he meta parad i gm of nursing l.
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Τ he meta - parad i gm of Nursing PowerPoint Presentation
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Τ he meta - parad i gm of Nursing

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Τ he meta - parad i gm of Nursing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Τ he meta - parad i gm of Nursing . Health . Person. Environment . Nursing . Our Pholosophy. Balance. Individual. Harmony. Need. Our Philosophy. Balance. Necessity. N ecessity. Nursing. Individual. Research. Harmony.

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he meta parad i gm of nursing





our pholosophy
Our Pholosophy





our philosophy
Our Philosophy








the human being as personality
Τhe human being as a receiver of the nursing care. In that sense receivers of the nursing care can be specific persons, families, the community or other groups.

The human being as a an individual and as a whole entity receiver of the offered care.

The Human Being as Personality
the harmonic environment
The term “Environment” concerns:

All the important people that have bonds with each other,

the objective experiences of a person during his life.

The approximate environment in which the nursing care takes place.

Τhe important people as receivers of the nursing care in an agreement and harmonic environment.

The harmonic Environment
health as balance
The sense of “health” has a multiple dimension which starts from the complete well-being to a chronic illness.Health as Balance
care as a need
Care concerns the actions and the needs of a person, the satisfaction of which is dealt according to the case, by the professional nursing staff.

Care functions as a need and as a presupposition in the balance between people and their harmonic environment.

Care as a Need

The outcome of the combination of the above four senses of the “nursing science”, is “the preoccupation of the wholeness and the well-being of a person, who in a continuing struggle of balance with his harmonic environment”.