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Nathaniel Bacon

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Nathaniel Bacon. Natalia Martínez Alcalde. Biography. Born at Redgrave , Suffolk in August 1585. Bacon was the seventh son of  Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1 st Baronet, of Redgrave. He entered to the Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, in 1621, and graduated in 1628.

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Nathaniel Bacon

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nathaniel bacon

Nathaniel Bacon

Natalia Martínez Alcalde

  • Born at Redgrave, Suffolk in August1585.
  • Bacon was the seventh son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1st Baronet, of Redgrave.
  • He entered to the Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, in 1621, and graduated in 1628.
  •  He lived at Culford, in Suffolk, on an estate given to him by his father.
  • Bacon is credited with the first known British landscape and also painted a self-portrait and a number of other portraits.
  • He was created a Knight in 1625, in honor of the Coronation of Charles I.
  •  He died at Culford Hall at the age of 42. 
  • He was buried there on 1 July 1627. His little daughter, Jane, aged three years, died that same October and is buried alongside her father. 
  • The entries of their burials follow each other in the Culford Parish Burial Register.
as a painter
As a painter

He studied painting in Italy, but his style was rather Flemish than Italian.

There were works of his to be seen at Culford, where he lived, and at Gorhambury House.

his style and paintings
Hisstyle and paintings
  • Bacon was an exceptionally skillful amateur painter and gardener.
  • Only a small group of 9 of his paintings survive.
  •  He was particularly known for his kitchen and market scenes, dominated by still-life depictions of large vegetables and fruit, often accompanied by a buxom maid.
  • This predilection for cook or market scenes is much more common among Dutch and Flemishpainters.
four elements water
Fourelements: water


market scene with two figures
Marketscenewithtwo figures


life of kitchen utensils
Life of kitchenutensils


cookmaid with vegetables
Cookmaidwith vegetables

Nathaniel Bacon

the cookmaid

Nathaniel bacon

cookmaid 2
Cookmaid 2

Nathaniel bacon

unknown lady
Unknown lady

Nathaniel bacon

self portrait

Nathaniel bacon

  • Baroque style featured "exaggerated lighting, intense emotions, release from restraint, and even a kind of artistic sensationalism“.
  • The style started around 1600 in Rome and spread to most of Europe.
  • Baroque art did not really depict the life style of the people at that time; however, "closely tied to the Counter-Reformation, this style melodramatically reaffirmed the emotional depths of the Catholic faith and glorified both church and monarchy" 
the baroque
  • is a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, literature, architecture, dance, and music. 
cookmaid 21
Cookmaid 2

Nathaniel bacon