dystopia utopia n.
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Dystopia & Utopia

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Dystopia & Utopia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dystopia & Utopia. By: Jana Ruark. Utopia. Discussion Questions for Utopia pt. 1.

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dystopia utopia

Dystopia & Utopia

By: Jana Ruark

discussion questions for utopia pt 1
Discussion Questions for Utopia pt. 1
  • This represents utopia to me because it’s a cat in a meadow. Meadows to me are very peaceful, beautiful, and perfect. And cats are the best and perfect animal, and with these two things together that this would be a great utopia.
  • The time period in which this picture was taken could have affected the utopian vision because it could have been a time when cats where more favored then dogs and most people wanted them in their house.
  • The tone of this work is happy and mellow with the flowers in background. To me it’s a happy picture.
discussion questions for utopia pt 2
Discussion Questions for Utopia pt. 2

4. In making this piece I think the photographers purpose was to show placid place of a lovely cat sitting and for people to get a calming feeling.

5. The author might want to make an idealized setting like this one because he/she likes cats and its in a very peaceful and tranquil area.

discussion questions for dystopia
Discussion Questions for Dystopia
  • This relates to a dystopian society because it shows the worst a place can get after a horrible tragedy has happened.
  • The time period in which this picture was taking was when a horrible event had happened, which was hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina is known as one of the most deadliest and destructive hurricane.
  • The tone/mood of this picture is very sad because to think that a lot of people died and lost their stuff because of a hurricane. To see buildings and houses destroyed
discussion questions for dystopia pt 2
Discussion Questions for Dystopia pt. 2

4. In capturing this piece I think the authors purpose was to show the devastation of what had happened to see what had happened to the lower eastern half of North America.

5. The author chose to show this because he want people to see and maybe try to get people to help all those that lost their stuff to the hurricane and hopefully have people come together.