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Dystopia. The Almost Perfect Society. Defining Dystopia. Where did the word come from? Ancient Greek: δυσ -  ( dus - )= Bad , Hard, Unfortunate τόπος  ( topos )= Place , Location Literally: dus+topos =dystopia, or Unfortunate Place. Dystopia in Practice. Utopian Societies are perfect.

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The Almost Perfect Society

defining dystopia
Defining Dystopia

Where did the word come from?

Ancient Greek:

δυσ- (dus-)= Bad, Hard, Unfortunate

τόπος (topos)= Place, Location

Literally: dus+topos=dystopia, or Unfortunate Place.

dystopia in practice
Dystopia in Practice
  • Utopian Societies are perfect.
    • Can something be perfect?
  • Dystopian Societies seem perfect, but they have an overwhelming flaw.
    • Perfection has a price.
history of dystopian writing
History of Dystopian Writing

Dystopian writing is a response to Utopian writing.

Originally created to mock the idea of perfect societies.

They were satire.

Modern Dystopian stories point to the problems with new, or miraculous technologies.

the dystopian hero
The Dystopian hero
  • Engrained in the society
  • Begin to question the things around them.
  • Rebel or flee, or both.
about anthem specifically
About Anthem Specifically
  • The Setting is “Post-Apocalyptic”
  • Technology has regressed as a result
  • Equality has grown up in a Collectivist civilization
  • Freedom is subordinated to the group
  • Everyone is “Equal”
strong elements of control and lack of certain freedoms
Strong elements of control, and lack of certain freedoms.

Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.

-Thomas Jefferson