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MoA for DT system

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MoA for DT system. Milano 10-6-08. [email protected] DT consortium. A formal step, the constitution of the DT consortium (4th april 2008): Memorandum of Agreement for the Maintenance and Operation of the CMS Detector between the CMS Collaboration and the

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dt consortium
DT consortium

A formal step, the constitution of the DT consortium (4th april 2008):

Memorandum of Agreement

for the Maintenance and Operation of the CMS Detector

between the

CMS Collaboration

and the

Consortium of BARREL Muon Institutes

With reference to the MoA document approved by the CMS Collaboration Board 58 of December 2007 (MoA 58/07 in the following), the following Institutes collaborating to the Muon Barrel project agree to constitute a Consortium for the provision of services towards the effective operation of the Barrel Drift Chambers, the Barrel Alignment and LINK Alignment systems.

The duration of the commitment, the obligations toward CMS and the level of service provided by the Members of the Consortium will comply with the MoA 58/07.

The Funding Agencies involved in the detector parts indicated above will be informed of the constitution of the Consortium.

The Representatives of the Institutions are committed to ask the supporting Funding Agencies to make available the M&O B funds needed to fulfil its obligations following the agreed sharing.

Each new Institution joining this Consortium will be asked to contribute an agreed fraction of manpower and M&O B funds .

The Representatives of the Institutes participating in the Consortium will name a System Area Manager, whose responsibilities are established in the MoA 58/07.

We agree on all the above

Validity dates: from ______ to ________

Done in Geneva, Switzerland Done in _____________________________

on_______________________________ on__________________________________


_________________________________ _____________________________________

CMS Spokesperson Title


CMS Resources Manager

For the Consortium

Aachen CIEMAT Santander CERN (? For Barrel Alignment M&O B) Bologna Padova Torino Atomki Etc……

comments and breakdown
Comments and Breakdown
  • DT overall signatures 85, italian M&O share 54%, italian signature share 46/85=54%
  • overall average service FTE needed (36) is low in absolute value wrt other components, but high in terms of signatures, 36/85=42%
  • only detector related activities included
  • Software/DQM breakdown (maintainence: code development + sw validation+
  • detector database production:
comments and breakdown1
Comments and Breakdown
  • Operation during shutdown (data taking with cosmics, tests, data analysis etc, ~30% of data taking;
  • CERN - Home Institute share breakdown. In the tables 19 shifters during data taking , 6.5 during shutdown. “Rule of thumb”: reduce 19 to 16 (4 instead of 5/ shift), and assume 50% of maintenance people does shifts, this brings to
  • experience from CRUZET can already help
start from the field
Start from the field

Experience from the global runs (CRUZET1)

One shifter on charge in the CR

One system expert on-call (day and night)

Should be able to solve most problems that a shifter can find (and that are solvable)

Specific system experts, called by the system expert on call if needed

Result of CRUZET2 were good

Satisfactory up-time

Only 1 week of experience

R. Carlin Muon workshop 9 Jun 2008

shifters scheme
Shifters scheme

Usual scheme, with one shifter in the CR, lasting one week

4 shifters/week (minimum)

At least 16 experts if each takes one shift per month

Need more to cover long periods

But, expert shifters need to take shifts frequently to stay up-to-date

Can add a second shifter to the expert

For help, mostly at startup

For training (from expert shifter to new shifter)

R. Carlin Muon workshop 9 Jun 2008

experts on call
Experts “on call”
  • System experts should have enough experience to help the shifter on the majority of the problems
    • Most times he is an expert/developer on a specific system
    • Will call the specialist (local or remote) if the problem is too difficult
  • System expert shift strategy?
    • One per week?
    • One per day, cycling between a pool?
    • How many do we need overall
    • How many at CERN at he same time?
  • Cannot be ONLY the present experts

R. Carlin Muon workshop 9 Jun 2008

in parallel to this
  • 1 Offline DPG Shifts (1 person/shift)
  • 2 Online, Offline, CSA Calibration shifts (1 person/shift)
  • with this figures, taking into account the number of experts and shifters needed we come to a plot in good agrement with 18 people at CERN
institutes sharing
Institutes Sharing
  • shifts: assume (6 months * 4.5 weeks/month* 7 days/week* 3 shifts/day) = 567, no problems for the italian institutes to cover shifts in proportion to signatures.
  • Bologna: 33 signatures, 8,25FTE.18 FTE from DT. Expect 18/85= 6FTE (the rest going in computing, offline and trigger)
Padova: ? signatures in 2008, ?FTE. 14 in DT, 3.5FTE.
  • 4 engeneers available for services, for a total of 0.2FTE, + 0.2FTE from technical service.
Torino: 35 signatures in 2008, 8.75FTE. 14 in DT, 3.5FTE (the rest in TRK, ECAL, Offline).
  • 0.5FTE engeneers available for services
  • Legnaro: no signatures in 2008, 3 engeneers and 2 technicians. Support on DAQ and T2 activities. 0.1FTE available for services on DAQ, 1FTE service for T2 (computing).
  • Conclusion: 4 more FTE still to be defined and distributed between institutes, difficult in the present status to find room for global responsabilities.

Actual expert shifters:

Luca Scodellaro

Pablo Martinez

Jens Frangenheim

Amedeo Staiano

Daniel Teyssier

Ugo Gasparini

Giorgia Mila

Francesca Cavallo

Gianluca Cerminara

Enrico Borsato

  • Can become quickly experts
    • Kerstin Hoepfner
    • Maria Chmizo
    • Mary-Cruz Fouz
    • Ambra Gresele
    • Stefano Marcellini
    • Tiziano Rovelli
    • Andrea Perrotta
    • G.P. Siroli
    • P.L. Zotto
    • S. Bolognesi
    • Jesus Puerta

Overall 10 + 11

R. Carlin Muon workshop 9 Jun 2008

expert on specific systems
Expert on specific systems
  • How many subsystem specialists do we need permanently at CERN (during runs)?
    • Most HW is not accessible
    • Trigger
    • DAQ,DCS,RC,PCs
    • HV,LV
    • Minicrates
      • Debug/config may be complex
      • Normally handled by generic system experts
    • Software maintenance?
      • DQM
    • Gas/infrastrucutre

R. Carlin Muon workshop 9 Jun 2008