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Paradigm. Star Student Floyd/Hunter/McLean Honors English 10 20 August 2012. Please say, “Paradigm” . The origin of the word is Greek : paradeigma means pattern. “ para ” is a prefix meaning “beyond, past, next to, or by ”

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Star Student


Honors English 10

20 August 2012

please say paradigm
Please say, “Paradigm”
  • The origin of the word is Greek: paradeigma means pattern.
  • “para” is a prefix meaning “beyond, past, next to, or by”
  • Example Word using prefix “para”—paranormal: beyond normal
    • Can you think of other words that begin with the prefix “para”?
    • Paradigm is a noun. Paradigmatic is the adjective form.
definitions synonyms antonyms
Definitions, synonyms & antonyms
  • A paradigm is an example serving as a model or pattern.
  • A paradigm is the norm, or accepted norms; a standard or ideal. Paradigm often refers to a set of norms for a given time period.
  • Synonyms: ideal, norm, standard, paragon
  • Antonym: atypical
context and graphic
Context and graphic
  • Paradigm is often used with the phrase, “paradigm shift,” which indicates a change in thinking or a change in what is accepted as the “norm” or accepted “pattern.”
example sentence
Example sentence
  • The paradigm governing international competition and competitiveness has shifted dramatically in the last three decades. This indicates a shift in the norms or standards of international competition; for example, in recent years, blood testing has become a standard for athletes—a result of the “doping” phenomenon.
table discussion
Table discussion
  • Can you think of a time where a paradigm shift occurred or is occurring with regard to American commerce, education, or political correctness? (One sentence per group)
  • Sentence Frame w/ Example:
    • A paradigm shift is occurring with the way Americans choose automobiles—hybrids and Smart cars are supplanting SUVs like gas guzzling Hummers due to the rising oil prices and America’s desire to depend less on foreign oil.
  • Explain paradigm shifts that have occurred with regard to race and/or gender in one or more of the three branches of government. (Executive, Judicial, Legislative)
  • Is a paradigm shift indicative of a move in the right direction? Explain.
  • Choose the best synonym for paradigm:
    • Standard
    • Motive
    • Common
    • Belief
please say paradigm1
Please say, “paradigm”
  • Are there questions?