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Brick Lane-Bacon Street PowerPoint Presentation
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Brick Lane-Bacon Street

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Brick Lane-Bacon Street
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Brick Lane-Bacon Street

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  1. Brick Lane. Home to various cultures throughout the years. Bacon Street, a trading market. Sunday afternoons are for selling goods. Some stolen, others antique but all become something worthy to a buyer. Finding what you want or just exploring for something interesting by searching threw some ones rubbish. Some ones rubbish another persons pride possession. expensive goods, mean pennies to others. worthless items, mean the end of a search for another.

  2. Brick Lane-Bacon Street

  3. Site 10 My design proposal will sit in top of this long garage which is currently a junk shop owned by Steve Dobkin. There is a car park adjacent to it, were a market is held every Sunday.

  4. Sunday-bacon street market The market a bit like Steve Dobkins shop is full of unwanted junk. Stolen, old and unwanted goods are sold on stalls. After my visit to the market I only saw one trader who sold NEW custom made leather collars.

  5. Spatial Manifesto

  6. Storage Old library drawers and hidden storage compartments were something I wanted to include in my proposal, as some kind of a sorting system for junk

  7. This is a sorting room in a post office, I liked the idea of things having their own place and being able to be found easily by someone who knows the system, but its being very confusing for somebody else.

  8. My design proposal is a two storey workshop/storage/factory/antique stall. I wanted it to have lots of uses so there was an element of play within it. However I think it became to much for me to show through my drawing.

  9. CNC machines are used to make things by exact proportions. It is a computerized method which you put dimensions in, to get an accurate finish.

  10. As you rarely find two of the same items in the market, I wanted to produce replica copies for a cheaper price. CNC cut chairs, guitars etc. would be ordered and than picked up when ready for the customer.

  11. Stair banister In my proposal a CNC cut banister is used throughout the stairs and the first floor for safety. The AOC used this negative plywood balustrade, to create a beautiful staircase.

  12. Overtime once lots off-cut pieces have been made from the CNC machine, a roof will begin to construct over my building out of these.

  13. This model was a prototype of what I wanted My proposal to look like, I wanted to eventually Laser cut a model of the final idea, but did not Due to lack of time.

  14. I made small paper chairs for my prototype model and used these as templates. The black and white ones are my hand cut templates.

  15. I also used guitars in my model, the black and white photo is my hand cut template of a guitar I folded the guitars over and attached paper and glue so they looked more 3 dimensional

  16. The selected pieces from the market and the CNC cut replicas are all hung on a upright conveyer belt that runs throughout the ground floor to the exterior of the building.

  17. Seating I only have one seating are within my proposal, I have shown this in plan, it is a window seat in front of the open space were the conveyor belt runs through. I liked the idea of sitting whilst these objects pas by right next to you.

  18. Stair wheel The conveyeor belt that runs through the ground floor is accecisble by climbing up on stairs which have wheels on them, I think this would be a ‘playful’ place to work and be, with a lot of things going on

  19. Plan of ground floor and first floor