crime scene investigation n.
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Crime Scene Investigation! PowerPoint Presentation
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Crime Scene Investigation!

Crime Scene Investigation!

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Crime Scene Investigation!

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  1. Crime Scene Investigation!

  2. Crime scene investigation, or CSI, is the use of forensic science to examine physical evidence at crime scenes Crime Scene Investigation can be traced back to 700 BC. However most of today’s recognizable ways weren’t started till the 1900’s.

  3. ** The crime scene unit is part of the criminal investigation division of the police department. All members of the crime scene unit are detectives. They are responsible for assisting victims by gathering, processing, protecting, and presenting evidence. ** From January 1, 2007 to June 30, 2007 nine states had ten or more murder-suicides in a six-month period of the study: Florida(24), Texas(24), California(17), Pennsylvania(14), Arizona(12), Georgia(12) , New York(11), North Carolina(10), and Ohio(10). Of 554 murder-suicides, 234 were suicides, 320 were homicides. 95% were committed by men. Nine events occurred in the United States each week during the study. 73% involved an intimate partner. 94% of that were females killed by their intimate partners. Forty-five of the homicide victims were less than 18 years of age. Forty- four children and teens were survivors who witnessed some aspect of the murder- suicide. 75% murder- suicides occurred in the home.

  4. In 1984, Deborah Skyes, from Winston-Salam, was 25 and on her way home from work. Found naked and stabbed sixteen times with semen on her body, indicating she had been raped. Eyewitnesses testified that they had seen Darryl Hunt with Deborah before the crime and saw Hunt enter a hotel and leave bloody towels behind. However, after many years DNA came back finding him not guilty. The judge then found “new” evidence to keep him convicted. Ten years later the DNA was matched to another man who eventually pled guilty to the murder of Deborah Skyes. After being convicted for nineteen years Hunt was finally freed in 2005.