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Another alternative, as opposed to a full arrangement of dental inserts, is attaching grapples that protected your dentures or halfway denture set up. This method will likewise keep your jawbone solid by giving it the incitement it needs to remain sound. A few people call these \"snap-in dentures,\" as they\'re still removable however utilize the protected support of dental inserts to \"snap in.\"\n\nRead more:

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Your Sacramento Option for Dental Implants

When it’s necessary to replace an entire tooth or more, and you have healthy gums and bone, you are wise to consider dental implants. Dental implants will not only restore the tooth or teeth you have lost, but they help to preserve your gums, your jawbone, the shape of your face and the position of your remaining teeth.

How do implants work? The name tells it all. First, a metal anchor, usually titanium, is implanted in the jaw for each missing tooth. To ensure the replacement tooth is stable, the anchor must fuse to the bone. This process can take up to three months, but this time is essential for making the implant completely secure. The implant is then crowned with an artificial tooth, becoming a permanent and comfortable part of your mouth. Multiple anchors can be used to install bridges or dentures, also working to preserve the precious bone in your jaw.

Prevent Aging with Implants

Keep Your Looks by Keeping Your Jawbone

“Use it or lose it” is a term that aptly applies to exercise and bone loss. Regular vigorous exercise that puts stress on your limbs helps your body to retain bone density. The same principle applies to the density of your jaw bone. The effect of chewing and grinding up our food puts pressure on our teeth against our jaw. The bone responds by remaining intact and is able to hold our teeth firmly in place. A strong and healthy jawbone helps us keep a more youthful appearance and we can avoid the “caved in” look we may associate with old age.

Sadly, at times tooth loss is inevitable, because of past damage, decay or through an accident. But unlike traditional dentures or bridges, the advancements in dental implantscan help you save a strong jaw bone. This will in turn preserve your profile and your youthful appearance. With dental implants, your jaw continues to receive stimulation when you chew and use your teeth. 

Attaching Dentures with Implants

Another option, rather than a full set of dental implants, is affixing anchors that secure your dentures or partial denture in place. This procedure will also help to keep your jawbone strong by giving it the stimulation it needs to stay healthy. Some people call these “snap-in dentures,” as they’re still removable but use the secure support of dental implants to “snap in.” The experts at Sacramento’s Marconi Dental Group are happy to discuss all the choices available to you. Let us help you use it so you don’t lose it — your jaw bone that is.

Permanent Implant Dentures

Can Change Your Life

What do dental implant supported dentures have to offer that traditional dentures don’t? Just about everything! An implant supported denture (also referred to as an “All-on-4 denture”) can give you permanent new teeth that never come out of place and feel as close to the real thing as possible.

  • The Perfect Fit, Every Time

  • Stronger Teeth and Bones

  • Improved Speech and Lifestyle

  • Who is a Candidate for All-on-4 Dentures?

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

If you’re looking into various types of tooth replacement, you’ve probably considered dental implants. Implants, like dental bridges and dentures, are one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth. In use for over 50 years, dental implants have come a long way. They are now regarded to be the standard of care when it comes to tooth replacement.

Modern Tooth Replacement

Replacing missing teeth used to mean having to alter healthy teeth to bond a restoration over them. Or, you had to wear a removable prosthesis like a denture or partial denture. False teeth always meant wearing something that took up more place than the actual missing tooth.

Replace as Many Teeth as You Need

A denture replaces all of your teeth. A bridge replaces one or two missing teeth – but only if there are healthy teeth on each side. Dental implants, however, can replace as many teeth as necessary.

Enjoy Permanent Teeth that Last for Life

The success rates of dental implants are higher than any other type of dental treatment. Most implants last for an entire lifetime when cared for properly. 

Opening Doors for More People than Ever Before

In the past, dental implants were not an option for some people. Over the last decade, materials and delivery methods have changed the way implants are placed.

Bone Grafts for Implant Patients

If you’ve been told by other dental implant providers that implants aren’t an option for you, there may be more to the story. One of the biggest reasons why implants are ruled out for some people is because of a lack of bone support. Thankfully bone grafts can change that.

Bone Grafts

A bone graft is a piece of real or artificial bone that is placed into the jaw where an implant may need additional support. Grafts fuse with your jaw and encourage new bone growth in the area.

Implants Help Build New Bone

Once your implant is installed, the implant itself will impact the formation of new bone in the area.

Grafting After an Extraction

If you are planning to have an implant placed in an area where a tooth is getting pulled – you may need to have a graft placed immediately after your extraction. 

Which Graft is Right for Me?

Our Sacramento dental office offers several types of bone grafts to choose from. Some types of grafts use your own bone taken from another location of your body, such as part of your chin.

Do All Implant Patients Need a Graft?

Does our Sacramento dentist have to place a bone graft in all of our dental implant patients? No. Grafting is just a way to strengthen bone in patients with weak bone structure that prevents them from being a traditional candidate for dental implants.

Is it Worth it?

Dental implants offer one of the best types of tooth replacement available to the modern dental patient. If a bone graft makes the difference in whether or not you are a candidate for implants, then grafting deserves some serious consideration.

Dental Bridge or Implant – Which is Right for Me?

Does it really matter whether you choose a bridge or implant? To begin with, let’s review why it’s so important that you replace missing teeth, at all.

Save Your Smile with a Quality Restoration

A missing tooth does more than leave an unsightly gap in your smile. That gap can lead to the surrounding teeth shifting out of place. 

Dental Bridges: The Quick Solution

A dental bridge generally consists of two dental crowns with a false tooth suspended between them. These crowns are secured onto the natural teeth at either end of the gap. 

Dental Implants: A New Smile For Life

Dental implants are the closest you’ll come to enjoying your natural teeth again. The implant is screw made of biocompatible metal that is fitted into the bone where a tooth root used to be. This strong implant is allowed time to heal and integrate with the bone. Later, a crown is designed to be fitted over the cap of the implant.

An implant is a lifelong solution. Because it replaces a natural tooth, you take care of it just as you would a natural tooth with regular brushing and flossing. An implant requires careful planning and preparation, but it could end up being your easiest dental restoration.

Making the Right Choice

Dr. Alizadeh and the rest of our team are happy to offer both bridge and implant restorative options here at Marconi Dental Group. A combination of bridge and implant therapy is also possible! When you schedule a consultation at our Sacramento office, you’ll learn which solution best fits your lifestyle and needs.

Bone Grafts for Implant Patients

You’ve probably already heard about how great dental implants are for your smile. After all, they’re the next best thing to natural teeth! But at Marconi Dental Group, there are 5 things that we want each one of our dental implant patients to know. They might not be things you’ve even considered, but they can impact your decision when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

You Need to Choose an Implant Dentist That Provides Comprehensive Treatment

It Doesn’t Hurt to Get Dental Implants

We Don’t Want to Pull Your Teeth Just So That You Can Get Implants

Insurance May Actually Cover a Portion of Your Treatment

If You Weren’t a Candidate for Implants Before, You Might be Now

Are you ready to find out more? Schedule a no-pressure dental implant consultation with the dentists at Marconi Dental Group in Sacramento today to see how we can help you enjoy a healthy smile that lasts for the rest of your life! dental implant consultation with the dentists at Marconi Dental Group in Sacramento today to see how we can help you enjoy a healthy smile that lasts for the rest of your life!

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