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Technical Orientation. Fall 2013. Technical Orientation. Session starts at 11:00 am We’ll be online shortly Speaker test starts about 10:45 To ask questions, use the chat window. Review and Recording. We are recording the session today.

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Technical orientation1
Technical Orientation

  • Session starts at 11:00 am

    • We’ll be online shortly

    • Speaker test starts about 10:45

  • To ask questions,

    • use the chat window

Review and recording
Review and Recording

  • We are recording the session today.

  • The recording will be available from the web page – a link will be on the front of Genesis

  • These slides will be available on the same page for review.

Welcome and introduction
Welcome and Introduction

More intros
More intros

  • In the chat area, tell us what course or courses you are taking

  • What questions do you have?

When in doubt
When in Doubt

Where to start
Where to start

  • Bookmark these sites



Taking an online or hybrid class
Taking An Online or Hybrid Class

  • Get the textbook

  • “Go to” class faithfully; log in regularly

    • Your instructor can see when you log in

  • Attend any in-person sessions faithfully

  • Read the syllabus; note important dates

    • Tests, homework, reading assignments

  • Be prepared for a lot of work on your own

  • Expect to spend 10-20 hours per week on a single class

Your class
Your class

  • Use the polling option and tell us if your class is hybrid or fully online

    • Fully Online

    • Hybrid

    • Don’t know

      (If you have more than 1, pick the one you have questions about!)

  • If you have a hybrid class, do you know when your first class meeting is?

    • Do you know when all of your class meetings are?

Turning in assignments1
Turning in Assignments

  • Start with the syllabus and/or do not hesitate to ask your instructor!

  • Most likely one of the following:

    • Blackboard Assignment

    • Blackboard Email

    • Blackboard Messaging

    • Blackboard Discussion

    • Publisher Web Site

    • Genesee Email

    • USPS mail

    • Fax

Three accounts one username and password
Three AccountsOne Username and Password

  • Genesis Account

    • Genesee email – Gmail inside Genesis

  • Network account

  • Same username for both; may not be the same password initially

  • Use the password reset inside Genesis to synch the passwords

  • Publisher web site may be a 3rd

  • Password self reset
    Password Self Reset

    • From the front of Genesis

    • Need an alternate email address entered into Banner!


    • Most current browsers are supported

      • Internet Explorer

      • Firefox

      • Chrome

      • Safari

    • If one doesn’t work, try the other.

    • Have 2 installed for that purpose.

    • If you get “Browser Problem”

      • Click continue

    Logging in
    Logging in

    • What have you already logged into?

    • What have you had problems logging into?

    • Do you know what browser(s) you have on your computer?

      • I have multiple browsers

      • I only use Internet Explorer (or Safari for Mac)

      • I don’t know where to get more browsers

    • Do you know if you need a publisher website login?

    Genesee email
    Genesee Email

    • Check your Genesee email regularly

    • Many instructors will only take messages from Genesee email

      • Only use your personal email (Yahoo, email, roadrunner) in an extreme emergency

      • The Help Desk is open 24x7 to help you log into your Genesee email

    • Identify yourself: “Mat 129 student”

    • Put your name in your email

    • Explain fully; too much is better than not enough

    • Be patient in expecting an answer

    Genesee email1
    Genesee Email

    Your Email username is the same as your Genesis username

    The email address takes the form: [email protected]

    We’re working on access through mobile devices; check the blog for updated information

    Network account
    Network account

    • On Campus

      • To log into any computer

    • At a distance

      • To access the library online databases

    My courses blackboard
    My Courses/Blackboard

    • Log in through Genesis

    Genesis links
    Genesis Links

    • My Genesis – access to “Banner Self Service”

    • My Courses – access to course materials

    • Email – access to your Genesee email

    My courses tab
    My Courses Tab

    • Information and links to courses

    • Look for the On Demand Learning Center in the right column

    • You may not see courses yet! That is up to your instructor!

    My courses
    My Courses

    • Known as “Blackboard” or “My Courses” interchangeably

    • Poke through all the links

      • When in doubt go to the “home” page

    Blackboard menu
    Blackboard Menu

    • Look for your syllabus first

      • Home page or in a Learning Module

      • Every course will be different

    • Disappearing Menu!

    Email and messaging
    Email And Messaging

    • Messaging stays within the course – you need to log into your course to see the messages

    • Email goes externally to your Genesee email

    • Be careful of the wording – which is your instructor really using?

      • When in doubt, ask!

    Assignment tool
    Assignment Tool

    • The Assignment tool may be how you submit homework/papers

      • Watch for file format requirements

      • “RTF” – in your word processing software, click on File > Save As and look for “Rich Text Format” as an option

    Assignment tool1
    Assignment Tool

    • Watch the date and time you are given

    • All times are local (Eastern Standard)


    Assignment tool2
    Assignment Tool

    • Do you type in the box or attach a file?

    • Read the instructions!


    • Discussions are where you interact with other members of the class

    • Not anonymous!

    • Play nice!

    Learning module
    Learning Module

    • There can be lots of material here

    • Read it ALL! Do not assume they are all the same

    • There is usually critical course material found here


    • This means Quiz and Test

    • Watch the dates and times available

      • No link means it’s not available


    • Can be timed/untimed, one time only/multiple attempts

    • All have deadlines

    Blackboard learn
    Blackboard Learn

    • Tutorials


      • Click on “For Students”

      • Short videos on many topics

      • Pay special attention to:

        • Discussions

        • Email / Messaging

    What next
    What next?

    • If you don’t have the textbook, get it NOW!

    • Look for the syllabus

    • Make sure you can log into: Genesis, Genesee email and network

    • If you need a publisher access code, get that now

    • Ask questions


    • What didn’t we answer for you?

    • What one new thing did you learn today?

    Technical problems
    Technical Problems

    • Call the help desk to report problems

      • 1-866-614-5004

    • They will happen! Look for info…

    • Read the blog:

    • Help desk online:

    • “Like” us on Facebook:


    • Follow us on Twitter:

      • Sunygcc (general info)

    • Call the college and listen to the message

      • 1-585-343-0055 (mostly weather related)