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Lord Venkateshwara

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museum of anthropology

Museum of Anthropology

Lord Venkateshwara


Why do I like this picture ?

I like this picture because, it caught my

eyes when we were walking through the

Indian section, in the Museum of

Anthropology, I have two statues of

lord venkateshwara in my house and he is our home god has well.

And in India our family used to go to a lot

of Lord Venkateshwara temples, and I know a lot about him so it was the

right choice.

lord venkateshwara
Lord Venkateshwara
  • Venkateshwara means the supreme lord who destroys the sins of the people.
  • He is worshiped in North
  • India as Balaji.
  • - Lord Venkateshwara
  • is another incarnation of
  • Lord Vishnu.
  • Vishnu, incarnated as
  • Venkateshwara, who
  • appeared for the salvation
  • and upliftment of
  • humanity.

His Wives

Lord venkateshwara

has two wives to his

right stands Padmavathi

to his left stands


Lord Vishnu, was

married to Srilakshmi,

but when he was

Incarnated as

Venkateshwara, he

married to Padmavathi.


His Temples

The famous Lord


Temple, in Andhra

Pradesh, South India,

is visited by very large

numbers of devotees

and, the temple is know to be the richest

in the “WORLD”.



by: Srilakshmi