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  2. FLOORBALL/HOCKEY EQUIPMENT • Goals • Plastic hockey sticks • Balls /Puck • Pinnies

  3. HOW TO PLAY • There are 5 field players and 1 goalie • Game play initiates with a faceoff at the middle of the centerline. • Game length is 3, 8 minute periods with a 5 minute break between each period • One point is scored by the ball being advanced into the opponents goal; after each goal a faceoff occurs to continue game play

  4. FLOORBALL SAFETY • In a regulation game of Floorball, players must wear athletic attire; it is recommended that the goalie wears gloves. • Be aware of your special surroundings when swinging your Floorballstick • Playing area needs to be debris free • Remember to communicate with your teammates on the field

  5. FLOORBALL SAFETY At no time during play should the floorball stick be used to strike anything other than the ball The bottom of the floorball stick should remain on the floor at all times!


  7. DRIBBLING Advancing the ball using a short quick motion while keeping the ball in contact with the stick and the floor   Cues • With the blade of stick on the floor, Place the non dominant hand on top of stick as if shaking hands, place the dominant hand slightly below the non dominant hand, point thumbs toward the blade • Short, quick controlled taps 3. Run smoothly with ball touching blade at all times

  8. PASSING Moving the ball/puck to a teammate by using a pushing motion by keeping the stick on the floor, using a sweeping action. Always try to pass the ball to a teammate in a more favorable position. Cues 1.Aim the pass ahead of teammate 2.Use a pushing motion 3.Pass heel-to-toe 4.Flick the wrist and follow through

  9. TRAPPING/RECEIVING CUEStrapping the ball by tilting the blade, preventing it from rebounding away. 1.Soft grip 2.Cup ball/puck with blade 3.Feet can be used to stop pass 4.If pass is in the air, the body (not head, arms, or hands) can be used to stop pass

  10. SHOOTING When the offensive player uses the floorball stick to shoot the ball/puck into the goal to score a point for the offensive team Cues • Grip stick with V grip • Eyes looking at the target • Swing stick and contact the ball (transfer weight to front foot) • Ball goes into the goal or to the target (aim for corners of the goal)

  11. Three Types of Shots • Wrist Shot • Drag Shot • Slap Shot

  12. INTERCEPTION When the defense steals the ball from the offense, (no stick to stick contact) or putting your stick between your opponents feet

  13. GOALTENDING Preventing the ball from entering the goal by blocking shots with the hand, body, foot, or stick, the body should remain low moving from side to side GOALTENDING VIDEO

  14. FACE OFF Occurs when the game begins and after a goal is scored; Two opposing centers face each other, holding their sticks on the floor and the ball is dropped between them; each player tries to gain control of the ball FACEOFF VIDEO

  15. FREE HIT A free hit is given if an opponent raises stick above waist level, hits, blocks, lifts, and/or kicks another stick or places their stick between the feet of an opponent   FREE HIT VIDEO

  16. HIT-IN When the ball goes out of bounds a hit-in is awarded to the non offending team HIT IN VIDEO

  17. GRIP Place the non dominant hand on top of stick as if shaking hands, place the dominant hand slightly below the non dominant hand, point thumbs toward the blade