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Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation. Who murdered Atahualpa???. Pizarro. Vicente De Valverde. Conquistador. Raehan Hemanth, D Period.

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Crime Scene Investigation

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  1. Crime Scene Investigation Who murdered Atahualpa??? Pizarro Vicente De Valverde Conquistador Raehan Hemanth, D Period

  2. Fellow Detectives, I am here to present you with breaking news. A tragedy has hit the Incan empire. As you all know, Pizarro and his army of men have invaded the Incan Society. But what I am here to tell you is that yesterday, Pizarro and his men reached Atahualpa, the Incan emperor. Yesterday, Pizarro and his men tricked Atahualpa into having a royal feast with him. Atahualpa and his men attended this feast but made one fatal mistake, they were unarmed. Pizarro had no intention to have lunch with Atahualpa, only to kill him and take control. When Pizarro gave his signal, his men open fired and killed over 5,000 unarmed Incans leaving only Atahualpa alive. From there, Atahualpa was taken hostage and the Incans were forced in to filling a room full of gold and silver. Once again Pizarro lied and promised Atahualpa would be freed after the ransom, but he wasn’t. Pizarro’s friend, Vicente De Valverde, a priest tried to convert Atahualpa to Christianity. My source told me that Atahualpa refused angrily but he was later on asked again to convert to Christianity. This time he accepted but was still executed. No one knows how he was executed or who gave orders to execute him, but I am here to investigate the murder of Atahualpa.

  3. Evidence #1: Empty handed Soon after Atahualpa was murdered, I went to the scene of the crime to investigate and find some pieces of evidence. First, I went to the room where Atahualpa and his men were tricked in to attending a royal feast. There, I found a huge table filled with fancy foods, fruits and wines. Everything was set up perfectly but I could tell the food was untouched. To be sure, I ran a DNA analysis and the results showed that nothing near or on the table was touched. I walked over to the front of the table and picked up a plate. I soon realized it was Atahualpa's plate because it was placed at the very front of the table where only the Incan emperor would sit and eat. I then decided to take this plate as a piece of evidence to represent how Atahualpa and his men were tricked in to attending a royal feast until they realized it was all a trap. Atahualpa’s Plate

  4. After I gathered my first piece of evidence, I walked around the table once more. I noticed a lot of dead bodies and covered up Incan people. As I was about to walk outside, I stepped on something hard and a loud explosion was set off. I looked down to see a gun under my foot. I picked it up and realized it was loaded. I recognized it was the gun of a conquistador and I put it in my evidence bag. I decided to make it my second piece of evidence because it showed how Pizarros men tricked the Incans in to a feast and open fired killing over 5000 unarmed Incans. Evidence # 2: Locked & Loaded Conquistadors Gun

  5. Evidence # 3: Money Isn’t Everything I had two pieces of evidence but I knew I needed more to figure out who murdered Atahualpa. As I re-read the scenario, I decided to go to the room filled with the gold and silver. As I walked in, I was flabbergasted. The room was filled up to my chin and it was almost overflowing. I couldn’t believe how much gold and silver existed. I couldn’t see the floor and I couldn’t decide if I should walk in and risk drowning. I couldn’t decide what evidence to gather so I got a plastic bag out of my pocket and filled it with gold and silver. Even though it wouldn’t help me as much as other pieces as evidence, I realized that every piece of evidence counted and eventually, I had to fit the pieces of evidence together to find out who murdered Atahualpa. Incan Gold and Silver

  6. I had collected 3 pieces of evidence but I at least needed 2 more pieces of evidence to find out who murdered Atahualpa. I had investigated all the scenes of the crime except for one room in the palace. I went over to the room to see what I had missed. After a moment of thinking, I realized what room I was in. I was located in the room where Atahualpa was murdered. I knew this was the room because there was only one body in the middle of the room. As I inched closer, I pulled the cover off only to see Atahualpa. I had found out where he was murdered, but I still hadn’t uncovered how or who murdered him. Once again, I re-read Atahualpa’s murder story and pulled out the part when Atahualpa was offered to convert to Christianity. I decided to try to find a piece of evidence for this scenario. After a few minutes, I couldn’t find anything useful and I was about to give up when a shiny object blinded me from across the room. I turned around to see a silver cross necklace on Atahualpa’s neck. It must’ve been placed there after he accepted Christianity as his religion. I decided to take this as my 4th piece of evidence to show how Atahualpa was basically forced in to accepting Christianity as his religion before his execution. Evidence # 4: The Cross Silver Cross Necklace

  7. I was finally searching for my 5th and final piece of evidence. I had 4 pieces of the puzzle and I didn’t think I could find the 5th piece to put it all together. I was still in the room Atahualpa was killed searching for any thing I could get my hands on. I was looking around the room searching for the murder weapon but I couldn't find anything. I looked at the fireplace but it couldn’t have killed him because he wasn’t burned anywhere on his body. I decided to take one last look at Atahualpa. Sadly, he looked perfectly fine and I had no idea how he could’ve been killed. I looked at his neck again where the cross had been and saw something. It was very hard to see but I caught it. His neck had been burned, but it wasn’t with fire, it looked like he had been burned with a rope. I then knew how he was murdered. I looked up and collected my last piece of evidence; a rope. I took it to represent how Atahualpa was murdered. But I had one last problem, who murdered him? Evidence #5: Rope Burn Rope (Murder Weapon)

  8. The Conclusion Now I have finally come to the conclusion. After collecting all my evidence, I have found the murderer. After I got all the pieces of evidence, I tried to see what all of them had in common. I couldn't quite put the pieces together but I found out who murdered Atahualpa. The empty plate symbolized how Pizarro tricked the Incans into attending a royal feast. The Loaded Conquistador gun symbolized how Pizarros men killed over 5000 unarmed Incan people. The coins symbolized how Pizarro had taken Atahualpa up for ransom and collected over 11 tons of silver and gold. The cross symbolized how Pizarros friend Vicente De Valverde the priest, offered Atahualpa to convert to Christianity. The last piece of evidence, the rope symbolized how Atahualpa was murdered. After I saw how each piece of evidence symbolized something, I saw a pattern. In every piece of evidence, I saw a man who had to do something with that piece of evidence. And that man ordered that Atahualpa was to be executed by strangulation. And now, this leads me to the perpetrator. The man in charge of Atahualpa’s execution was… Pizarro!!!

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