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  1. Home By: Alexius Kendrick

  2. These pictures are in chronological order as I grew up. They start with being attacked by the rose bush, and hating it. Then as I grew up, I got to play at the park. After playing in the park, I decided walking in trees was fun. When I got a little older, I played softball in our neighbors’ yard, and then volleyball over the fence. The porch is still where I spend time with my mom, and always will.

  3. The Rosebush I hated this rose bush when I was little. It is right beside my porch. It would always grow and grow and I just wanted it to get cut down. I thought it was the ugliest rose bush I’d ever seen. Every time I walked by it, it would scratch me or get stuck in my hair. The day my mom cut it down, I was so happy, then it grew back. Now the rose bush doesn’t attack me, and the feeling of hatred has dispelled.

  4. The Park The park in Pilsen entertained me when I was little. I would go and swing or play on the merry-go-round. I played on it the most when I was with my friends. It is analogous to the one in Lincolnville, only fun with friends.I liked to climb up to the top of the merry-go-round and sit there while it spun around. I hated that it had stickers and if I fell I would be covered in them, and that I couldn’t go barefoot. It isn’t much of a park, but it entertained me when I was little and wanted something to do when I was mad and wanted to be alone, or if I was bored.

  5. The Trees The tress in my backyard were always the place to have the most fun. These trees are not like the ones in Lincolnville, they are where I wouldenvisionI was lost, or play in for hours before I went home. I loved walking through one side and going to the other at the other side of the park. When my cousins were with me was my favorite because it was so much scarier, and I loved that. While I was in the trees, I always had the best imagination.

  6. The Yard When I was little I always played in our neighbors’ big yard in front of my house. I would play softball, but I hated when the ball would roll into the bushes that are beside the field. I would just leave them there. I bet the bush is infusedwith over a hundred softballs. When I wasn’t practicing softball over there, I would run from my house to the road that is across it. I would do cart wheels in the grass. When I was little, this was my favorite place to be.

  7. The Fence This is the fence that is in our yard. I played volleyball over the fence or pitched the ball to the fence so I knew the right feel of where it should go. I liked running to the fence, and timing myself.I was inexhaustible while playing at this fence. This fence is fun to look at know and see the marks I left from the softball. When I was little this fence meant, softball, races, and volleyball. Now this fence doesn’t mean anything to me except it was once something I played with every night.

  8. The Front Porch This porch is different than any other porch because it has a lot of memories. Memories like, talks with my mom, and cousins, and playing games when it was rainy. When I was little I would always sit on the front porch with my mom until it was time for bed. She would teach me to be more articulate. We still sit on the front porch, and talk. I like spending time with my mom, and I think we will always sit on the front porch, and have our talks like we do.