

View Meters Remotely

Email Alerts for over-Temperature

Preventative Maintenance Email Reminders

Management Reports in Excel


Running Hours

Output Temperature

Input Temperature

Flow Rate

netvuze application features
NetVuze Application Features
  • Up to eight Analog or Time Based Meters can be created to monitor pump status.
  • Each meter can monitor critical process parameters then generate alarms based on user directed input.
  • Individual meters can be set to control relay outputs used for external signaling or control.
  • Alarms can be configured to turn on a Relay, send an Email alert or be recorded into the Alarm log.
  • Network Connection provides Email alerts, Emailing Log files, Browser-based status and reports, even remote front panel control.
  • Three separate password permission levels provide separate levels of access and track changes and acknowledgment down to a specific user.
  • Secure web browser access with login authentication required for viewing or updating all functionality.
  • Easy to use setup Wizards for all configuration functionality and parameter input.
  • Dynamic Email Alarms are customizable including real time sensor values, running state status, running time or other important information.
netvuze meter types
NetVuze Meter Types
  • Up to Eight individual Analog/Digital Meter displays.
  • Four Analog Meters/Card using 4-20 mAmp sensors
    • Connects to industry standard temperature, pressure, flow sensors
  • Input combinations to create Analog Differential Meters
    • Can be used to track temperature difference to monitor heat transferred from pump used to determine wear
  • High Precision digital signal flow monitor
    • Measures signals up to 20 KHz in fractions of Hz
  • Digital signal pulse summarizer monitor
    • Summarized counts stored in non-volatile memory for retention during power out conditions.
  • Low Precision digital signal flow monitor
    • Measures signals up to 20 KHz in 1Hz increments
  • Duty Cycle monitor of digital signal
    • Measure duty cycle rate of input signal
netvuze logging features
NetVuze Logging Features
  • Optional Logging Function:
    • Saves all pump information based on user selectable time based to a 4Gbyte storage system
    • Download log information as CSV file that can be directly imported into Excel
    • User selectable Automatic Email of CSV log files on a nightly basis.
netvuze custom branding
NetVuze Custom Branding
  • All web pages can have custom logo’s and branding.
  • Front panel bezel can have custom logo’s and naming on silkscreened keyboard overlay.
  • Application Specific Meter types can be created to monitor your specific applications
    • Custom graphics can be displayed in browser or LCD
    • Custom process logic can be added
  • Custom configuration wizards can be created to minimize end user setup and control.
  • Standard configurations can be saved and reused for embedded applications to keep setup time to a minimum
netvuze additional features
NetVuze Additional Features
  • Modbus/TCP Slave functionality to transfer all data generated by NetVuze to a PLC
  • Software upgrades are performed by removable SD card
  • Configuration data can be backed up and restored to/from removable SD card
  • Configuration wizards are customized to each meter type and use graphics display which connection is in use
netvuze hardware features
NetVuze Hardware Features
  • HMI with 320x240 Color LCD and 15-position keyboard
  • Remote HMI from remote browser to view and control all functions
  • ¼ DIN Nema 4x Panel Mounted enclosure
  • Base unit includes:
    • Four 4-20mA Analog inputs
    • Four Contact inputs for external acknowledgements
    • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection.
  • Two expansion slots that can contain different Analog /Digital Input and Output cards
    • Four 4-20mA input card
    • Three Digital Inputs with Four Digital Relay Outputs
    • Seven Digital Inputs
    • Six Digital Relay Outputs with two form C Outputs
netvuze connections
NetVuze Connections

Expansion Slot

Output Relays

Digital Inputs

4-20mA Inputs

10-100Mbit Ethernet

Contact Inputs for external Alarm acknowledging

Removable SD Card

netvuze network meter
NetVuze Network Meter
  • Cost effective Meter Solution
  • Networked from the beginning to provide new visibility into important pump status to help with Maintenance schedules, Pump failures and Pump process information
  • Standalone and does not require risky changes to PLC control processes
  • Can be customized to work with any OEM target solution